Comedy recommendations


The best!!!

I’ve binge watched this show on repeat and always laugh my ass off.


Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place is ace.

+Alan Partridge
+Karl Pilkington’s TV shows.

Sorry… I’m English :kissing_heart:


thick of it one of the greatest shows of all time. If you can dig up any of Armando Iannucci’s other british shows, do so. I’m Alan Partridge for instance


Doug Stanhope x1000. One of the all time greatest standups. Most of his stuff is on youtube. Also, Dave Attel if your into amazing standup.


I love them 20charactersofcum


Bo Burnham is great as well. He’s probably my favorite new comedian. Definitely check out his special “Make Happy”. He’s kind of like a young Steve Martin.


Also can’t forget “The Mighty Boosh” for all you Garth Marengue fans. Also, one of my favorite shows ever “Danger 5”


Also, it’s been mentioned at least once above but :

  • The IT Crowd is great, if you can mentally filter the annoying laugh tracks
  • The Mighty Boosh is wonderful and weird and awesome

Richard Aoyade is in both (and also in Garth Merenghi’s Dark Place) and anything with him in it has high chances of being very good, too.

Edit : and a quick look at his wikipedia page shows that he also directed a Community episode, which makes sense because Community is also extremely funny (except for season 4) and worth watching. And much smarter than it looks, too.


Peep Show
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia


I can dig out an early Stanhope bootleg where he drops acid before the set if anyone’s interested??


Four words that will change your life:

Kids in the Hall


Similar era sketch comedy gold: Mr. Show :slight_smile:


I forgot about The league of Gentlemen and Little Britain


came here to post that


Sealab 2021 is still one of my favorite bizarro cartoons.

Everything Steve Brule!

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories.


+1 for Spaced. Seriously one of the funniest shows ever produced, and a killer soundtrack too!

Lots of Tim and Eric mentions already, but also be sure to look into their Bedtime Stories series if you’re in the mood for some surreal-horror-comedy. I especially recommend the episode Toes.


Nick is my neighbor!


I am declaring Martian Law!

I loved Space Ghost: Coast To Coast too.


Fleabag 20 characters


Two underrated shows that got canceled way too early:

Bored to Death
Party Down