Comedy recommendations


Blackadder! Or am I now officially Too Old :sob:


I have mixed feelings about Bored to Death as a whole, Zach Galifianakis (sp?) generally irritates me, but Ted Danson’s character was definitely super entertaining and the dynamic he had with Jonathan (the main character) was also great.


Totally agree! Ted Danson’s character just killed me. Galifianakis I can take or leave.


Rick & Morty
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell


Wonder Showzen
Peter Serafinowicz
Stewart Lee


Oh hell yeah… this was an amazing show. I was actually working on the same floor as the creators of this show while they were editing season 2. They were as crazy as you would expect. I only own 2 DVD’s still and they are Wonder Showzen seasons 1 and 2. haha


got to shout out a couple I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

The Eric Andre Show
The Best Show with Tom Scharpling


Then that’s a good block to live on! Believe I live very nearby as well.


I’ll second Black Books. Fantastic programme - and eminently quotable. Both Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran’s stand up shows are great too.

Toast / Garth Merenghi - I never quite got into because I find Matt Berry’s “comedy persona” always irritating. Except in IT crowd, where it was perfect for the character. (Do people know that Matt Berry is also a really talented musician and composer, and big into synths?)

“Look Around You” is brilliant - with some wonderful synthesizer bits too.


I still think about the “patience” episode of wonder showzen all the time. one of the most ‘out’ things to ever appear on television, a masterclass in absurd follow through.


Oh yeah, that was awesome too.


Three of my favourite programmes of all time…
This Country


Brass Eye Drugs Episode

seconding Space Ghost: Coast to Coast


Happening upon a Mitch’s Hedberg special on Comedy Central in high school totally changed what I thought of stand up! It’s a real shame he passed so young.


very nice show

my favorites:

Flight of the Conchords
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Look Around You
The Thick of It
Peep Show

and the recent HBO’s Barry was pretty good


How about the time this preacher actually thought it was a kids show and lost his damn mind:

This is just too good.


i just saw this, was really good. i like how is was setup, how he changed between the three mics. it is brave of him that he shared his story about his aggressive, alcoholic father and his chronic depression.


In the same vane… Billy & Billie


I rewatched it maybe a year ago and it surprised me to see how most of the jokes weren’t landing with the crowd. It was his special and I’m sure 50% of the audience, at any particular time, was not into it lol

I guess that’s what you want!


the heart, she holler