Comedy recommendations


Fleabag is great. I found it to be more dramatic than the other thing I saw her in, Crashing.

And since this topic has opened up to shows in general and not just stand-up I’m going to recommend a little known show called Waiting

It is INCREDIBLY dense and really beautiful too…
and it has Miss Swan! Who can’t love that ; )
(except Alex Borstein is actually really really brilliant in it and is more than just one note Miss Swan, of course)
Laurie Metcalf also acts HER ASS off as a neurotic, morally-questionable, doctor/researcher.
It’s an absolutely brilliant show…and no one’s heard of it!


I had originally typed something like “I don’t know if his humor was universal or not” and that would indicate that it was not, haha! I suppose his awkward/dryness is what really got me, which I could see not being for everyone.


Yeesh…what a question.

As of right now my favorite funny thing to watch is Big Mouth on Netflix. Season 2 just came out last week. While you’re there you could check out Ali Wong’s two stand up specials - Baby Cobra and whatever the second one is called. Both are good.

Netflix is doing a pretty good job of bringing some new comedy stuff out into the world. John Mulaney…also good…also related to Big Mouth.

But again, yeeeeeeesh…comedy is the hardest thing to recommend.


For stand up I have really enjoyed Bill Burr, Simon Amstel, izzard, and too many others to remember!

UK progs: Black Books, Toast, IT crowd, Spaced. There was a really early Jessica Stevenson/Simon Pegg comedy called Asylum that was great, but I’ve never found any shows online. And anything involving Armando Iannucci is always good (The thick of it).


most of my favorite british comedies have been mentioned minus Snuff Box.

I’ve been meaning to go back through my DVDs of Darkplace, League of Gentlemen, Boosh, Saxondale, Knowing Me, Knowing You… it was so exciting to find a cheap region-free hackable DVD player back at the time, ha.


Stewart Lee is the only stand-up I can enjoy these days.


yeah i enjoyed Big Mouth too!
also funny and on Netfkix: Disenchantment
oh and Rick and Morty


I love most things that Christopher Morris has been involved in.

Especially Blue Jam, which is a surrealist black comedy radio show (with an amazing soundtrack with a ton of warp records stuff). And Jam, a TV series that was based on it (I watched it on YouTube)

Also love The Day Today, which was a satirical news show written by Morris and Iannucci.


The funniest show on TV right now, IMHO, is Norsemen. Made in Norway, produced in Norwegian and in English. It’s on Netflix. Season 2 just premiered and it was just as good as the first.


Yes – Chris Morris!


patton oswalt’s comedy special “annihilation” is incredible, & I highly recommend listening to the ‘dumb people town’ podcast episode where he’s a guest. Lauren lapkus’ podcast “with special guest Lauren lapkus” can be really funny too!


Omg yes. It’s incredible. I’ve found recently that some of the most powerful sentiments/insights have come from comedians, and said via their comedy specials. I’d put this one in the same bucket as Tig Notaro’s Live. (Live as in Liv Tyler, not Live in New York)


More yes for MARIA BAMFORD. Especially her original (her playing every character) low-budget videoblog series (The Maria Bamford Show) which remains one of the absolute funniest things I’ve ever seen.
I like Lady Dynamite but for me she’s better in less conventional / more DIY contexts.


Obviously the Big Lebowski and O Brother Where Art Thou.

Then mostly Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry (Jeeves and Wooster, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, prolly some Black Adder).

Then politics.


I’m quoting George Carlin talking about beheading oligarchs in the Democracy thread. I’m a regular laugh riot.

On a more seriously humorous note, we’ve had some great conversations here on lines in the past about the parallels between improv comedy practice and improv music. I want to do more to directly test whether old tried and true improv comedy exercises could also be used to make music…


Two of my favorite shows.

Zach Galifianakis’ character is nice in that he’s one of those “oh I know a guy like that” type of characters.

Also seconding The Mighty Boosh.


You should talk to @Dan_Derks about this!
Do you have the book The Truth In Comedy by Del Close? 100% should get. What a guy that guy.


Don’t have that one. Started reading about Del Close thanks to @cmcavoy’s recommendation.


As far as shows, for me: W1A was great (and a little too close to home due to things happening simultaneously at the college where I teach). The Good Place evolved into something really fascinating. But for pure laughter for its own sake, it’s still good ol’ MST3K, whether reruns or the “new” season 11. Tom Servo is my spirit animal.


Andy Kindler rips apart his own standup as it occurs, and it’s wonderful!