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I’m quite happy to just spam Look Around You content here

It’s so hard to stress for non-UK audiences that this exactly what a) our schools programming and b) the Open University looked like in the mid-80s.


I love Look Around You as well!

Its worth noting that my lines profile pic is a charcoal drawing I did from an episode of Look Around You, “The Brain”


I need to watch more of this series. I saw the ‘Maths’ bit a fee years ago, but sort of forgot about it.

I laughed so hard when the scientist clumsily reached into the one thousand degree water.


the gag continues through the episode: in later shots, one of the headless scientists is always wearing one leather glove.

There’s very little of it: the first series is a handful (six) of ten-minute shows; the second series is six half hours that pastiche early Tomorrow’s World, rather than schools programming. And that’s yer lot. It Youtubes easily, though.


Chris Gethard is phenom. If you have not seen his show, these are two excellent places to start:

Sleep Deprivation w/Seth Meyers
This early episode plants a very clear flag that TCGS is not only a delightful haven for outsider comedy, but is also a necessary departure from the weird negativity + anger that can pollute the landscape.

“One Man’s Trash”
If you do not already know what is in the dumpster then DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR YOURSELF. Just watch three pals fuck with each other in the most loving ways. Leans hard into the core of “yes and” while still allowing conflict and features excellent examples of how much fun it is to heighten your friend’s idea / “get in the boat” rather than solely pushing your own agenda.


YES - such a brilliant, underrated film (his first few were all so amazing).


Crashing is a great show.
And the comedy show I’m watching right now: the Moog One live on youtube. What’s happening?
It reminds me of this (fantastic) commercial in some strange way:


people just do nothing


Surprised to not see any Hannibal Buress listed yet, all of his specials are amazing. His Handsome Rambler podcast is also pretty excellent (he interviews guests around a table of musical instruments like theremins and C&G organelles, randomly going into auto tuned free styles with the guests).

Also, make sure to checkout some of the foreign language comedy specials Netflix has been pumping out. I’ll list a few, and once you watch those Netflix starts recommending more:
Carlos Ballarta
Agustín Aristarán: Soy Rada
Lucas Lariente

I have more on my list to checkout but so far those have been amazing. At first I was hesitant that standup wouldn’t translate well through subtitles, but it’s actually a fascinating way to learn about other cultures through their comedy.


“there’s no gunfingers to house” –

edit: also since they haven’t been mentioned yet – a few comedy specials
Kyle Kinane - Whiskey Icarus
Dan Telfer - Tendrils of Ruin


wow this is great! cannot believe how One Man’s Trash ended, haha.

I was a pretty big fan of Jason Mantzoukas and then happened to watch his Amoeba Records ”Whats In My Bag” - he studied ethnomusicology and really really loves music. seems like an awesome guy and that episode only reinforces that idea.


a few favs:

^ (I was thiiiis close to referencing some part of this episode this in my vows when I got married last week)

^ (I love the shared improv style of Home Movies + Dr Katz, that episode of Dr Katz features one of my favorite comedians, Ron Lynch)

^ (as far as standup goes, reggie watts is easily my favorite)

^ (eric andre really improved on tim and eric’s formula I think, also this is how I feel every time I go to a gallery opening full of my city’s art crowd)


watching this now, recommended by @Angela


The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

What We Do In The Shadows


Love this, thanks for sharing!!


oh gosh – how could I forget the most perfect thing I’ve ever witnessed, from Botnik Studios (c/o @mechanicalyammering):


Oh god I can’t watch like five seconds of this w/o totally losing it… we need only to populate the world with morisseybots…


not to ruin the fun, but basically every good line from this is from one review –

which… seems to be a joke account, based on other content


oh, that’s jamie, he started Botnik and pioneered the algorithms. that amazon review is the lyrics to the song, through the result of predictive text using a corpus of the other reviews.