Composition category?

In general I think the subdivision of a forum into (too many) categories is not conducive to a particularly healthy community. Some categorisation is good - people seem to need a bit of structure - but the line between the right amount and too much can be quite a fine one. Particularly as somewhere gets bigger and more people want more categories, it’s all too easy to create silos where people don’t stray outside to see what is in the other side of the fence. The other side of the fence is, to me, where often the most interesting conversations and learning take place.

Having said that the forum software used here does seem to work quite well in stopping this. The general view of all categories in one list, opposed to the more segmented view of a typical phpbb forum for example, means that (unless you specifically mute a category) you are more likely to see/read/respond to things whatever category they are in. Certainly this is true for me anyway.

No disrespect to @kisielk’s idea but I’m honestly not sure what benefit it would bring. The “no-category” category is full of fine conversation on interesting topics that could quite easily be a place for discussion about composition or creative music practice. I don’t think having a category for these is going to elicit a different response to such topics from members here, although I’m pretty new and could of course be wrong!

I could go on but I’d be rambling even more than I have already :blush:


I will chime in to say, that I too like the idea of less categories.

On Muffs, for example, I mainly use the Eurorack forum, and feel like I miss a lot of possibly interesting conversations in other sections of the site. But the idea of checking multiple section for new posts, is just too much, so I don’t.

I really enjoy the balance/mixture of topics that flows through Lines as is, and I tend to just look at the forum using the “LATEST” posts view.

The only category I ever use and appreciate it being one is the “TRADE”.


I also look at the forum in latest view most of the time. But it’s nice to be able to browse all posts related to a particular topic at times, and search doesn’t really accomplish the same thing.

With the discourse forum software, I don’t really see the disadvantage of more categories. By default users see everything in the latest view. Categories just make it easier to find discussions.


Yup I agree with this, having “grown up” on forums and stuff, I very much found that to be the case, especially with the oldschool message boards where you rarely see anything outside of your specific subforum.

But as @sandy pointed out this forum software defaults to seeing ‘all’, so I don’t even notice the categories, and as such treat them more like tags, so you can search by keyword/tag if you want.

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That’s why I don’t really see an issue with more categories. shrug

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questions i ask myself

  • are there already a number of discussions about composition/process?

  • where are they currently being categorized?

  • if there are few, would a dedicated section encourage more dialogue?

  • if there are many, would flocking them together be necessary?

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Agree with @laborcamp and @sandy - the less categories, the more we’re exposed to different styles / schools of thought. I was a linear hip-hop beat maker and drummer before joining this forum and I have to say that dialogue here has broadened my horizons in terms of composition.

regarding muffs: gives you all the latest posts since your last visit.

Right, except on Muffs, unlike here, there is also a lot of stuff in other forums that I really have no interest in, like all the other formats, or guitars, or the NSFW forums…

A composition category would help stop the older composition posts from getting lost. IMHO composition / production / technique related posts are evergreen content. Gear comes and goes.

It would also help to avoid having the composition topics drowned out by the more active topics such as Equipment or Trade.

It’s a fair point about having too many categories. Therefore, if there was to be a composition category, I think it would be good to make it as broad as possible.


I wonder how folks would feel about an overarching “process” category which would include formal approaches to composition, improvisation, and anything else related to our musical methods

these could all currently fall to “uncategorized”…but perhaps they shouldn’t


i’d be up for a “process” category— we seem to have a lot of topics that would fit into there which could be reclassified.

we’ve perhaps gotten to a point where we should disallow uncategorized, and make an “other” category-- which will encourage (hopefully) thoughtful selection of the right category.


conversations along that plane are one of the most distinguishing things about this forum
process will likely become one of the most active categories

let’s do it


ok— could use a hand re-cat’ing topics after creation.


feel free to redirect, but the s+p thread was uncat so I threw it under ‘process’


no need for correction

yours was one of the first i had in mind

Something I noticed in this category: Why does this tag exist?

from the best representative threads discussion:

Ah, that explains it. Thanks!
I was quiet baffled by the existence of a tag with the same name as the forum itself, seemed quiet redundant :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear this. I often find old conversations about processes etc by accident and wish I had found them sooner. Looking forward to exploring this and following into the future