Computer as USB MIDI device? (Not host)

Has anybody found a way to do this?

I think the folks from Critter and Guitari recommend chaining two of something like this together:

context (and further context ) is sequencing their Organelle, essentially headless Arch Linux that defaults to USB MIDI host, from another machine that also likes to be USB MIDI host. apparently chaining two of those devices will flip the paradigm.

hope that helps!

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cool, what software are you running on the computer? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a pretty long list, but usually it gets routed through Ableton Live one way or another…

re organelle, with a modern linux, this should not be necessary… there is a midi ‘gadget’ which will expose the computer as a midi device. (Ive done this with beaglebone blacks)

usually the best way to send midi between computers though is via network, ethernet… so rtpMidi, or wrapped over OSC. macOS supports the former. audio/midi settings -> network midi

In this case the goal is computer as device and Ansible as host.

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ah, super good stuff to know – maybe C+G’s suggestion is necessary with the way they coded Organelle more than inflexibility of the core platform. hmmm.


perhaps a PI/BBB connect it as a midi device to your Ansible as a device.
then use rtpmidi/osc from computer to PI/BBB
would take a bit of setting up initially, but then you can just treat this as a dongle…

id guess something like iConnectMidi or BomeBox will do this ‘out of the box’

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Yeah, I have an iConnectMIDI, which lets me connect multiple host devices as well as a lot of normal devices and route/filter between them all. It’s not a cheap solution, but it is very powerful.