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bound vr was awareness changing for me. not life changing. only other game that i think is great so far (still waiting to play a bunch) superhypercube but i have a very large desire for more of anything even remotely fez related (need to play through again but not sure if i can swing it as free as i’d like to regarding amount of necessary walkthroughs to solve).

i like the vr. it is great. but it is early. had fun playing through most of alien ai just for the crazy creepy perspective of seeing full screen so close.

i don’t use it much or for long periods when i do. but, when i do, it is a physical experience unlike any other game experience ever.

if you seek a physically transforming experience and can spare the scratch then i say go for it. but if you have a high bar set in your head…expectations too high… you’ll probably be disappointed


has anyone done fez sans guides?

if so, any tips?


32 cubes is pretty straightforward sans guides - a mixture of cubes and anticubes. all 64 will be very hard totally blind. You only need 32 for an ending, tho.

But it doesn’t require guides to play; it’s very good at teaching you what you need to know. Personally, I think it’s critical to learn the number system in the game - and that’s easily discovered without hints or guides. Learning the alphabet is necessary for total 100%ing, and that is doable without guides - it’s just a ballache. There is a single location that, once its cryptic nature is understood, will be your cribsheet and bust that open for you.

Beyond that… what do you actually mean?


what i mean is, i have my father recently gaming on ps4. we are having a blast going through games slowly and deliberately so far. i/we have a lot more fun in games with lots of back and forth and sort of collaboration. he frowns on the idea of walkthroughs whereas i would easily label myself as a comfortable cheater despite the obvious realization of cheapening experiences. i have played through fez a long time ago only able to do it with walkthroughs. and upon learning the “answers” i often remember thinking, my word, how on earth is this even considered possible. i loved the game, even cheating my ass off through much of it.

but i’m sure i wasn’t picking up on the clues.

the amount of fun we have had with the witness leads me to believe we could do fez similarly and enjoy it. but i am suspicious of fez being a bit too cryptic. pops doesn’t want to look anything up. he is about to platinum the witness without looking anything up.


gotcha. Well - The Witness is kinda remarkable in that the whole thing is designed to be learnable, and yeah, some of Fez’s puzzles are obtuse in a slightly frowny way - almost designed to be sworn at when you see what they were meant to be. The bloody owls, for starters.

But give it a go - there’s enough to discover and get trophies for before you hit the really, really, really hard final anticubes.


so had the (probably fairly dumb) idea to attempt at least partial committal to platinuming bloodborne. i can’t really tell how far off i am. i can’t see doing it without at least some walkthrough stuff. i’m probably lame. but i love it so.

i was just so close on the second vicar (dlc thing) and damn if i didn’t get greedy. you cannot ever get greedy.

you died.


I’ve had short experiences with all the current headsets, and I’d agree there is some way to go before this becomes a comfortable experience for most. The degree which VR tricks the mind though is startling.

I’m more interested in the potential of AR, after getting hold of a Hololens. The tech is incredible, and I think has potential to make it in to more everyday situations.


Is the Hololens still in beta? Do we know when it will be generally available? (Sorry, I know I could google this…)

Edit: I guess it’s a $3k dev kit at the moment.


Yeah, still developers only. As with the VR headsets, the next one will probably be actually usable. But the position tracking is solid and the quality the holograms have is interesting.


And the price needs to come down a lot…


I’m stuck on the micolash boss. The first bit is really easy but then I get one shotted every time in the second phase. It’s so tedious to get to that second phase I can’t be arsed at the minute and co-op us dead on it now so can’t get any help. I’m so close to the end :frowning:


still getting RSI flashbacks from my time with Bloodborne. I got to the point where I can… 80% Vicar Amelia, and that was good for me. I had a lot of fun with it, but eesh. (It’s probably my favourite of the Hidetaka Miyazaki games tho).


i may be of service with micolash. coop certainly isn’t dead. but it isn’t what it once was. frankly i like it that way. connects it more to demon’s souls. i will try to help if i can. a little rusty.


i am of the opinion demon’s souls and bloodborne are the best two in the series. not sure why, but after all of them those are the two i am left still playing actively with a very long game approach.


it’s a legit commital for sure. so far i’ve platinumed DS1 and DS2, working on DeS… once I get a ps4 i imagine the plan will be to do the same for DS3 and Bloodborne. It’s hard but very rewarding.



the only one i have the desire to go that deep on is bb. i will go i suppose deeper with deS but i doubt platz.

i wonder how you will take to bb and ds3. love to hear your thoughts. i had an odd arc through it all , or really it continues as am still playing (just started a new bb save to try another ending without having to do it on ng++)

i will caps this:


i’m liam4u2poopon on psn


both. having tried a number of platforms and experiences, i’ve come to the conclusion that room-scale vr with positional tracking and handheld controllers is the real deal. static headset + game controller experiences sit more on the novelty end of the spectrum for me - but then again i’m not a hardcore gamer, so perhaps the upgrade isn’t quite as revelatory.

the cool thing about room-scale vr with controllers ( or as i call it: real vr ) is that it doesn’t map very well to traditional gaming paradigms. a lot of concepts have to be thrown out the window. a platform that challenges creators to explore new methods of interaction and what it means to have fun is invigorating. plus it gets you actually moving your body… a lot. that’s revolutionary right?

lastly, i’ve found that when i step into an interactive experience that is more passive (asking you to react to prompts) i’m laughing or thinking about how novel this is - but when i jump into an experience that empowers me with a creative tool ( tiltbrush + medium ) i’m flooded with ideas and inspiration. freeing digital sculpting from the 2d plane of a computer monitor and suspending it before you eyes, with stereoscopic rendering and super deep toolsets, plus the ability to walk around & scale it infinitely is 100% revolutionary.


Super exciting stuff!

I’m confused about how this works. Sounds like you need a dedicated space. Doesn’t sound practical for most home environments. Seems like AR (as opposed to VR) would at least allow you to see that you’re about to stub your toe on the corner of your couch.


Just sent you a friend request on psn if that’s ok although I’m only level 80 on bb so not sure if it will allow us to coop?


I played resident evil in vr at a friend’s last week. Pretty immersive and genuinely scary