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this is how valve would like you to use it.

the system projects a light blue grid when you near the edge of the “safe-zone” you define during setup.

whether or not this will take hold as a form of home entertainment is questionable… it’s great in the studio though!

VR Interface Design

i’ll let you know once i get them. it might be years from now, i’m just now touching dishonored (2012)


Dishonored is a great game, one that always makes me feel like i’m a better player than i am! Yet to try the sequel but looking forward to it…


if you liked the first, the sequel is wonderful; brilliant sets of tools and level designs, genuine multiple approaches, and all that lovely art.


iOS app


i probably fall in love with many games as i play them

but i’m 300+ hours into bloodborne 3x+ playthrough ish and it is the best game ever.


dunno if this has already been mentioned before, but i still love playing classic point&click adventures in ScummVM…and my desktop waqllpaper looks like this…


My partner just started working in a museum of arts, where last week they opened a exhibition with all VR works. They have some pretty weird stuff, like “painting” trees of arms with crackling noises. Exciting format! Whole new way of interaction to be explored, as @shellfritsch has put very well before.

Since then I’m asking myself that same question, wether I had the space in my small apartment to have some fun with Unity and VR… I mean, A HTC Vive costs as much as an iPhone… it’s doable. But yes, the spare space needed cries for a dedicated studio.


You guys are successfully tempting me (more for artistic reasons rather than for gaming). The array of VR products on the market is bewildering, however…


Forgot to mention, the minimum hardware requirements (specially GPU obviously) are rather high…


resident evil 7 in VR seems like a tremendous accomplishment, the first big AAA game in VR that plays well for extended periods of time. i’ve played it for approx an hour or so each night this week in VR and haven’t been fatigued.


i’ve never been into resident evils. seems like an ad nauseum rehash machine with no functional content to begin with. what am i missing?


not sure i understand what you mean by no functional content, but resident evil has changed pretty significantly over the past 20 years. resident evil 1-3 basically defined the early survival horror genre (or at least brought it to the mainstream), resident evil 4 pushed the action genre and inspired many popular games (hello gears of war), resident evil 5-6 were poorly regarded imitations of resident evil 4 that went even further in the action genre.

resident evil 7 has a completely new design philosophy, it’s first person but rooted in the series’ survival horror beginnings-- it takes a lot of the best concepts from the early games (isolation, item scarcity, persistent enemy stalking (similar to nemesis from resident evil 3)). so if you don’t care about resident evil then i don’t think you’re missing anything, but resi 7 is a very solid return to what made the series great to begin with. and the VR is extremely effective.


probably just not for me


Try HTC Vive with roomscale positional tracking, on a high end graphics-capable machine (top-shelf gtx 9 or 10-series). Google Earth is pretty good, and so are some of the games.


It’s a pretty hefty chunk of change. I’m still pretty impressed with my GTX 580, heh.

At these prices it sort of leaves the realm of “fun toy” and enters the realm of “serious tool”. Which is cool and all, but I guess I’d need to have some kind of end goal in mind (I’d need to be making something with it in order to feel comfortable with the expense.)

It comes back to an eternal internal debate I have about consumption vs. production and the best use of my time on this planet.


perhaps relevant.


Scarily so, I would say.


salt and sanctuary is cool

linelight is pretty

trying the dark souls 3 dlc again. never got too far with it. i suck at giant wolves. and i never felt pushed to dig deep with ds3 in contrast to its predecessors despite being arguably the best looking of the bunch. but who am i kidding, these games aren’t about looooks.

if anybody is good at giant wolf slaying please contact private or public!!!


Finished bloodborne (massive thanks to @dude for his co-op assistance) . The ending raises more questions than it answered