Computer games


Playing lots of Tetris Attack lately after rediscovering it on tour, in hotels with a raspberry pi. Amazing game, incredibly high skill ceiling. Sadly none of my friends are good enough at it yet…


Lots of fun!

Are you on/in ds3?

And there is one ending that makes sense in bb, another that is provocative imo and a third is straight crazy.


I have ds3 still in it’s cellophane trying to entice me but I’m tempted to play the last guardian before I dive into it if only for my blood pressure :slight_smile:

I got the ending when you fight the moon presence boss thing


Anyone on here jumping on the new Nintendo Switch, or already picked one up on preorder? The new Zelda game looks incredible, and the new Mario Odyssey title also looks like a lot of fun. Wishing I had preordered now!


This one has just been released:
It’s a nice mix of platforming and point&click-style puzzles, with some great artwork and animation!
I did pledge it when they did a kickstarter years ago… but haven’t had a chance to play it past the initial 10 minutes… too much work atm, but it seemed quite nice so far!


I did, playing it right now, it’s probably the best open world I’ve ever played and it’s beautifully crafted, well thought, gameplay wise it’s close to perfection and also IT’S GODDAMN CHALLENGING, like, surprisingly so. It kind of has a Dark Souls vibe to it in the fact that you can get killed in one blow if you don’t study an ennemy pattern. Anyway so much to say about it. Really feels like Nintendo is stepping up their game, if they do the same for Mario Odyssey, it’s gonna be incredible.


Seeing praise like this is why I’m kicking myself for not getting in early! :pensive:



Sounds perfect


yes this sounds good

my wife and I have been playing through torment numenera together through a projector it is loads of fun


My favourite recently is Reigns on iOS. Really fun, slightly dark and funny. Very simple choice mechanic, but complex choices.

It’s like a king simulator, your have to make choices to balance the needs of the kingdom. Choices are made by saying yes or no to requests from advisors and citizens.


What’s the longevity like for Reigns? It seems to a good way to waste 5 mins or so…


It’s good for short playing sessions, but has continued to be fun. I think the longest I played at one time was about 15 minutes, but I go back to it a lot.

My favourite big game is Wasteland 2 at the moment, a real successor to the original Fallout.


Yeah I kickstarted it so I’m looking forward to it! I have my hands full with Zelda right now but it’s on my next-things-to-play list :slight_smile:


Anyone headed to PAX East this weekend? The Indie Showcase is always exciting to me. Hopefully will have some recommendations when I get back. Also, specifically excited to see/hear the dynamic soundtrack on Pyre by Supergiant Games.


preordered what remains of edith finch and ds3dlc2

i loved the unfinished swan so i have been waiting for ef for years

and i can’t at this point say no to anything from software decides to put out and i really really wonder what their next new full games will be.


I must have walked past the “what remains of edith finch” booth 15 times. Kinda bummed I didn’t try it now. Will keep my eye on that. There was a bunch of stuff at PAX that caught my eye but can’t honestly recommend any of them without playing the full game.

In the interim, in the realm of ‘kiil a few minutes while playing with something pretty’ puzzler.

It’s on sale for .99 and totally worth it.


A good couple of hours will unlock all the decks and possible stories - like, it’s not super-deep, but it takes a while to unlock all the sets of cards to be added to the deck, which in turn makes for richer narratives.


I finally started Hyper Light Drifter after it ended up on sale on PSN. I’d been listening to the soundtrack a lot already. It’s great: hard but not impossible, cryptic but tells you enough to be going on with, really nice crunchy mechanics.

Mainly, though, it just looks and sounds wonderful.


Hyper Light Drifter may very well be my favorite game ever. It’s beautiful and perfect and I don’t want it to end.


I just started playing Beglitched. Great game with cool music and a nice theme. Highly recommend it.