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I liked Reigns for a while, but then it stopped seeming open ended and kind of forced it into a story narrative with a strategy you need to use to eventually win. That kind of killed it for me. I wish it was just infinitely open ended.


I really liked this retro cyberpunk mind-fuck point&click game here:
Has a cool synth-heavy soundtrack as well.


currently waiting for David OReilly’s Everything to download on my PS4


this video is beautiful.


That is crazy cool.
20 chars.


update: defeated my first boss (east). Heck yes. Might go back to the North boss in due course.


That looks amazing (nnrrrggg 20 chrs)


so i have always read that miyazaki was influenced by berserk. never really looked into it. but knowing this new berserk game was coming reminded me to finally check it out so i put it in my queue. my jaw is hanging open. totally different games and playstyles. but the influence and connection is undeniable. so cool to see. ties it all together in some way.


is anyone playing everything yet? it looks cool but i wonder how good of a game it is. procedural generation feeling like empty gimmick.


Yeah Berserk was a huge influence over the souls/bloodborne games I think. The abandoned castles, giant humanoid animal demons, skeleton knights, etc. Very similar in terms of gruesome violence as well. The main character is also ‘marked’ on his neck, very similar to branding in DS.


For the retro savvy among you “kite” over in sudomod has preorder up for his all in one board for sticking a RPi inside a DMG Gameboy case.

That’s my summer project sorted :grin:

Edit - previous link was old.


i participated in a 12 player quake ii capture-the-flag lan party last night. it was really fun.


i feel like anyone who is into souls should play it just for fun and aha moments


Now that takes me back, Quake 1/2/3 were my entry to video games as social bonding. I’d get slaughtered, but it was a bunch of fun.


I just ordered a new xboxone package with Mass Effect : Andromeda included (well actually I ordered two by mistake and have to fix that in the morning.) The ME series is my current favourite series of all time, so I am super pumped to get back into that universe.


Ah I’ll be curious to hear if you liked it, this ME has… not been received with much praised so far and I’m quite scared Bioware/EA is currently ruining a very enjoyable franchise. Hope they’re not and ME still has things to say in 2017!


I’m avoiding all the press for it until I have a chance to play it for myself, but I have enjoyed all of them so far - even ME:3 and it was panned too.


North boss down! Blimey. That was some FromSoftware grade shit right there.


yeah some of those boss battles are pretty rockin


i have been doing a second run with the last guardian. i am enjoying it much more this pass. no hype to mess with. i am trying to take in the whole thing. i don’t know that i can recall a prettier game. it has its shortcomings as all of his games have but it is an incredible game just as they all are.

and berserk is so much fun. i’m lovin it :wink: