Computer games


oh, yeah! thanks :blush:

for anyone on here wondering what we’re talking about, i’m making a video game for kanye west:


whoaaaa. That’s amazing. Looking forward to it as well!


If you haven’t played the new DOOM…it Has been one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had playing a video game. Sound is top notch.


Looks like the people that made FEZ, but the game play looks way more exciting. Definitely going to check this one out.

I’ve been stoked about this game for about 6 months now… No Man’s Sky.


I’m really excited to play Pokemon Go. I’d brainstormed similar ideas with a friend 3 or 4 years ago after doing the Made In LA Soundmap app, but never got around to fleshing out a real game design that worked with the concept of “like Pokemon but in the real world”… Now Pokemon themselves have actually built it, and I get to play it without doing any of the work to build it :slight_smile:


Yes I agree, its gonna be pretty big.


just be careful, the privacy on that game is NSA-level atrocious. they’re apparently modifying it, but still quite sketchy.


Yeah, arguably worse. I’m glad I thought better than to use a google account to sign up.


u can get Nidhogg for just $1 in this week’s humble bundle. :yum:


All the Zelda games,
Guardian legend -on NES
Duke nukem


Another vote for The Witness such a mind bending experience!


I’ve recently started playing Dwarf Fortress again, after a couple of years’ hiatus. In my mind, it’s undoubtedly the greatest computer game ever made.

It’s also a bit like outsider music; the aesthetics are unconventional (except perhaps for old roguelike players like me), and the user interface is very bad. But once you start to visualize the world inside your mind, and internalise the keyboard commands, it’s a beautiful, awesome playing experience.


Transistor and Bastion are both 80% off on steam. Both feature fantastic artwork and soundtracks. The soundtracks are also on sale.

Steam Link

Both are absolutely worth it.


I got a SNES emulator and megadrive emulator running on a PSPgo I picked up second hand for cheap. Any recommendations? Never played the rpgs when I was younger, so looking for pointers in that direction. Or sci-fi turn based strategy like x-com.


If you’re open to purchasing a game / non-snes/megadrive, you can now get Suikoden I and II on PSN for like $10. Originally on the ps1.

I just started playing the first and am about 10 hours deep, it’s great and the sequel is widely considered one of the better jrpgs out there. Very “oldschool” 2D feel etc.

This article makes a pretty compelling argument for playing both!


Of the major JRPGs, the obvious SNES one is Final Fantasy VI/III, but my favourite is clearly Chrono Trigger, which is far more inventive and interesting than I was expecting. Front Mission is a Squaresoft tactics game which is lots of fun - turn-based, tile-based, much like early XCOMs - about piloting mechs. Only released in Japan, there are patched fan translations available, and you might enjoy that.

My secret favourite SNES game, though is Unirally/Uniracers, which is just fabulous and fast/fun.

There’s not a lot of turn-based strategy on these, although you might find Herzog Zwei on the Megadrive fascinating - a very early stab at what we’d now call RTS.



i remember when most my waking hrs were spent trawling ign

was my pre-monome homepage at one pt


I loved Descent II back in the day. I taught myself a lot of music by listening to the MIDI tracks (by Dan Wentz), looking at them in my sequencer / DAW and trying to emulate them.


my partner and i are thinking about getting a playstation exclusively to play the last guardian.