Computer to Computer digital audio

(I feel a bit cheeky asking a top level question when I’ve not been on here for a bit but I’ve not seen much on this topic at all anywhere)

Of late I’ve been moving in what seems like the the opposition direction to the rest of the electronic music world by working largely in supercollider on my laptop. All my main audio is on a separate Mac mini - monitor speakers, multi channel audio I/o etc. The two are both connected by ethernet when I’m at my desk.

Now it seems to me that it should be trivial to route audio across ethernet and keep it all in the digital domain and yet…

I know Dante should do it - but they don’t support m1 Mac just yet - so I guess there is a solution on the horizon. But is there really nothing else? or am I just not googling the right thing?


What about NDI?

I do agree Dante would be the proper solve here though, might just have to wait


Or is AUNetsend and receive still functional?

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Another solution could be to use SonoBus in local multichannel mode to send audio between computers.


There’s also AVB, but I have yet to find out which Mac computers support that, how, and whether one needs additional AVB hardware (on one / both ends), or if computer-to-computer AVB networking works out of the box on some Macs.

(Failing everything else, you could always do it the old school way and hook up a cheap ADAT interface to each computer - I suppose something like the MiniDSP USBStreamer B might work…)


Vienna and dante are my go to choices nowadays but they are different. Vienna is more of an cpu offloading vst server host and dante more of network audio with multiple channels. Now, yes you can do dante WITHOUT dedicated hardware… You can buy dante via and dante sound card for a negligible price and run via in one computer and sound card in the other. Of course ethernet is mandatory.

On the m1 situation I have no idea BUT, there is logic nodes, not really networked audio, but you can offload whole tracks from ur psu and run them on hosts.

this is incredible
thanks for sharing carl!

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That looks amazing. Have you used it much?

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Yes I’ve used it a lot. I haven’t used the multichannel mode yet but I’ve used it for networked audio streaming around the world. It is just as good as JackTrip as far as I’m concerned in terms of getting low-latency audio between two sites. The multichannel mode opens up a lot of possibilities for live processing of remote ensembles or remote multichannel sound installs which I’m really excited about. This local workflow where you’re just trying to send audio between computers seems simple enough.

Do you think it would work in an online classroom style situation - 20 or so users, sharing high quality audio between each other, alongside Zoom for video chat?

Because the audio is sent peer to peer, 20 users might be a bit much for most home connections. SonoBus does allow you to send compressed audio which might make it more manageable however that will increase the latency which could be fine depending on what you’re trying to do.

Also note that all participants would need headphones because SonoBus does not implement any echo cancellation.

Thank you so much for all this - loads of things I didn’t know about

For the moment SonoBus IS the winner - does precisely what I need :slight_smile:

fairly sure I’ll have a go with Dante too when the time comes - I can see myself upgrading my, (relatively) soon to be not supported by Apple, Saffire Pro 40 to something Dante enabled…