Computer & video games


i’m currently addicted to SPL-T by Simogo and started this so others can

*recommend electronic games
*share stories of past/present/future works which inspire their music
*i dunno…post high scores?


Panoramical is really worth a look!
My only warning is that it seems to need a more powerful machine than described to get it running smooth on some of the ‘levels’.


I can’t get the guitar line from Diablo II out of my head.


mentioned this elsewhere, but skyclad iv and the teletype intro vid both contain midi-synth bird/wind/water noise from ultima 7, which was potentially the most profound virtual world of my youth.


Holy moly motherfucking Braid.
I’ve played it so many times, and wish I could play it again for the first time.

Limbo is also really good, as is Fez.

I spent many years on Everquest in my 20s. Like 12+ hours a day kind of playing. Last week I was even watching a bunch of nostalgic playthrough shit.

Really like Starcraft/Warcraft (though mainly SC1 and WC3).

Played some Diablo II but stopped towards the end, just felt kind of repetitive.

Really inspired by video game stuff in general though, hence the creation of Cut Glove.

I talk a bunch about the different video games that inspired me/it in this part here.


As for videogames directly related to music (panoramical is a wonderful software AND it comes in a pro version that lets you use OSC and any type of controler so… I’d love to check how a monome could interact with it and if it has any sort of interest to do it) I wrote a few songs for this one called Soundodger + which is kind of the most simple music game you could ever find : You dodge bullets inside a circle, they’re coming at you in rhythm and forming various shapes that are equally elegant and hypnotic (and also, in harder levels, completely terrifying) here’s a glimpse at what it looks like

And here’s a complete playthrough of the track I wrote (and needless to say I’m absolutely incapable of finishing it that well)

For other kind of stuff like that, SuperHexagon is also a very good game, and I’m waiting for thumper which promises to be wonderful and quite insane (link for thumper here )


Playing spl-t. Brain hurts.


can’t get enough nidhogg


Flywrench (made by the same dude that did Nidhogg) probably one of the most challenging games ever.


thank you for reminding me

i need to get that


Terry Cavanagh makes great games. Super Hexagon has some pumping chip tune songs too:

Wickedly difficult game…


Oh and how could I forget that he also made a really cool 8-bit online music making app:


Probably one of the biggest influences on my taste had been computer games. And while I’ve played a lot, none of them have inspired me quite as much as the original Myst (and Riven too but that was a few years later)


myst was so cutting edge
not just the visuals…it was completely different from the other stuff i was playing at the time


myst and riven were pure magic


I hadn’t seen cut glove yet, this looks great!


Thanks. Yeah it’s a biggun.


anybody in here on Steam? my id is El_Quinto if u want to be friends :-))

btw Hotline Miami is only $2.49 right now. great game and equally great soundtrack.


I’ve always played games and I so strongly associate a certain kind of down/relaxtion time with playing them that I often get this kind of restless feeling that I recognise as “I’d normally be playing a game right now”… but as I get older I struggle to find anything that holds my interest (even for the vastly diminished amount time I can give to them). I just have to be restless a while until the feeling passes.

I find I no longer have patience for traditional “challenge” in games (the beating of scores, systems, killing things) and I’m more interested in “experience” (exploring interesting worlds/spaces and characters). But all too often the “challenge” is used to gate access to the “experience” bits I like and so I bounce off most games.

I do occasionally find something which scratches my particular itch, for example my favourite game of a long while is Kentucky Route Zero.

The soundtracks by Ben Babbit are also wonderful.


@koam i hear what you’re saying and i’m kind of the same. with the advent of online gaming 10 years ago it just felt like consoles in particular were just all shooting games and then it became all about your gamer score and unlocking achievements. there’s been a real move back towards creating games with a rich ‘experience’ as you said. kentucky was a great example. i bought a ps4 last year and there are some fantastic exampels. ether one, everybody’s going to the rapture, firewatch, witness as well as older ps3 stuff like flower, journey all create beautiful worlds which you can explore at your own pace as the story unfolds.