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The chalace dungeons were cool. As a guy who enjoys rouge-likes and rogue-lites, I found a lot to enjoy in there, my real issue with it was that it all looked the same and the randomness wasn’t properly balanced, so I would get the same kinda of layouts over and over again that look identical to each other.

The bosses in there (including that final one that gave me gray hair) were awesome and some of the finer challenges of the game.


So I don’t know if or when I’ll ever play Star Citizen, but goddamn is this groundbreaking tech:

Been doing some world-building over the years, and everything I’ve ever wanted in map-making software is seemingly right there (apparently full-scale, spherical worlds, a hybridization between intentional design and procedural generation, and I can’t imagine that similar handling of architectural and infrastructural features would be beyond the realm of possibility, either).

That game (along with the perks of custom firmware) is the only reason I ever bought a PSP. It’s still one of my favorites and had such an interesting aesthetic (constraints of poly-count and resolution and how they were utilized so effectively, in some ways reminiscent of what made MGS special).

I lapsed in the GBP and GBC eras, but my cousin had Ghost Babel, and I remember being pretty impressed by what it pulled off on the system. I played it a little on emulators way back, but, like MG1-2, I never got too deep into it–to my great chagrin, as it so happens, having been a longtime fan of the series (I had the Japanese language demo of MGS when I first got a Playstation and played it over and over, maybe more than the actual games I had on hand). I imagine I’ll give it another spin whenever the Analogue Pocket comes out.


It does have to remind a lot of the demo tech for Beyond Good and Evil 2 a few years back though (same de-zoom effect, same kind of desire for half procedural half intentional design), it’s kinda crazy to think two teams are working on such similarly gigantic and ambitious scale tech, I hope there’s some sharing involved somewhere. I seem to remember ubisoft invested a lot of money in this tech and they only really started actual dev when the engine was ready to handle these things, I think they probably consider they’ll make that money back on multiple project (I really don’t think Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a hit). Either way, it seems to be where we’re heading, I’ll be curious to try that out in game and see what’s the added value.

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would love to know why you dislike katamari! i have been playing it again after kinda rediscovering my hacked ps3 and i’ve been loving it. i’m the type of person that gets a lot of enjoyment from the immediate satisfaction of picking up lots of small things, and then progressively bigger things, so it is like the most relaxing thing for me.

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i’m trying to do a bit of katamari damacy (mostly) daily until i finish the game. i honestly feel ashamed at how much i love the game and yet have never finished. but then, this is because it is hard. the characterization of the father king is comically tragic and the abstractness is literally perfect to me. i enjoy the opening with the music and animation certainly as much. the entire process. i kind of can’t imagine a better game. i hope someday i can play the sequel that keita takahashi did.

i gotta get we love katamari


I just recently read the Boss Fight book on the development of Katamari Damacy. Even as a former game developer (or especially as one? hard to say) it was a little less fun of a book than I hoped, but it did have me going back to listen to that fantastic soundtrack again at least.

Which means it’s going to be stuck on repeat in my brain for the next six weeks…

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I haven’t played games in almost a year, but picked up a used copy of the Shadow of the Colossus reissue. Quite fun!


The sequel is a best attempt at recreating the magic and does so reasonably well. None of the other sequels are worth your time sadly. They’re not bad, they’re just different and in a world full of incredible games, you can skip them unless you are jonesing hard for more roll ‘em up.

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oh for sure just going with keita games. he only did the first 2

after all the talk of souls games on here i finally picked up a used copy of ds2 just to see what the vibe is, so any beginner tips to what already seems like a giant rabbit hole would be appreciated.

i also found this, which is kind of amazing:


Did you buy the game before or after you read the article? :slight_smile:

before, and i might have gone for ds1 instead after reading. the article made me even more curious about why they’re so popular though.

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Oh, I just assumed you played part 1 already. The second one is really not the best to start and definitely the weakest of them all, although not the worst game ever :slight_smile: I highly recommend going for the first one, it is one of the best games ever made and still feels fresh today.


echoing @boboter but also maybe bloodborne and demons souls far exceed dark souls imo. bloodborne is what lit my miyazaki flame and i still play both demons souls and bloodborne to this day while the dark souls range is not currently engaging to me.

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@madeofoak I’m going to go against the grain and say that Dark Souls 2 is my favorite of the series. Majula has such a place in my heart and the music is unparalleled. It was also the first game I played in the Soulsborne world and has had a lasting impression on me. I honestly think you’ll enjoy it.

Beginner tip: Patience. It will be rewarded.


i really dislike ds2. the mechanics are so so bad, also the worldbuilding/storytelling is clunky and derivative. just feels off to me.

that said the maxim that “your first soulsborne title is your favorite soulsborne title” holds water.

for me the best comprehensive experience is dks1. i did hardcore pvp from 2011-2017 whcih is a huge lifespan. it’s incredible how many different playstyles, metas, and new tech emerged in that timeframe.

favorite narrative/pve game is bloodborne- the mythology/world/storytelling are just amazing and push it just past demons and dks1 for me.

lately i’m playing dks3 after not really giving it a fair shake after 2 left such a bad taste in my mouth. i think it’s a very good, rich game and pvp is still very active and quite fun at a variety of levels (both low level randoms and meta duels/fight clubs still abound)

i can’t wait for elden :)))


anyone here playing dreams on ps4? it looks really cool but i can’t decide if i should pull the trigger or not.

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finally got around to finishing DS1, my last soulsborne other than demons souls to beat. first half of the game was a blast, and especially once I found the right weapon and equip load management, I got into the combat. But the second half of the game felt super tedious. The bosses in this one are definitely on the weaker side of the series for me- too many slow clunky beasts.

I’m sure this will change but if I had to rate my From Software games from favorite to least favorite at this point, it would probably be:

Bloodborne > Dark Souls 3 > Sekiro > Dark Souls 1 ~ Dark Souls 2

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I feel as if my SoulsBorne list very much reflects yours. But I actually think I enjoyed DS3 more than Senior. That dragon King optional boss nearly broke me. Going from him to the final boss and walking through that final battle first time through was one of those moments I won’t forget.

As a side note, I’ve recently purchased the Phoenix Wright trilogy on Switch during a sale and after bouncing off the series numerous times am loving my experience! I look forward to every emphatic OBJECTION moment!

do you do the dlcs in each?

you’ve kinda gotta do demons souls if you can. still active coop on yuvis server.

demons was the beginning M director. it is sooooo gud.