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Had my first session in everything at the weekend. Not really sure how to describe it, more of an experience than a traditional game. Made me feel intensely happy though that could have been helped by the whiskey I was drinking. Who wouldn’t want to become a trumpet which can walk around while listening to Alan Watts lectures? Quite a few people probably.

Anyway, nearly finish dark souls 3 (thanks to @dude being a totally awesome coop badass partner). After that I’ve got the last guardian downloaded and ready to go. After that I’m not sure, might be running out of mystical, slow and plodding games :slight_smile:


There’s a definite structure to it. You should look at the generated world as less “level” and more the “space”. You’re meant to aimlessly wander, and the game auto-populates the next objectives wherever you’re heading. Like, so long as you’re exploring, you’ll eventually find what the game intends for you to find.

I dunno if it’s worth $20 to everyone, but I consider that money well spent.


it would be $20 well spent, but its only $15!


So it is! Even better!


wife’s telling me to go for it…


how to access ds3 dlc2…


Has anyone played the original Planescape: Torment? I’m extremely excited about the newest enhanced edition:

I’ve only heard good things but have never gotten around to playing the original. I’m definitely going to get this though!


the ringed city pretty good


berserk is great! characterization


Enjoying this freebie atm:


there’s an incredible bundle on psn right now called avant-garde bundle or something like that. but imo some of the best games in real recent history: journey, flower, bound and the unfinished swan. if you haven’t played those games i cannot rec this bundle highly enough!


Fun game,


back to bloodborne. i can’t really think of a better game. this is 4th or 5th time through i don’t remember. so much fun. as always so excited for news from from software miyazaki camp.

nioh is about to arrive but i just want to play bloodborne in my vg time.

bring the coop if you want!


um yeah did anybody mention bloodborne?? i like heard it was the best ever??

horizon zero dawn has won me over. full of blunders but it’s awesome.


Hanging out for The Last Night. This style pushes all of my buttons. Nice bit of Lorn in the trailer too.


Sadly, I must admit the creator’s public political statements (you should find it very easily if you look for it on google) will make me pass on that one. I was so into the “modernized Flashback” meets Blade Runner atmosphere for that one it’s gonna be a hard one to skip, or maybe I’ll just find a way not to pay for it a long long way down the road, but I just can’t see myself giving any money to such a stupid and toxic person (+ he’s french so I had the amazing chance to read his bullshit firsthand without translation and it’s apaling). Also interesting to note that originaly the game was directed by Tim and Adrien Soret (Adrien being the one who made most of the aesthetic and assets of the game), but, as Adrien left the project 6 months ago due to internal reasons he’s still too traumatized about to share, I was kind of stunned to see that it’s now apparently just Tim Sorret’s game and Adrien’s name has been litterally erased from the trailer. Nice one too. Anyway, too much for me, but yeah, the trailer looks fantastic.


Oh what a shame. I heard the apology but not the origin, I’ll look it up :frowning:


I thought the apology was terrible, felt insincere (it was actually forced by the studio to avoid a growing bad buzz), and also, Adrien leaving the studio in December kind of suggest the excuse of being young stupid and uninformed “at the time” is garbage.

Edit: Needless to say (or actually it might not be needless), I’m not encouragin anyone to buy or not buy the game, at the end of the day we all act on our convictions the way we deem fit, and that’s just my reaction to it. I’m not asking for a boycott, as I think the project involved other people who might and actually probably DO NOT share the views of its creators. But videogame is an amazing and rich industry, with a lot of great little creators who are actually fighting for good causes and struggling financially on or lost in the great sea of never bought steam games, and I think there are places where my money will be more well spent.


so glad lorn has gotten linked up with the game maker community. his music is amazing.


rime. i was cautious in that it has such clear inspiration. but it is quite magical. funny thing is that it makes me try to use ico control scheme for jumping and i have to remind myself i’m not playing ico. not sure how far in i am but it definitely feels like a cross between ico and journey. these are 2 of my favorite games so i cannot complain there. the setting is so beautiful so far. we shall see where it leads to. loving it. keeps getting better.

hellblade senua sacrifice. not far enough in to understand quite what i’m getting into but omg the game is so aesthetically powerful and beautiful.

borrowed a friends wii u and going zelda crazy. just finished wind waker hd and loved it. next will be twilight princess had and then botw and then a link to the past. not sure if that will be it in terms of zelda for me in this current run.

never have been able to platinum the witness. stuck on the challenege. a have it installed hoping i can do that platinum but it is almost sport level gaming and i just don’t have that kind of dedication when i am making albums etc. but it leaves me excited for looming obduction ps4 drop. preordered it. hoping for a fun playthrough when my dad is ready so we can go through together.

probably others but i can’t remember atm.