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tbh I’d just skip Twilight Princess, it’s all a bit meh, and after the magic of Wind Waker - and prior to BOTW - that’s a big pile of time to spend on something that’s a bit meh. (personal opinion, obviously).

Glad to hear another positive word about Rime - been thinking of picking that up.


I’m not really sure that this fits here but I hope it kinda does. I’m developing an iOS game with my brother. We plan to release it mid September this year. If anyone is interested in beta testing the first 3 levels i’ll very gladly send you a TestFlight invitation (Only iphone 5s onwards :wink: )

Starman is the title and its a puzzle-platform game where you are a little astronaut that has to solve enigmas to give light and nature back to the universe.

Here is a short teaser we did a couple months ago


Anyone else’s playing Slime Rancher? My partner and I are both addictived, it’s so much fun.


Yes, it’s hilarious!

I’ve put way too much time into Path of Exile since the 3.0 update. I know it’s a bit less intellectual than most of what’s in this thread, but I have a serious soft spot for Diablo-style loot piñatas. It’s the butter-filled comfort food of games, and the new update really hit the target.

Earlier this year, Breath of the Wild immediately entered my top ten ever, along with The Talos Principle last month (although Talos almost fell from grace during one of the ending challenge sequences…). I loved Talos in the way that I loved The Witness, and Breath of the Wild captured a similar idea. There’s a lot of joy to be found in games that skip all of the tutorial sequences for the sake of discovery and epiphany. (Side note, if you haven’t played the Witness, put every other game on hold)

I suppose Breath of the Wild’s first hour is a tutorial plateau, but the following 100+ hours are pure exploration. It also has the most unusual structure I’ve seen in an adventure game. There’s a great (spoiler-filled) analysis here:

Matthew Brown’s series of Logic games is incredible. Hexcells, Squarecells, and Crosscells are all highly recommended for puzzle fans. The later puzzles in each games have a story-like quality to them despite their abstraction. I would start with Hexcells if you only buy one.

Stellaris had my attention for a while earlier this year. I plan on getting back to it soon. For strategy lovers, there’s quite a lot of content. It’s almost more of a generative story platform with the way that exploration and events are handled.


senua’s sacrifice has some of the best sound design i’ve ever heard in any media


i am very impressed with the graphics and sound. couple that with the study into mental health and inclusion into core aspects of the game and that is beyond cool. but i have only very barely begun and am stuck waaay too early to be stuck, so i’m clearly missing something.


this has been out for about a year now but i didn’t see it mention on here so…

probably the best game that i’ve played since gamecube era favorites. it really is incredible. everything you loved and everything more that you wanted from harvest moon 64 and then some. really great, fresh story and dialogue, amazing OST, graphics, interface, vibes. a masterpiece if you ask me! and one guy made every note, pixel, and line of code. can’t wait for the switch port so i can play on the go :slight_smile:


It’s my things to buy list! :slight_smile:


How is everybody feeling about the Switch? Or, to phrase it differently, is that the platform people would recommend to get for someone who is totally not into ego shooters? Last platform I bought was the original Wii, and I love adventures, jump and runs, old arcade stuff.


Really love my Switch, but I wanted a video system that was child friendly and I have zero interest in online shooters* or military stuff in general.

If you love adventures, jump & runs & old arcade stuff, I cant see much where you would go wrong, but it’s not cheap once you buy all the accessories that you need, and Nintendo dont price reduce games, so its harder to swipe the big releases a few months after launch for a big discount.

I’d seriously look at finding a mini SNES if you just want some chewing gum for the mind… the value on that thing is incredible.

but as a system in its own right, I recommend the Switch*.

  • the online matchmaking/comms with online teams is meant to be really bad ( you do it through an app on a phone) but I prefer 1 player games and actively dont want my kids being contacted online, so all this is a plus to me.


From a purely hardware standpoint I think it’s the best thing nintendo has released since the gamecube (which I loved). Everything works super smooth, the various ways to play are all enjoyable (more one or the other depending on the game but that’s kind of the point), and I had no problem whatsoever after switching the joycons in and out of the sliders a few hundred times. The pro gamepad is great for more intense game (like Mario Kart or Arms), the basic gamepad (where you slide the joycons) surprised me as I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, unless you have big hands in which case it’s apparently a problem but for me it’s great. I now use the switch mostly for the big nintendo games and as my go to platform for indie games. I feel like this hardware was MEANT to be the place for indie games to thrive. Being able to play them on the go and resume them on the TV in 1080p is just great and I’m waiting Rime to be released on the switch to buy it. I really can’t wait for the historically portable nintendo franchises (like Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and for partnerships stuff like Shin Megami Tensei) to be ported on the switch, it would reallly make it stand out even more. Anyway yeah, I didn’t like the wii that much as a console, I thought the Wii U wa slightly better but the concept was half baked and the games and audience didn’t follow, the switch is much much better and well thought out hardware. And also, Zelda.


did you have a wii U?
I never got one but with the classic consoles coming out wouldn’t it make some sense to just buy a wii U and get the games from there web store (assuming that is still an option) that you wanted (this also assumes the games you want are available for purchase)

that being said I’m very much looking forward to getting a switch but for now I just invested more into my wife’s video setup


switch is really an amazing console. i’ve only used it handheld as i don’t have a TV but even just for that it is brilliant. there aren’t too many games out for it right now and in my opinion the new zelda game is the only one really worth buying, but that game alone made the switch worth it for me. it’s SO good. i am a lifelong zelda super fan, but really who isn’t? there are some cool releases lined up for the console though, and i think it’s definitely worth picking up. i have always loved nintendo because i also hate the really violent and realistic gun games. i love swords though :smile: definitely the best thing since gamecube. i had a wii and didn’t like it really at all so never bothered with wii u.


To me Nioh is still the best game of this year. Loved it a lot. The controls are just ace. Most other games feel unprecise conpared to it.

Currently playing through Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse. It’s a nice game, I’d say. Not as intense as I expected it to be but still fun.


I strongly recommend A Dark Room: (also for iOS). An amazing text adventure highly addictive, with a beautiful narrative.


I agree with @stripes on two counts:

  1. Stardew Valley is awesome. If you need a relaxing game, it’s very pleasant.
  2. The Switch is the best console in years. I’ve only bought portable consoles since the Wii, and the Switch is better than the 3DS or the Vita (side note: loved the Vita… it’s a shame that Sony ruined it with the proprietary memory card business). Breath of the Wild, Snipperclips, Disgaea 5, Binding of Isaac, and Mario Kart are all a lot of fun. It’s even better that I can pull those out on a plane or at a friend’s house. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Breath of the Wild was an instant favorite in my book, and a reason for purchasing a Switch (unless you already have a Wii U). Can’t wait for Mario and Metroid!


(I will also +1 for Vita - stopped playing it but won’t get rid of it; it’s the most brilliant portable Spelunky machine and TxK is magic; for a particular era of games, it’s Indie Game The Console and I love it for that.)


Vita is such an awesome little machine. I also own a PS4, and plan on getting a Switch, but the amount of awesome indie games available on Vita is mind boggeling. Also, it’s great for remote play. Just recently I played No Man’s Sky via remote play on my Vita while I was 300 km away from my PS4.

On the subject of No Man’s Sky: The recent “Atlas Rises” update made a great game even better. I liked it when it was released a year ago, but it has gotten so much better with the three updates it received over the last year.


i’m giving nms another shot based on hearing about multiple updates. i hated it on day 1 so had completely written it off. d/l now.

i very much disliked stardew valley but i think it isn’t my kind of game as i could never get into minecraft. not sure if those have any applicable stylistic relationships but they felt that way.

i can’t wait for the new zelda botw. it is looking like i may try to add ocarina of time and majoras mask to the now quite long zelda to-do list. twilight princess hd is next.

a side note. it appears most of the indies come out cross platform so they aren’t really a great reason to buy any one system in that they are available for most/all usually.

my nioh disk from gamefly wouldn’t load. i took it as a sign from the universe to play more bloodborne lol. but i put nioh back on the list. it looks so good. control scheme irritates me in that i am so soulsborne trained but i must adapt.

i loved rime and it should be a really cool addition to the switch!!! fair warning it is the sads.


one of my coworkers turned me onto hollow knight, and hoo is it a great game. the controls are tight and the atmosphere to the whole game is pulled off super well.