Computer & video games


i really wanna play night in the woods

and absolver

and undertale

currently finishing up persona 3 though


+10 for switch.

it’s been a total game changer for tour - being able to go from playing on the bus/whatever to plugging it in backstage is so fun and convenient. Zelda botw is just an unbelievable achievement. best Mario kart since 64 imo as well.


I have officially checked out of the console arms race. Have a pspgo and sideloaded SNES/Megadrive/NES/master/gameboy system emus on it. This has enough classics to keep me busy.

In the process of putting together a retropie system into a DMG shell. Purely for the attractive aesthetics, as functionally no different to the PSPgo.


My buddy has been hyping the Switch. I’m just not enough of a gamer to spend the money, but every now and again I am tempted with the idea of getting the old Mega Man and Zelda games compiled on new releases. He also said the new Zelda is up there for best all time.

I don’t think anything will top “Link to the Past” personally and it was the only reason I bought a Game Boy Advanced :slight_smile:


I love playing emulated games. I find that 1999-2000 is a really great era for video games. There was still more emphasis on gameplay than on “content”. CDs made storage a little too cheap, in my opinion. Removed what, in hindsight, was a useful constraint.


I’m also finding that my tastes have changed since that era, so I’m playing games that typically I avoided the first time round. I was a platform/scrolling beat em up/sports guy. But now enjoying some of the classic RPGs I missed out on. (I will, however, keep trying to finish Mario world!).


Speaking of 1999 I’m realllly looking forward for the upcoming Outcast remake (and I would love it to be ported on switch because then that would make it portable too which is kind of a dream come true for someone who could not play the game back then and had to wait 4 years to have the computer to play it!)


Im totally buying a switch when Stardew Valley gets released!!!


stardew valley is available on any/all current systems, no need for switch necessarily.


No joke: I am playing Elite Dangerous. So much for all the charming quiet games I could be playing; turns out I like playing British Space Bus Simulator.

But I find it weirdly soothing: the sounds, the lights, the weird approach to combat, the time I spent hours heading out to the Running Man Nebula via the Pleiades and Betelgeuse (Betelgeuse is colossal, btw), just taking photos and scanning data.

I am a massive dork.

(It’s passing the time til Destiny 2. But really I should probably junk that lot and just keep practicing the piano).


I love to play on Steam but my “gaming” laptop is currently wasted and I feel I don’t want to use my working macbook for that purpose… in the meanwhile I figure out how to come back on Steam, I suggest you to check out Hyper Light Drifter: such an amazing videogame and beautiful soundtrack made by Disasterpeace :slight_smile:


About Hyper Light Drifter : I just wish there was a tiny bit of text to at least explain the upgrades and to make maps more readable. It does look nice and the soundtrack is good but it’s a bit too obtuse at times (though as a game developer myself I definitely understand the point of having done it like that).


I have to say that I honestly like those factors as well: it makes me feel like I have to cruise around the internet and gather informations to understand the most about the history and the powerups and everything :slight_smile: I have to say that I became interested mostly because of the soundtrack and the pixelart style (I also create music for videogames and I think that it hit me also from that perspective)


I tried playing Elite Dangerous but kept wondering, “Is this it?”

Sounds more existential than I meant, now that I’ve typed it out. :wink: But seriously, is it truly just British Space Bus Simulator forever right now, or is it just that I’m a noob?


That kinda is it. It’s a bit “create your own fun” and some of that fun involves imagining things.

I occasionally dive into bounty-hunting community goals, which is fun - piles of players descending on rings to take on bounties. The combat is weirdly deep if you want to go into it - it nails three-axis dogfighting in a way I’ve never seen done before (to wit: given all directions are equal in space, you need to stop thinking about ‘getting on tails’ and instead decouple facing from direction of travel.) The trading is as dull as it ever was. Exploration is interesting - the sights, when you find them, can be quietly beautiful, and there’s zen to route-planning.

But that’s about it. The universe isn’t very alive; the planetary landings are relatively dull; the grind is very real; and all the top-tier equipment is gained by ‘engineering’ existing gear, which requires masses of grind and dull mechanics. And yet - non-engineered ships are a waste in PVP.

Still, I have had some enjoyable times in it, and I keep returning partly just to be in those nothingy places. Also the docking is always, always fun.

Best way to sum it up: after my first big 1000+ light year exploration trip, I finally got back to the station I called home. And:

nothing happened. Nobody cared. I sold off a lot of exploration data, and that was it. That sums up Elite: it’s an uncaring universe and you have to find your own joy. Also - after many, many jumps of nothing, finding inhabited systems was kinda amazing. The black is truly void of life in E:D.

(I will try to find some screengrabs from that trip, though, because it was great.)


This sounds like a Werner Herzog documentary. :wink:


I’m currently attacking Super Mario World, Pokémon fire red and minish cap.

What retro 8bit or 16bit games are must plays? I kinda neglected a lot in favour of Turrican/Al Michael’s football/sensible soccer!!


Aside from playing Slime Rancher (I am 100% addicted to it now) all the games I’ve played after the last few months have just been killing time until D2, I am soooooo keen. Did you play the Beta? It is looking good, although I’m not a huge fan of them switching out blade dancer for the arc strider.


Did you play the Beta? It is looking good, although I’m not a huge fan of them switching out blade dancer for the arc strider.

I played the first ten minutes of the beta and then got network errors. All weekend. Sigh.

But: a stupidly long /played on D1 means I’ll dive back in; it combined the elements I liked of MMOs but never quite had patience/time for… with That Bungie Gamefeel. And I loved it. (Hunter main, and I can live without too much Bladedancing as long as they resurrect Nightstalker or something like it).


hah. it pretty much is.