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been playing quite a bit of snes emulator recently with the missus - she had a real snes back in the day & reckons zsnes plays those old games just as well as the real thing. We’ve got a couple of gamepads it’s pretty sweet.

anyway we’ve mostly been playing:

  • round after round after round of snes mario kart. Is this the greatest two player game of all time!?
  • street fighter 2 turbo
  • mario 3 (play it on snes by obtaining the mario allstars rom / cartridge)
  • donkey kong 2

Probably blatantly obvious picks. But sounds like you had an amiga so could’ve missed out on these classics - so good!

Anyway I totally missed out on the snes - we had like a 286 or a 386 at home in the early 90s cos my dad was only happy to let us play games if we could figure out how to set up a boot disk for the 640kB program limit under DOS. Dunno if this was such a valuable life skill…

Pretty sure most of the really good stuff that was out on PC also got released for amiga - stuff like monkey island 1&2, lemmings. Do those count as ‘classic 16 bit games’?


Anything Amiga or Atari ST counts as 16-but. Although maybe technically the Amiga1200 and Falcon don’t.


I was the kid with atari st! Dad wanted us to learn about computers rather than conssoles. So i kinda meant 8bit 16bit consoles. Really interested in neo geo must plays too as i have never play one (virtual or otherwise). @rick_monster @hamildad


Neo Geo - the original cartridge based games cost an absolute fortune. The CD version is ok but has fairly frequent load waits. I’ve read they did improve this slightly with the later versions but they’re more €€ again. Outside of fighting games I think the Neo Geo is a little lacking in variety which is why I’ve never bought one. Metal Slug is probably my favourite game that came on that system but it’s way cheaper to buy it on the Playstation. Neo Geo also kind of bridges the gap between the 16 and 32 bit systems as they claimed it was 24 bit and it was around during both eras.

16 bit - I love the Sega Mega Drive. Streets of Rage!!! Never got into the SNES. I like the PC Engine but the (good) games for it can be quite expensive.

8 bit - my preference is a Japanese Famicom (NES). They’re pretty cheap to pick up and the games are way cheaper than the NES equivalents. Of course, if RPGs are your sort of thing then you’ll need a good command of Japanese to enjoy them!


yes!!! totally mastered those skills in middle school. and then later learned how to format hard drives and reinstall windows 3.0 because it was so terribly broken all the time.

the DOS version (ported from amiga, as you say) of populous had a huge impact on me-- the isomorphic perspective got deeply into my design aesthetic


botw should arrive tomorrow. psyched


Not a big video gamer, but as far as older classic games, Zelda 3: Link to the Past is really the only one I think about returning to periodically. I got a Gameboy Advanced at some point pretty much exclusively for that :slight_smile:


A link to the past is probably the (solo) game I played the most. Incredible game design, aesthetic, everything about it is non-superfluous.

Also, while we’re talking about retro 16bit era games, I feel we should really mention Flashback and Super Metroid, two of the best 2D sidescroller action/adventure/platform games ever made.

@dude Breath of the wild has been my number one adventure game experience in ages, it’s really hard to express how it makes you feel.

EDIT : To avoid double posting, just a word about this indie game I bought recently called Jetomero

You play a clumsy and pure at heart robot, who tries to save the worlds, and, in fact, the universe (and incidently, tries not to destroy every civilisation living in it in the process) I think it’s quite a touching, elegant, and well crafted game, it doesn’t take too long to finish it, and I love the aesthetic.


BOTW is great, I’ve barely scratched the surface, but enjoying every minute.


Neo Geo, you say? To which I say: WINDJAMMERS.

Head-to-head frisbee tennis. Bloody marvellous; I wasn’t quite ready for how good it was, despite NG fans telling me all the time. A modern-console port - but with actual netplay - is coming out asap. Or possibly

(Out of the fighters, I’d pick Garou: Mark of the Wolves if only for its animation).


Absolutely, 100% YES, assuming you’re talking about battle mode :slight_smile: I think it’s safe to say I lost more hours of my life to SNES Mario Kart battle mode, playing against my little brother, than any other video game.


re: old 16 bit snes games, EARTHBOUND. maybe my fav game of all time.


Shame on me for not mentionning it! Probably the best RPG ever?


finished hellblade today. i was interested from mental health perspective but the feel of it in the end was kind of emo-soulslite. movement was way too slow and things got repetitive in a way that just left me feeling irritated in the end pretty seriously distracting from the story. in fact i don’t begin to know what the story specifics actually were. the puzzle aspect was the funnest part and a lot of the graphics were very cool. i wouldn’t play it again.

botw begun (wiiu vers). i get cranky using the wiiu controller as i am so happy (aside from tiny battery life) with ps4 controller. good so far…


Breath of the Wild is an excellent game (playing the Switch version now). It’s just very smartly made and apart from minor camera annoyances (not trivial things to handle, I know that firsthand), I have no complaints at all about it and I keep thinking “this is well designed” whenever I play the game (mostly talking about game systems, though the visuals are great too).


I’d definitely second the recommendations here for Kentucky Route Zero. It’s an atmospheric literary gem. The music is fantastic too.

I started playing a number of years back when they released the 1st Act and I’ve been thinking about it regularly ever since. Make sure you play the standalone intermissions downloadable from their site too. They really bolster the world they’re creating.


I lost hours to this simple web game/model last night. It’s kinda like Lemonade Stand ( on acid.



hey there,
New to the forum, so sorry if some of these links aren’t formatted properly.

but i’m shocked no one has mentioned Mirrormoon EP

It’s a gorgeous game, and the whole thing is sort of an open-ended puzzle, even the menu you have to figure out, there’s no tutorials or “wrong” way to play, just exploring strange, geometric planets, activating strange devices if you find them,

The score and sound design are very soothing and well done,
it’s kind of a relaxing game that’s good for just winding down, taking your mind off things.

It’s gotten mixed reviews, but I think that comes from it’s complete lack of instructions, it’s not the type of thing you “win” or even “progress” through, so i figure that turns some people off.

P.S. antichamber is also a masterpiece, it’s like this game meets portal.


I finally picked up a Switch and I can’t decide if I should agent physical or digital games… I got a few physical ones to get started, but am already annoyed with cartridge swapping (especially since I’ve been using mostly Steam for years). But digital games can’t be resold or lent to people…

Any switch players with thoughts on this?