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Switch user here! Though I really liked the idea of the games as objects, since day 1 I went full digital and never looked back :grinning:


Oh god Opus Magnum

It’s the new Zachtronics game, and it’s a latest refinement of his own personal genre (that a friends described as Zachlikes and I am fine with this). It combines a bit of the programming of Shenzhen I/O and TIS-100 with having to manipulate physical objects, as in Spacechem, and use space to build machines, as in Infinifactory. The theme is ‘fantastic alchemy’ - building machines to manipulate ‘elements’.

It is very addictive for a certain personality type.

But also, brilliantly, you can export GIFs of your finished machines.

And it encourages golfing and competition with friends: competing over cost, cycles and area (it’s hard to optimise for all three) - but the GIFs also remind you you can compete over straight up aesthetics.

It’s a delight.

(What’s going on in the GIF? I have to take two ‘fire’ inputs and turn them into the bigger object. I have placed arms and tracks and glyphs, and, not pictured, made a visual ‘script’ for what they all do. I run it, it loops, and makes a thing happen).



year walk


I spent the whole weekend tearing through Super Mario Odyssey. Second masterpiece from Nintendo this year. My wife loves watching me play it, as it’s really funny and over-the-top. It’s way bigger than I expected, as well. Every time that I thought “surely I’m almost out of content,” the game added another world or challenge mode. I “beat” the game, but I think I’m only about 25% through finding all of the moons.

@emenel: Most Switch carrying cases come with sub-cases for the tiny game cartridges. I’ve downloaded a bunch of small, cheap games but I purchased cartridges for Zelda and Mario. The reason for doing that is both games are very large downloads that would take up a lot of storage.

I picked up this one, as it has four additional cases for games and microSD cards. No issues with it, and it travels well in my backpack:


At the moment I have physical copies of Odyssey, Mario Kart, and Zelda. I’m thinking of seeing if I can trade my Kart for a digital one, it’s the kind of game I want to have around all the time.

Thanks for the case link, I’ll check it out.

I’m very tempted to just go all digital, storage is getting cheaper and I’m so used to Steam and just having all the games all the time…


Zelda takes quite a lot of space but Super Mario Odyssey is just about 5GB… Getting a 128GB micro SD for your switch is a good idea anyway :).

I bought Zelda BotW and Mario Kart on carts and I kinda regret it. I don’t like swapping carts, and I have no plans to resell any game so digital makes more sense to me. I actually paid a bit more for Odyssey from Nintendo’s eShop than I would have for a physical copy from Amazon but that’s the price of convenience I guess…


Yeah this Mario Odyssey is kinda crazy mechanics wise, it’s like there’s always a new idea, a new gameplay, waiting around the corner, + this renewed feeling of exploration that I really REALLY missed since it was absent from every major Mario games for a decade. Really an impressive amount of sheer creativity, and also a very pure homage to videogame as a thing of its own, with its own codes, and not a competitor to hollywood of TV series (which I think it’s always kind of failing at). Mario Odyssey + Zelda BoTW on a first year lineup is kind of crazy… I can just wait now and hope Metroid Prime 4 will be in this quality range, and won’t take 3 years to come out. (Also, I’m a Kirby fan so I’m waiting for that one too but that’s probably just me ^^)

Edit : Regarding the “swapping cartridge” thing, I realized a while ago that I kinda hate digital except for a few games (the multiplayer game I play in small sessions regularly, mostly), just because cartridge help me rationalize my game sessions, and put effort into finishing games. Steam has been a bottomless pit of unfinished experiences because I always have to choose between a hundred games (although the switch is better at it on the simple fact that it’s a unified experience around one set of controllers, and I hate to parameter controllers on a per game basis on steam, so that’s a + for the switch as a digital platform, and that’s why it’s now my number 1 platform for indie games even if they’re a whole lot pricier there). So to me cartridges are kinda like vinyls, they’re allowing me have a direct physical connection that helps my mind focus into the game and think about it as an experience from start to finish, that I have to engage with physically. It’s really kinda dumb, I often wonder why I need such a pretty obvious mechanism to help me go through something I could probably convince myself to do just by motivating me to finish the damn things, but it does work, and it doesn’t cost more, and I think there’s a kind of… I don’t know, pedestrian poetry to the ceremonial of physically devoting some super small portion of your time (a few seconds) to act that you’re playing this game instead of another one. Not super scientific, but I think about these prosaic details a lot and about what they mean on a day to day basis.


wow i’ve been on tour for so long i completely forgot about odyssey releasing. going to download that today… i can’t wait. hoping it is the mario 64 fan service that i have been looking for all these years


really deep in botw and simply loving it


Just chiming in to say I finally got a Switch and I am now living my best life. Haven’t had a chance to start BoTW yet, but it won’t be long. Have been lusting after this game since it was announced.


on the subject of the Switch, Korg recently announced that they’d be bringing Gadget to it next year:


I’m too broke to get a Nintendo Switch :cry:, so I’m still playing with my WiiU. I play mostly Splatoon, even though I have a load of games that I need to finish. I just hope that I can get a Switch soon and join in on all the fun.


im on wiiu for botw. game works quite well well on it!


My sister actually has BOTW on WiiU, so I can always borrow her copy :smiley:


Not into games but been following Memory of a Broken Dimension for a couple of years now. It’s very artsy almost as if Autechre would make a game. There’s a playable demo of the first prototype on Itch and the developer regularly codes on stream.


Loot Rascals and Tumble Seed are both in the pay-what-you-want tier of the Day-of-the-Devs Humble Bundle.

Loot Rascals is a really good turn-based roguelike on hex cells (the best cells). A day/night cycle makes the combat more of a puzzle, and it’s cute and simple with evolving mechanics, such as enemies that turn day to night when you approach.

Tumble Seed is a roguelike… err… balance beam game? You have to navigate a labyrinth by balancing a ball back and forth across the screen as you climb a mountain. Super fun!


Tumble Seed’s core mechanic takes some apparent inspiration from an old mechanical arcade game called Ice Cold Beer. They have one at Button Mash in LA and it’s my favorite game in the place!


Hey guys,

Pretty excited to share this! Yesterday the game Starman my brother and I had been developing for almost 2 years went live. I posted about this a couple of months ago in this very thread but by that time we were still working on it.

We are both architects, and after graduating a couple of years ago, we decided to start this journey since things were kind of down in the architectural side here in Spain. It’s been a tough learning process, lots of doubts, lots of trial & error, moments of frustration and the common things of a creative endeavor you all guys certainly know…

It’s a puzzle game, we’ve tried to come up with a lot of mechanics based on few elements; to keep it simple and challenging, logical but not boring. On the musical side of it, i’ve learned a lot during these months on the forum that i’ve used for the sounds and tracks. Arc and grid have been thoroughly used on the process :slight_smile:

By now it’s iOS only, but we are already planning the android version as well as the PC version. Switch would also be awesome in the future but that doesn’t solely depend on us…

Hope someone finds it interesting :smiley:


The video has a nice aesthetic, very cool. I just picked it up, and will give it a try tonight!

BTW it looks and sounds stunning on large iPad pro.


This is very pretty, I’m waiting for the PC version and will very likely get it when it’s out! :slight_smile: Amazing work anyhow, you should be proud.