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@Random Thank you so much Rob! Hope you enjoy it and whatever feedback you may have would be really appreciated!

@LLK Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’m well into it (just finished ‘docks’) and very much enjoying it. Headphones are a necessity to capture the very nice audioscape you paint. So thanks!


20 chars of Instabuy


@Random wow, i’m very glad to read this! Thank you Rob

@dansimco thanks a lot Dan, hope you like it!


i doubt i would like the game but i definitely like this article:


Rossum Morpheus will model all sorts of hollow cavity responses (in stereo!). Then just verb it up.

Expensive, maybe, but you don’t need to find and handle a skull.


It’s worth mentionning the game is quite a special one, with a place of its own, even compared to most of the indie production.


second that. my #1 game of 2016. the atmosphere and sound design are really unmatched. the whole thing is great, but the final 20 minutes are :open_mouth:


If any of you are interested in more story-based games I’d definitely recommend playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4.
I recently finished the game and I was blown away not only by the gameplay but also by the incredibly rich story behind the game.
As for the game mechanics, I loved how at first I was super hesitant to confront any of the enemies but by the end of the game I wasn’t thinking twice before going after the biggest and deadliest robots. The whole gameplay felt natural and empowering.
I also felt that the story is very relevant since it deals with consequences of unsafe AI / robots (tho in a very dystopian way).


yes i am just waiting to have another play through inside. that end (and apparently there are unlockable variations on the end?) totally blew my mind.


yea there is an alternate ending but when I read up on it, it sounded like too much trouble so I just watched a youtube of it.


oh i don’t doubt it’s merits! but if Inside anything like Limbo, it’s just not a gameplay loop that I enjoy very much regardless of the quality of its design (and the same applies to other evidently great games like “another world,” “abe’s oddysee”, or “braid.” oh well, my loss.)

I thought the skull filter sounded pretty sweet! just a bonus that it happens to be the product of a preposterous concept.

i’ve been dipping back into Darkest Dungeon and Ironclad Tactics recently. both being suitable for short bouts of “relaxation”


Yeah that’s actually why I came to tell you it’s special, it has actually nothing much to do with limbo except for the black and white art style. I think it’s much better, as a game and as an artpiece (I think Limbo is great just not THAT great)

Edit: Pretty much in the same way The Witness has nothing to do with Braid, except maybe braid was more carefully crafted and matured than Limbo.


Keep all the great recommendations coming! Just bought Inside and Starman and loving them both so far.

Lines is pretty much my only source for intel on good games…:sunglasses:


Glad to read this Chris! Thank you :grinning:


Here’s a cute short one:


Annnnd you got a very good review on Gamekult, for the frenchies in the place here it is :

Super happy for you! (And for those who don’t know / read French, basically it says it’s pretty, it’s a good and well thought out adventure/puzzle game and has its own character, which for a website that’s known for how harsh and critical it is with games, is a very good review!)


Wow! Thank you so much for the info Louis! Great great news to start the day with a big smile! And thanks for the translation summary as well, sometimes I feel my French is a bit rusty :blush::blush:


Just finished starman. What a wonderful meditative experience. Thanks so much for bringing this into our world.

Butterflies are free :+1:


@Random Thank you so so much Rob! It truly means a lot to me…Thank you :blush::butterfly: