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really loved mirrormoon:

really loved swords & sworcery:

+1 on myst and riven too! loved em back in the cd rom days and just found them for ipad and i’m back in the mix with both.

+1 for simogo as well! year walk and device six were great.

edit: forgot to mention that my most-played laptop game is an emulation my old favorite super nes game, earthbound. highly recommend for anyone into left-field rpgs.


favorite group games:

mariokart 8 for wii-u

ultimate tron II for commodore 64 - an obscure homebrew that is the main reason i keep my c64 running with an sd card reader. insanely fun 6 player snake. a friend began rebuilding it in unity… someday it will get finished…

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basically counting the days until darksouls 3 is out can’t wait

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I love osmos. i used to be obsessed with it some time ago. Soundtrack is also great!


hyper light drifter just came out yesterday… been looking forward to this for a while


Aww yeah!


it’s been a very long time since i instantly fell into a game, perhaps because i don’t try often, but last night i decided i’d worked too much.

spectacular art and aesthetic. fantastic matching soundtrack (baths did the intro?) fun zelda-like gameplay.

this might eat into my reading time.


anticipating dark souls 3, so I decided to start a ng+ run of bloodborne. doing a bloodtinge build and maining the chikage, first boss to give me problems is shadows of yharnam… everything else was ‘one and done’ until them. not sure how much more I’ll play, but running through the first few bosses is so fun.

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Such a good time, Bloodborne is fantastic. I was going to swear off videogames for a long bit, but then a friend went ahead and pre-ordered Dark Souls 3 for me… only slightly bummed about it.


oh man i’m stoked to hear you’re enjoying it. i haven’t had a chance to sit down and play yet, but your first impressions have me very eager. tonight!

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Judging by the recommendations above, I’d add:

The Witness
Kentucky Route Zero
Gone Home
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

All take a beautiful approach to storytelling, have wonderful art and sound, and are strange, unique experiences. Obviously games can do all sorts of things (I also enjoy stuff like Rocket League & first person shooters) but those five are by far the most involving, emotional games I’ve played and the ones I respect most as pieces of art.

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Ah sorry, I see some of these have already been mentioned! Oh well, take my recommendation as an endorsement then.

Also, No Man’s Sky (due out in June) looks incredible as well.


nnng! can’t wait! very impatient!


this one is really good indeed. Sick SFX


Love that Osmos game(especially online multiplayer with random strangers). If you like that soundtrack, you might also like Eufloria:

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yeah… 3v3 soccer with rc cars? sounds weird, but Rocket League is one of my favorite multiplayer games right now,


Whenever I try to describe it to people I always worry I sound like a lunatic, but it’s weirdly addictive. The mechanics are just so spot-on, everything about it just feels really satisfying. Also, it hits that perfect spot for a multiplayer game where it’s easy to pick up but really difficult to master.


I will check it out! thanks.


The generative sounds of No Man’s Sky

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