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dark souls praise the sun characterfully


If you’re a PS+ person: Bound is in your free games this month. It is somewhat light in terms of gameplay, but is beautiful:

and special note for the mocap work: your character’s entire motion is dance, effectively, mocapped from a ballet dancer; most of what you see in that trailer is what your regular traversal looks like. It’s a beautiful place to go.


i’ve got to say that the evolution board game was made into a PC game it is fantastic

evolution is a board game that i’ve played with a lot of the kids form my after school program and being able to stream line everything is wonderful


Lost an evening to Low Magic Age. It’s what I always wanted in a D&D computer game, even just the arena. I highly recommend it.


oh wow low magic age looks awesome

it looks like the perfect mix of D&D, xcom, final fantasy tactics

I could lose some serious time on this one


bound was incredible but i thought it was most incredible in VR. in fact it is the only game that i have found really great in VR. my words are failing me atm. too much turkey. but if you have VR you should definitely go for bound.


this post link (i never even clicked into it, just saw the picture) somehow hugely colored how i was mixing my drums in a bunch of tracks off one of the new albums i’m working on. thank you so much for that provocative skull diving thought bubble!


The Guardian Legend- Nes- 1989

SO hard- So good


these looming FROM SOFTWARE rumors/tweets n THAT TINY NEW GAME TRAILER. they have me unfocused.

i don’t care about armored core so much
i would gladly replay any souls remaster

but holy shit new ip? or a reboot to what would basically be new to me. i’ll do anything miyazaki puts in my hands.


Over the holidays I finished Zelda: BOTW (Switch), which was great overall. I also almost finished Mario Odyssey, which is also amazing.

My non-spoiler review of BOTW is that it’s an amazing game with a huge world to explore, but gets a little repetitive and there isn’t enough in the way of character and skill development… I wanted more abilities, more of a variety of ways to play. Once I finished the main story line I didn’t have much desire to keep exploring towards completion…

I’ve been having this urge to play WoW again, but it feels so old and outdated now… and is also just not that interesting.

Any recommendations for a good RPG type game that has a big world and lots of character/skill development options? PC, Mac, or especially Switch…


my wife is super into this game and i think she’s played more hours since “beating the game” than she did beforehand. there are a ridiculous number of goals / extras / unlockable things / etc. if that’s the kind of thing you are into. plus the expansions are all full of fun missions. just throwing it out there.


Thanks. I will definitely try the expansions.

I found that after a while the shrines and stuff started to feel a bit same-y… but maybe I just haven’t explored deep enough?


that’s a totally fair complaint, the shrines are all rotations of similar puzzles for sure. i just meant if you’re already enjoying the gameplay that they put a ton of extra stuff to explore and complete if you didn’t want it to end.


I just made sure to 100% the game BEFORE finishing the game (except the korok seeds) which means I only finished it recently. I thought the shrines were pretty well thought out and pushed you to explore in many different ways the possibilities of the gameplay. I also didn’t play the game in a single run, kept coming back to it here and there, I thought it was a better way to enjoy it’s deeply contemplative nature. I personally enjoy the fact they didn’t go too deep into character development, I find it to be the most awful thing about most open world RPGs, filling the void with poorly written lore and endless NPCs telling you their supposedly mature stories (mature in videogame means death, torture, sex, and war).

Zelda is a tale, a fairy tale at that, with figures and symbols more than characters, and to me, it suits the open world genre and its weird narrative (collecting apples for 1h for someone when you’re actually the Knight that’s supposed to save the world). It works because it’s ligth, and symbolic, and also because the real story of Zelda BotW happened already, and you lost, you’re just a hero wandering in the remains of a battle he couldn’t win.

BUT, nevertheless, you’re right, it can be tiring to finish all the shrines, and I don’t think you HAVE to complete the game 100% to experience what it has to offer, which is great because frankly, no game should ask that of anyone when we’re talking > 100h long open worlds.


Do you Skyrim?

Ticks the big world to explore & character progression boxes hard…


Just got wind of a 20 year anniversary update to Sensible World of Soccer! Beast!


Indeed. I played it back when it first came out for many many hours :slight_smile:


Yeah, that is absolutely true. What I’m craving isn’t the (usually dumb) lore in most games, but some way to customize/grow the character and more interesting gear and skill progression. I loved exploring BOTW, but it did seem to flatten out in terms of new things to discover at a certain point.


If you want options, the Divinity: Original Sin games are supposed to be great for that, in a slightly old-school Black Isle-y kind of way.

The RPG that has surprised and delighted me the most in recent years is the Witcher III. I hadn’t enjoyed the previous game much, but III is marvellous: a colossal, detailed, beautiful world that feels more like an oil painting in places; a wonderful world full of weird folklore, moral grey areas, monsters that are almost never monsters, so to speak, and this great protagonist. I didn’t find the progression/build systems vastly interesting, and combat is only fine, but the characters and the faces and the places are just wonderful. I’m still going, too - the second expansion is massive, after a nicely petite first one. I think I’ve been playing it for a year or two, on/off? It also clicked with me way more than Skyrim. I loved Skyrim as a Hiking Simulator; Witcher feels a bit like a hiking game through the lenses of Hans Christian Andersen, Bosch, and Breughel.


That sounds like it might fill this gap nicely, thanks!

I enjoyed Skyrim quite a bit, with one caveat - I prefer games where your choices are meaningful, in that they close off other options. In Skyrim you could eventually do everything and be everything…