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that is definitely not the case in TW3: your choices affect a moderate amount, and lots of stuff will get closed down depending on what happens. There’s a particular set of choices that massively effect the ending of the main narrative… and they are not telegraphed in any way. I can recommend not spoiling yourself as to what they are. When I worked out what they were, I almost clapped.

Whilst there’s some continuity from previous games, it’s easy enough to work out (or I can fill you in); it stands alone fairly nicely.

It’s a big game, and it will take a while to get into it. The opening section is a nice tutorial, tho, and when you realise how big the map is after you complete the first area… that’s a great moment. I reckon I did the main game in about 40 hours with, I dunno, about half the optional stuff? It is also, on PC, stupidly beautiful (yes, artistic takes, but still, all in-game to begin with). God, I love that world.


I think it’s kind of different in that it’s an action / interraction system-based game, which differs a lot from more “menu driven” RPGs, where you do have a lot of choices but the actual gameplay itself is far less rich in a way. So to me Zelda is “Deeper” in terms of mechanics even if it’s wayyy lighter in terms of customisation, I’d even argue there’s no customization at all in Zelda. It’s all about interractions and gameplay flow, and on that side I still found myself discovering new ways to interract with the universe after 200 hours of playing. It’s really the simple joys, and you telling yourself your own stories, VS more story driven narratives where you’re actually doing pretty similar patterns of action, but contextualized differently to build up and create emotional tension. Both are pretty cool and for the latter, I’ll have to agree that Divinity Original Sin II is the ABSOLUTE way to go this year (it even tops stuff like Skyrim for me even if I find both games pretty ugly to look at but I’m tough on videogame aesthetic)


Is there any home brew appearing on switch yet? I’m really tempted with it as an update to my pspgo that I’m running a custom firmware to let me use SNES, Megadrive, NES games.


Actually Switch has JUST been hacked but it’s not released yet, so you should expect homebrew soon enough!


Oo, cool. Thanks for this.


DARK SOULS characters


Also, from a game design/game systems perspective, Zelda BoTW is a masterpiece.

They thought about every little detail and chose the best solution in each case, best here being the one that makes the most immediate sense, has great synergy with all the other systems and feels rewarding for the player. That’s more easily said than done (I’ve rarely worked with game designers with enough experience/insight to weigh all these things properly).

Even the loading screens are expertly done : there are at least 3 or 4 of these “good choices” in the loading screens alone (context-dependent tips, relevant information display, evolution with storyline progress, etc.), and these are typically not what development teams spend much resources on…


Rounded out the year with Cuphead (amazing throwback to Contra imo), and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy which is difficult and amazing for different reasons.

+1 to anyone that mentions dark souls because that whole series is amazing. If you’re just starting out I would begin with Dark Souls III only because it’s the most accessible. Bloodborne is probably my fave in that entire series, it’s just incredibly frustrating at times.


100%'ed MGSV Phantom Pain which probably says a lot about my time management more than the game itself.

Now that I have a copy of Night in the Woods, I’ll probably play that after I finish Zero Time Dilemma. I’m a sucker for these ridiculous escape games series. 999 did me in real quick and I’m still doing them even though they’re so convoluted.


Probably quite late to the party with this one but both @Angela and I have been thoroughly enjoying Mini Metro for the last couple of weeks. I saw it had won some gaming awards, but the screenshots always looked kind of boring… (like static metro maps), but the gameplay is interesting, and the soundtrack is very relaxing too.

(it’s a cool “algorithmic” soundtrack, where each level appears to be set in a certain musical mode, and the longer each track is, determines what notes are used, as well as passengers getting on/off triggering notes etc…)


Had to delete it. I started looking at life as time not playing Metro. :sunglasses:


I thought this interview on the sound design for mini metro was interesting:

It’s a fantastic game! I do wish it was a little bit less random…


Recently plowed through Dark Souls 3…some of the most amazing level, enemy, and aesthetic design I’ve seen in a game. Also it was not nearly as difficult as people make it out to be, and I regret having waited so long to play it based on that intimidation factor. I am definitely not a high-caliber gamer or souls game veteran and was able to first-try several bosses, with none taking more than maybe 9-10 tries. Already excited to play new game plus. Highly recommended!


i am taking this time, knowing fromsoftware is hard at work, to attempt to platinum everything current gen for sale. bloodborne and dlc long since platinumed. ds3 well underway. next will be ds2… i guess

recently got a bunch of other games but won’t go there until i’ve gone there.

farming proof of concord kepts is absolutely brutal. everything else so far has been fine.


score after Half-Life sensory logic:

Begin look
--Gather a list of entities within a specified distance
--For each entity found...
----If I want to look for them and
----If they are in my viewcone and
----If I can raycast from my eyes to their eyes then...
------If they are the player and 
------If I have been told to not see the player until they see me and
------If they do not see me
--------End look
--------Set various signals depending on my relationship with the seen entity
End look

Begin listen
--For each sound being played...
----If the sound is carrying to my ears...
------Add the sound to a list of heard sounds
------If the sound is a real sound...
--------Set a signal indicating heard something
------If the sound is a "smell" pseudo-sound
--------Set a signal indicating smelled something
End listen

(to be played at NAMM)


Next retrogame project for me has emerged.


I am aware of the “every time you mention it, someone will reinstall it” thing for Deus Ex, but for me the trigger game is, and always will be, Half-Life.

Half-Life quite literally changed my life. I spent countless hours playing and replaying, dissecting, obsessing, marvelling.

Half-Life introduced 15 year old me to so much. Modding, level design, 3D modelling, sound design, architecture. It got me my first job, introduced me to lifelong friends, helped me to travel the world.

Oh how I love thee Half-Life.


For those more interested in the retro gaming scene you may be interested to know that SNES mini classic seems to be back in stock in many place (at least in the UK).


well at least now we have DARK SOULS REMASTERED coming in may


I don’t have enough good words for What Remains Of Edith Finch. Staggeringly good. Hard to talk about. (Lovely score by Jeff Russo, too).