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i liked the one they did prior better than wroef but i really look forward to whatever they do next. very cool studio. ponderous x, really really ponderous.


I’m super happy to tell you that Starman is the game of the day in the US Appstore. This is not spam, just sharing with this lovely community something that i’m really proud of. Lines has been with me during development (more of a silent lurker though), as a space for learning about music but so much more. We made the game with a lot of love, and a lot of sacrifices too, and it is nice when you do something and someone finds it of interest. :smile:


So happy for you. Playing the game was a real delight that provided moments of contemplation and concentration in my otherwise hectic life!


I just played a bit of the demo for “Lost Sphere”, the new Square Enix RPG for Switch. If you like classic Square RPG’s like Chrono Trigger (more so than FF and what it became) this seems to be a great new take on that style. The demo was really fun, really engrossing, and seems to offer lots of customization and storytelling.


Thank you so much Rob, means a lot :slight_smile:


Did it feel better than I am setsuna? I felt it lack charm and identity, it was a bit generic and shallow, when I usually am quite fond of old school JRPGs.


Still loving Breath of the Wild after a break from it when Mabbids & Moddesy came out.

was thinking last night how the Shrines are miniature tutorials that sharpen your skills, but totally optional and intrinsic to both the games narrative but also your need to level up.

theres a very good:

Need to level up > need to find shrines> use new skills to find shrines> learn skils/techniques in shrines > level up >explore > need to level up

loop in there…

it feels very effortless, which means that the most effort went into developing that loop.

a worthy GOTY.


I’ve never played Setsuna, so can’t really compare. The demo of Lost Sphere is pretty limited, and seems to drop you into the middle of the story, but it feels compelling to me. The mechanics are also interesting.

If I were to make any comparisons, it feels like it could be a mix of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III (US)… but the limited demo makes it hard to say for sure. It’s interesting enough that I will be getting the full version when it’s released.


This is so true. I haven’t had time to play very much recently (and so I’ve ended up putting more time into games with short play times like Super Meat Boy & Gonner) but every time I pick it up I find that I can lose myself in literally any part of that loop.


Not new, but I really enjoyed Wasteland 2. Not exactly an open world style game, but definitely lots of great character/skill development. Reminded me of the original 2 Fallout games, which I much prefer to the current first-person games. Plus, obviously the original Wasteland on C64 for the oldies in the house. :wink:


Will wait for the full review then! Always on the lookout for jRPG to spend some time between music sessions ^^




I love this so far, I can’t wait to see it hacked by more inventive-minded people than I.


i think i enjoyed that advertisement but i don’t think i have any idea what it was advertising. is it literally cardboard?


Plus the games that utilize the toys, presumably.

I like the idea a lot, but it might be too expensive (that robot thing is $80).


It’s cardboard + game; the cardboard things are usually using the IR cameras on the individual joy-cons to handle interactions.


this has me pretty excited …
“Programmable synthesizer & Speech engine”


I’m interested in games that don’t take a long time to enjoy. At this point in my life I can’t really get into a long story because it might be a week between chances to sit down and play. I love sci-fi and have previously been obsessed with Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Deus Ex.

Any reccs? I have a PC with relatively minimal graphics capability (just the built-in graphics on my 6-month-old intel i5 7600) and a PS4.


Darkest Dungeon (hard game, medieval setting, Roguelike RPG + Manager). Each campaign is quite fast, from 10 to 30 minutes. (will run on pc with minimal graphics capability and on PS4)


bought it and love it. thanks so much for such a gorgeous game.