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Wow, i’m flattered…
And Nick, thank you for your music. :blue_heart:


I picked up mini metro because of this thread

it is a perfect quick game

although i usually don’t stop with just one game


this is in London opening september.


Color me incredibly jealous! That brings me back to the good ol’ days!


back to bloodborne.

very timely… my wife suggested we use the projector that had been sitting around in our closet included in purchase of our house. it had never been touched (on our watch). so we did the switch from tv. no teevee viewable in our house currently (i think 5 in storage). also brought my old studio monitors as sound… well it needed to be ported to SOMEWHERE! hahahahaha. i was completely unprepared for how amazing the picture from the projector looked. apparently modern projectors have come a long way and for that i am grateful.


+1 for Darkest Dungeon, lots of fun. Thanks for the recommendation!


I am currently enjoying Celeste on Switch a lot. A really beautiful (and hard) game with an excellent soundtrack.


I’m on chapter 5 and enjoying it A LOT so far!


i enjoyed towerfall and so i must give celeste a try


sotc re counting down here less than 2 hrs but must sleep :slight_smile:


I’m gonna need a PS4 at some point damn…


Nier Automata is rocketing its way up my favourite game of all time list and I’m only half way through.

Waiting patiently for my shadow of the colossus download to start


Nice video from Ars Technica with Paul Neurath talking about the development one of my favourite games of all time:


I would really badly want to buy one of these


Have you checked out any other work from Simogo? - specifically Device6 and Year Walk… easily some of the more interesting mobile experiences out there… also papa sangre1/2 are audio only games that are pretty much great. headphones a must for these…

recently wrapped up with the witness which was a wonderfully crafted thing… atmospheric puzzler/innovative design goodness. talos principle is sort of a similar with more of a turing test pedagogy situation going on… both of them make you work a bit.


Four excellent, low-cost games that I’ve been playing:

Slay the Spire: Highly recommended if you enjoy card games, or just games in general. I haven’t found anything that I dislike about the design. It has the right amount of cards per character, and the two different characters are very well balanced. The daily levels are a lot of fun, too, so that’s encouraged me to visit every evening.

Celeste: I’m playing this on Switch. If you enjoyed Super Meat Boy, this is pretty much that but with a solid story attached. Each world adds an exciting mechanic. I’ve completed one “B-Side” so far, which I think is one of my proudest achievements as a gamer.

Dead Cells: Very fun action platformer. You die a lot, but each death has the potential to unlock some game-changing item or feature. The difficulty doesn’t feel cheap, either. Each “run” takes about ten minutes or so, so it is a great game for quick sessions.

Hollow Knight: My favorite “Metroidvania” since Super Metroid. I’m putting this on hold until it comes out on the Switch, as this would be a perfect travel game. My only complaint is that the difficulty spikes are way too punishing (I’m looking at you, Mantis Lords).

Oh, I also played Shenzhen I/O two months back. Probably my favorite Zachlike so far, although I haven’t played Opus Magnum yet. It’s a game about designing circuits and programming microcontrollers in Assembly. Honestly, this and TIS-100 have helped me learn a bit of fundamental computer science.


Obsessed with Monster Hunter World at the moment. Love the gameplay, never gets boring, always another level…even when you think you are reaching endgame…you aren’t.


I recently finished Super Mario Odyssey, which was nice but not in the same league as Breath of the Wild for me (but then, I’m more of a Zelda than a Mario person).

I’m mostly gaming on my Switch these days, because I don’t have to be “at home in the small music/PC room” to play them, which makes a huge difference. I haven’t played games on my PS4 in almost a year and I only play Dead Cells on PC once in a while (and I’ll probably buy it again on Switch :wink: ).

I bought my first non first party games for it : Darkest Dungeon, Night in the woods and Subsurface Circular. I only played Darkest Dungeon so far and it’s perfect for the platform. The interface takes a tiny bit of time to get used to (not everything is obvious at first) but the game is great.


Been gitting gud at Bayonetta on Switch and looking forward to having Kirby to play with the kids, i should buy more indie games, but I never have the time for them and it bums me out that they are so lovely and I only see about 20% of any of them…


Having a lot of fun with the GB Colour emulator on mini SNES. My little girl and I are working through Pokemon Fire Red. Never finished it on the Gameboy, so now’s the chance.