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I was waiting for the darksouls port for switch, as i never had a good enough pc or console for the game. With the Monster Hunter for switch announcement, everything related to game purchaces is on hold until Monster Hunter comes out


I got SteamWorld Dig 2 last week on Switch, with little to no expectation, and have found it to be incredibly fun and addictive. I had to go back to Breath of the Wild for a bit to conserve SteamWorld because I was worried I’d finish it in the space of a couple of days. Really like the animation, the music is perfect – highly recommended.


Same here. I didn’t play much tabletop Battletech, except a 12±hour long game at a con in my early 20s, but it left an impression. Games like Armored Core, Heavy Gear etc. never quite satisfied me like this one does.

I’ve also been playing Slay The Spire, but apparently I am terrible at it :laughing:


I’ve just finished Uncharted 3 (finally) and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The former was okay but felt a bit formulaic after the first two. I enjoyed Hellblade to some extent but felt that the foregrounding of Senua’s psychosis at every step of the story was a bit exploitative. Also died a few times thanks to the camera getting stuck behind scenery and the run button not working in a particular sequence. Probably going to accompany Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap on Switch with more Monster Hunter World in the near future.

I’m also a bit surprised that there hasn’t been any mention of Life is Strange or the prequel in this thread. Both great examples of storytelling in recent games, especially the scenes from The Tempest.


I’ve become solely a Switch player ever since it came out - it’s a good mix of highly playable AAA Nintendo games (Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Toad Tracker), surprisingly hardcore experiences (Skyrim, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, a whole bunch of difficult/complex modern roguelikes), and the best indie games (Stardew Valley, Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, Night in the Woods), in a form factor that encourages small portable play sessions but with a generous gorgeous screen and comfortable controls, and hooks into the TV very easily. It’s my dream game console, I think, and I’ve played almost all of them since the Atari days.

Currently playing on my Switch, some more than others: Toki Tori (a cutesy but fiendishly difficult puzzle game, like Lemmings and Lost Vikings); Korg Gadget (a frustratingly stripped down but still super-fun version of the popular DAW); Mario Odyssey (I’m in the post-game content finding as many stars across the worlds as I can. It’s a massive game that never gets boring); Stardew Valley (I suspect I’ll be playing this on and off for years, it’s just so relaxing and entrancing); Skyrim (same)

Looking forward to: Mega Man Legacy Collection (collects the first 6 Mega Man NES games in one package, which for me means 100+ hours of no-filler classic game design; I’ve played 1-3 but have yet to play 4-6) Monster Hunter Generations XX (I’ve tried to get into Monster Hunter before but it didn’t stick; hoping the portable nature of this console will let me dip in small doses rather than requiring hours-long couch sessions); Undertale (I started this on PC and loved it); Mineko’s Night Market (a cute Animal Crossing-like in a town filled with cats); Minit, mentioned above; Layton’s Mystery Journey (it’s been years since I’ve played one of these Professor Layton games, and I had a blast)

Really curious about: Wizard of Legend, an action-heavy roguelike that just came out yesterday to no fanfare and has yet to get much buzz, though it looks fantastic


Anyone care to recommend a non-addictive iPhone city-building game that can be played in 5-10 minute chunks? (Or even a base building game.)

I like the idea of some of the freemium games out there, just without their inherent ‘buy gems’ or ‘give time’ nature.


(the Battle of) Polytopia is nice, even in single player: like mini-Civilisation - a tech tree, turn based, isometric. You only pay to unlock extra races. Light, but works well in short bursts.


I’m loving Connection by infinity games on Android. Good little brain workout.


I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World for a few months now, I can’t believe that I’ve spent so much time playing a game that never seems to end/run out of content(fun!) Destiny 2 has been so disappointing in that regard.


I’ve wanted to make a point-and-click adventure game for years. Did a little digging around today to see what the state of the art in game engines for the genre is, at the moment.

Found Visionaire Studio.

Largest user of which is Daedalic Entertainment. I’m giving this bundle a try this weekend:


Well, I wrapped up the main arc of God of War (2018) which was superb: dense and interesting combat that offers a nice mastery curve if you’re interested in going deep; solid acting and main narrative. It manages to take a story that could have been horrible cliched: serious dad, bratty son, fridged wife… and then trascend each of those cliches in interesting ways. It also reminded me of Resident Evil 4 in its sheer insistence in just throwing New Environment after New Environment at you. There’s a heck of a lot of art in there.

And then, something completely different, and perhaps up more of your streets: Gorogoa.

That trailer contains minor spoilers for puzzles; on the flipside, it shows you what you do. It’s out on PC, iOS, PS4, and I’d recommend it on a touchscreen most, it’s so clearly designed for it. You have up to four square ‘cards’; you slide them around to solve puzzles and advance the game. Sounds simple: and yet, you’ll find frames becoming detached from what’s under them and taking new behaviours when given new inners; zooming into a world finding something that lines up with another image from a different world; images that become mechanisms, coal that becomes rocks falling from heaven, a compass that becomes a clock. It resembles… an interactive picture book that plays with interactive ideas like infinite zoom, perspective tricks, and has some wonderful visual puzzles in it. It flips a lot of the Kit Williams or Mitsumasa Anno switches in my head. It also resists description really well because of how… mindbending the explanations of your comparatively simple interactions are. Just magic.


seconded on gorogoa. i think iPad is the ideal platform to play it on.


MONSTER HUNTER WORLD is my 2nd favorite hobby after synthesizers. I’m a bit stuck at the moment but, of course, realize the only way to progress is to kill more monsters to get better gear to kill more monsters --> infinity. I play gun lance. I love the gun lance.


Just got dark souls remastered because I never played the original (played 2 and 3/ bloodborne though). It’s so much fun, and I can see why it made such an impact.


Downloaded Grasshopper on Android. Little game like interface to teach JavaScript. Not sure how effective it will be, but it’s a nice distraction on the morning commute.


DSR here too. i tried the beta network test and thought it was going to be terrible based on that, but this is seeming a bit better. i’m not sure what i was hoping for. it still looks like a ps3 game for the most part. but it is undeniably cool to have ds1/2/3 all simultaneously sitting side by side on ps4. i hope somehow the sotc remaster leads to ico remaster and the dsr leads to demons souls remaster.

and sorry, i’m going to shout here:



Hah, I can actually ask a friend I know from when I was working at Bandai Namco if he knows, I think he knows people who worked on the original…



(I do have a Nintendo Switch however…)


that would be incredible and so appreciated. i literally don’t even think it should rbe emastered. just a dump ps2 release that technically works on ps4. i can only imagine it would sell like hotcakes as a cheap buy. but it is also possible that my world view imagines KD as far bigger than it actually is (i have no earthly idea) but this earthly album is incredible.


ah bbbbbbbbb but bbb bbbbbbb bloodborne???