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Katamari on Switch would be a dream come true… but seems highly unlikely.


just chiming back in here to say wow, the last of us is amazing. playing it for the first time, remastered edition on ps4 and holy cow. stunning in every way.


last of us was great. wondering how the sequel will turn out. though these days i just avoid the gun side of games so i don’t know how i would/will do with em.


Well, porting to a new platform has costs. Code will not run without modifying some things (especially custom engines), there is always the need to retouch or re-import the assets and at that point it’s often needed to adjust things because people have different expectations now, except maybe from purely 2D games. And then you have to pass the TRCs (technical requirements checks) for the platform, etc. All in all, you need a team to work on that for a while and then all the marketing push that goes with that. So beyond any IP-related issues that could exist it’s an investment for the company that needs to be evaluated properly.

But yeah, a nice Katamari on Switch would be great for me too. With the original music, because it rules.

I’ll ask my friend to poke people if he knows some who are still somehow related to that IP but I guess these talks happen more in the marketing/PR dept than in the dev teams :slight_smile: .


I haven’t seen the game ‘Papers, please’ mentioned here yet, did anybody play it? There’s also an amazing short movie adaptation of the game, which I enjoyed quite a lot as well.


We teach it as example of a ‘serious’ game that is unsettling in a lot of ways.

The other one we talk about is Facade:



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I did play “Papers, please.” Wonderful (and challenging) concept but I found the gameplay a bit tedious. But perhaps that’s the point?


It’s not fancy, but I love Fallout 4. I just got back to it, and I now remembered how much I love it. The Far Harbor DLC is some of my favorite game content.


Dark Souls temporarily ruined gaming for me. I enjoyed it too much and when I finished it there was nothing that could come close to the engagement Dark Souls gave me. To me it’s a very personal game and the experience will stay with me forever.


have you tried bloodborne?


No I really want to and have got it, but I’m afraid it will suck up all my time and, unfortunately, I cannot afford that to happen.


I totally understand! I remember playing Dark Souls 2 for literally 4 hours straight once when I first got it and I had never played that long for any other video game before- I usually really try to limit my play time so I don’t get sucked in with games. But it was so captivating.


How has Crypt of the Necrodancer not popped up in this thread?! Such a simple and brilliant concept. If you haven’t played it I highly recommend it.


You’ve reminded me that I spent about 200 hours exploring the Wasteland and I haven’t touched the expansions yet.


when you are ready, i believe you may find one of the best game experiences ever. twas the first game i think i ever felt worthy of platinuming. i still have it installed long after multiple complete playthroughs and still play it from time to time.


I had taken a break from destiny 2 but recently got back into it after the last expansion: there’s not a whole lot of new content, but enough tweaks to get me hooked again: the new mode is a lot of fun!


oh my new FS IP. curiosity has been peaked for months awaiting news on what on earth shadows die twice meant. this excites lots.


What games available on OSX should I check out? All of the games I really want to play (mainly Dark Souls, Breath of the Wild, Skyrim) are only on consoles or Windows, but I’m looking to save money at the moment. Looking for an open-world RPG with good combat - Hyper Light Drifter? Diablo 3?


i think dark souls remaster is out for computer now maybe?