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elder scrolls 6 announced! all I wanted was to know that Bethesda was working on it, happy to wait a few years


i loved hyper light drifter but it is 2d 8bit ish ( i love that, others hate)


I’m fine with the 8 bit 2D aspect, biggest priority for me is exploration and good monster fights. I haven’t played much in the past 20 years, I think the last game I played through was Legacy of Kane: Soul Reaver.


It is short but brutal, fun, and the soundtrack is lovely, by Disasterpeace who also did the Fez soundtrack.


Skyrim for Alexa? Hahahaha… Um, really? Well, I’ll be damned.


Full circle, basically DnD


Fallout New Vegas? If you’ve played it before then maybe a low intelligence run? I was gonna do that this summer but ended up doing an run with a friend of mine where we’re rping as Jolene from the Dolly Parton song Jolene. Obviously not a low int character…


I just started playing the new Battletech PC game. Scratches my turn-based tactical itch! So far, so good. Although it’s definitely punishing when one of your pilots gets injured since it takes an exceedingly long time for them to heal back up, and you can’t use them in new missions until that timer ends.


i think vaguely all fromsoftware games miyazaki mentioned in old interview are announced (but hopefully im wrong and there are others lol)
metal wolf chaos remake
deracine vr
sekiro: shadows die twice

anf non FS but also nioh 2
and ghost of tsushima

so if anyone was kinda dying for some updated samurai action, there doesn’t appear to have ever been a better time to be playin vgz

the last of us 2 as well also too


Anyone else really over excited for cyberpunk 2077?!

Still a long way off I’m guessing…


expected “into the 2020s” :sob: but also :exploding_head: :star_struck:

i really really really wish they would remaster morrowind for switch …


I’m going to give another shoutout to Slay the Spire. The developers added a third character recently with a completely different set of mechanics. I will be surprised if I find a game I like more this year. It’s a perfect coffee break game. Every time I play, I find some new card synergy that changes my strategy. If they ever release more characters as DLC, each will be a rare day-one purchase.

I recently discovered Gateways in a Humble Bundle. It’s essentially Portal, but reimagined as a 2D Metroidvania. It held my attention for a while between runs in Slay the Spire and Dead Cells (which, like StS, has only been getting better).


I really like that third character. I’m not great at the game overall though; almost all my complete runs have been in lucky daily climbs.


In some ways the game might be harder to start. Right on the edge of going broke and with no upgrades to speed up medical stays and mech repair, or cockpit mods to reduce injuries.

At this point I have two assault and two heavy mechs, all the dropship upgrades and something like 40 mil in the bank. Most missions don’t even require repairs. I’ve been doing a lot of missions and taking the storyline slowly and it helps.


To be honest, I got a little excited that we were getting a new Onimusha during the Nioh 2 trailer. Samurais and old scrolls are cool, but when I saw the zombie taking a bite from the RPD police officer, I howled and jump-hugged my buddy because Resident Evil 2!!!


I ended up getting a Switch which is my first console since high school! I grew up loving video games, but haven’t played much in the last 20 years. First game is Breath of the Wild, which I’m loving so far despite struggling with the camera angles at times.


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal was pretty cool today. Every fighter from every game in the series. They also announced a new Mario Party for the Switch. My favorite bit is that Hollow Knight is out on the Switch today.


I’ve been bumbling my way through my first post-grad summer and kind of resent Slay the Spire for being so easy to sink hours into… I always find myself going for “just one more run!”


This probably means fallout5 is 2022 or 2024 :sob:
I’d also love to see morrowind for switch, and really really really wish fallout3 & NV remasters for consoles & PC

also, I just started playing obduction on ps4 which is great, but it’s quite a frame rate dropper which is a bummer for the experience.


going down to the depths soon in dsr finally to witness the horrors of blighttown in full non-glitching glory. probably worth the price of admission for this silly remaster.