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I’ve been waffling on getting one for months.

Breath of wild (including the procedural weather etc.) look great.

Balancing my love of the concepts against ‘it is a closed console.’


Wow, thanks for the tip. Got this thanks to your suggestion and it seems great!!


Muahahah. Be sure to check out the Daily Challenge after you get a few runs down for each character. New features and balance updates are released every Friday.


+1 to all of this. The combat is interesting - not deep, but has a pleasing precision to it and is definitely hard enough. Very light in the “RPG” elements; it’s a 2D, top-down exploration and action game.


Not a recommendation, but - easily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen come out of E3:

it’s like Moebius. But moving. No idea what you do. But that place.


Indeed quite moebius.

Someone remember „Loom“? Awesome pixel classic.

And what really stuck with me was the odd „Ripper“ a cyberpunk game with,real actors, freakin Christopher Walken and atmosphere to die for but they never managed to fix its bugs…made it extra stuck in my head

Well now i jut have to try it again… could never finish it due to bugs back then. Highly recommend


I’m moving to teach in the Interactive Media & Games program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where the author of Loom teaches. He also wrote Wishbringer, which was the first Infocom game I actually finished :slight_smile: I’m excited!

I think y’all are talking about a different Moebius than what I know… I have fond memories of an Origin Systems classic.


Loom was a really memorable game. It got me right in the feels, but also made me laugh with the sheep dyeing bit :slight_smile:


A friend of mine is art directing the new RE2, pretty happy for him :slight_smile:.


SO cool. Must be a happily stressful role


It seems like Cyberpunk is missing most of the criticism while employing the aesthetic tropes of the genre. I hope I am wrong.

I am more excited for Fallout 76 after watching the short documentary about it. I’m also curious for Starfield. I’m curious to see Bethesda’s take on science fiction. They claim it’s a pretty big departure for them, so I’m excited to learn what that means in the coming year(s).


I was never into RPGs until I played Fallout 4 on my girlfriend’s PS4 and sank a couple of hundred hours into it. (+1 for Far Harbor, @grey).

I have an old PS3 kicking around, any RPG recommendations for it? Real-time combat preferred. Fallout New Vegas is on my radar.


I saw a lot of people excited about Cyberpunk, but it kind of seems like “GTA set in the future.” And it seems to have gone away from the film noir expectations people have of cyberpunk style. I guess we can’t really judge until the game is playable though.


@philmaguire you should definitely check out the Mass Effect trilogy. Those games are some of the best rpgs I’ve ever played and are the only reason I miss my ps3.


I play “Monster Hunter World” at the moment. Never played a Monster Hunter game before. This one has captured my attention. Even ~75 hours in, new content keeps popping up which impresses me. Looks like I still have a long way to go but enjoying the ride.

Eagerly awaiting “Death Stranding” whenever it drops. “MGS5” is a masterpiece and I’m just curious to see what Kojima decided to cook up next.


Pretty pumped about Beyond Good and Evil 2, but i hope they take down that weird ‘give us your art for like free’ business on the side…

Also, the RE2 remake looks good. That’s about it for stuff that had trailers out this week.

Still working my way through Night in the Woods and Zero Time Dilemma. ZTD is … just not as good as its predecessors. Some high points but mostly not the same plot quality. Mind you, I was a lot younger when I played 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward.


I still need to finish Nigh in the Woods. I got it for Switch at the same time as Darkest Dungeon and only played about one hour because Darkest Dungeon took all of my available play time :slight_smile:.

I’m also probably going to dust off the PS4 and finally get Uncharted 4 this week, and maybe God of War too, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time for both…


I’m hoping this comes out by the time I finish Breath of the Wild


Pro tip for the switch crew: don’t sleep on lumines when it drops…


Do you play Hearthstone? I do. I love it. I assume I’d love Slay the Spire. It just went on sale. Steamsuuuummmmmmerrrrrrrssssssaaaaale.