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I did briefly and really enjoyed it. However, I found it really hard to keep up with the meta. After a while, it felt like I was getting my butt kicked because I didn’t want to spend money on decks or read endless discussions on synergies to build on.

Slay the Spire is mechanically quite different. It’s asymmetric, similar to something like Netrunner. There are three player characters to choose from, all of which have different decks and play styles. Additionally, the computer opponent does not have similar cards to you. Instead, each enemy has a static set of moves. Each type of enemy has attack patterns and unique debuffs to pay attention to.

There’s also a deckbuilding aspect similar to something like Dominion. Every time you start a game, your character starts with the same set of cards. You then find nodes on the map between battles that allow you to draft new cards or remove old ones.


This sounds really good, will definitely pick it up and try it.


I picked up Horizon Chase Turbo in the summer Steam sale. A 90s-style arcade racing game that… doesn’t quite look or feel like OutRun or Ridge Racer, but still is pretty satisfying and had some cool retro visuals.


Now that this is out on Switch, I’ve been tearing through this a second time. This is one of the finest games I’ve ever played. I ended up beating the Mantis Lords on the first try this time around, as I realized that there were a lot of power-ups that I had missed. The art direction and music are top-notch. Don’t even wait for a sale on this. At $15, it’s a steal.


i wonder if hollow knight will ever make its way to ps


ah yes, my son used his allowance to buy that recently (w/ soft pressure from me). been enjoying the fact there’s no e brake for drifting and when you hit someone from behind, you actually give them a boost.

i picked up a bunch of games.

papers please (been wanting to play this forever)
doom (ah yes, finally!)
nights into dreams (i had a dreamcast way back when and never got to play this)
just cause 2 (open world and lots of needless explosions)
bastion (i’ve heard good things and it was $3.74)
mad max (i love post apocalyptic anything and at $5, i don’t think you could go wrong)
puyo puyo tetris (not much of a sale for this, but i love both of these puzzle games)
everything (i have absolutely no idea what this is about, but the trailer with allen watts totally snagged me)

i’ve been playing an alienware alpha upgraded to an i3-4170 which is apparently the fastest cpu the mb can handle and maxed out the ram and upgraded hdd to ssd drive. it plays what i need it to play, but i have jumped on this kickstarter for the V8 + Kit 16GB. i’m sure it won’t play all AAA games at full settings, but it’ll look plenty good for my eyes.

i’d like to splurge on a nintendo switch for my kids but at 5 and 2 1/2, i think i can wait on that…and games are just oh so cheap when you buy them digitally (a la steam etc).


Speaking of arcadey driving games and the Steam sale, I finally picked up Absolute Drift after eyeing it for quite a while. Looking forward to checking it out!

I actually randomly ended up chatting with the guy who made it recently (without realizing it at the time) at, of all places, a mountain bike race. He and I chatted about the race after it was done, but I didn’t get his name. When I saw photos a few days later, I used one of him with his race-number showing to look up his name in the results, and then obviously internet creeped him and was surprised at the weird connection.


Reminds me of Omega Boost! Nice!


I got a switch for my 8 & 5. And in my opinion 5 is still too young for a switch… there’s a few games that my 5 year can play but finds frustrating because he doesn’t understand the rules/play style.

My 8 year old is the perfect age for the switch and the good child security/parent controls app makes it the only console I can recommend for kids under 12.


Ugh. Omega Boost is so dope.


We used Mario Kart playtime as a reward for my 5 year old, she loved it. The trick for her was to start with a 2P game with no power ups, she had all the assisted driving functions turned on, and I had to use the motion controls. So long as I was fairly laid back about driving it was reasonably even. We’ve since added the power ups back in.

I think Captain Toad is supposed to have a 2nd player assist function (the 2nd player can help by shooting the baddies, like Super Mario Galaxy), if it does then that might be the next game we play.


yeah Mario kart is one of the only games that with all assists on, its a pretty level playing field.

we tried Captain Toad, but I amnot sure my 5 year old can manage the 3D space movement that is needed… but its a nice easy game for them to practice controlling a character using a joy con in 3D space.


I’ve been enjoying Pinball FX2 VR using the PSVR.
It’s a shame it only comes with three tables as standard so you have to pay more cash if you want to play other ones.
But, it is one of the better uses of VR I’ve tried yet. It really does feel like standing in front of a pinball machine.
And it doesn’t make me feel sick which is a bonus!


psvr! yes! i have so few games that i’ve loved so far with it but the ones that do it right completely nail it imo.

short list:

i’m very excited about deracine and for some reason id like to try super hot vr but who knows about those. deracine for me only because fromsoftware


Bound is lovely, with or without VR.


Anyone play Overwatch on PC? i main healers and have ranked gold/plat in comp. but primarily play quickplay -
Basically I main lucio (tho he kinda meh in current meta), mercy, moira.
I’m pretty into computers, 144hz setup with 1080ti, kinda my only other expensive hobby.

Anyone play stuff in VR on PC? oculus home id is ian ehafh or hugdealer
i really enjoy Rec Room and Kingspray in VR.

Steam id -

I will be getting the new battlefield on pc as well, whenever it releases.

Might have a few cross platform games from windows store like state of decay 2 or gears of war 4.
But overwatch is kinda my go to.

I don’t play console games though, sorry! Hit me up if you play stuff on PC. (rec room is cross platform too but my VR isn’t hooked up while moving. so won’t be back on there for a week or two)


TFW u are a zx spectrum programmer in 1986 and get ur loading code mixed up in the music code, decide to go with it and accidentally invent bytebeat and speedcore.


loved Terraria… kinda takes me back to 8-bit, NES-style games, but sprawling – sort of like a 2D / omni-directional scrolling take on Mine Craft


haha, rad track! :smirk::smirk::drooling_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::drooling_face::sweat::unamused::persevere::disappointed_relieved::open_mouth::open_mouth::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: (20 chars)


I played Overwatch for a while. Lucio, Junkrat and D.Va were my favorites. I quit though when I realized it stressed me out as much as it entertained me. Multiplayer in general tends to do that. I really dislike trash talk and I don’t think a game is something to freak out and get angry about.

I am sort of a serious casual… I like doing well but I am not aggressively competitive. I mostly avoided ranked play in OW.