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It was mentioned up-thread, but, I am playing Hollow Knight on my Switch and it is lovely. Beautiful art style, lovely atmospheric soundtrack, difficult without being needlessly punishing, and it nails the ‘Metroidvania’ characteristic onion layers of the map revealing themselves as your movement abilities increase. Plus you’re a bug. Plus it’s $15.

I also downloaded and played half an hour of Celeste, which is of the punishingly difficult 2d platformer where you will die repeatedly every 5 seconds until you get the exact split second timing of the room and then you feel like a goddess until the next room where you’ll repeatedly die every 5 seconds genre. I’m not sure I have the stamina for it but it’s fun.


I finally finished Zero Time Dilemma, which means I’m done with the Zero Escape game trilogy. Phew! It’s definitely not as well written as the first two, but it has its moments of charm as well.

Now back to trying to play Silent Hill 2 again. I attempt this every few years but usually get too scared about an hour or two in. This time I’m kind of forcing myself because there’s not many other games I have left in the queue. Might actually start reading instead! I get way too into it.


Yea to be honest I rarely play video games sober and i generally mute chats / don’t join voice chat unless it’s competitive. I’m on your page with serious casual, my quickplay stats are pretty good. So I like to try but it’s always kind of hilarious/scary when people freak out after losing a match. Like, is that the first time you lost a game?? High win percentages are like 60-70%, that’s a lot of losses regardless lol. It’s like people who get pissed off while driving I guess. Playing with some friends / chill people is the way to go. I think the recent group creation thing they added helps a lot, along with the endorsement system. Finding a group of people who are kinda just not going to freak out or not care if you use voice chat and it’s pretty fun.

Mainly I played competitive to get a gold weapon for Lucio. Now that I have it, I feel like no need to play comp. None of my old crew is really into OW, but damn having a posse and playing a game like that can be fun as hell. Used to play a lot of battlefield on PC and we would have a squad of 4-6 or more people all on voice chat. Could stomp in 64 player games with just 1 squad working together sometimes. Many a 40+ and 0 death tank rounds heh. Having some buddies who are playing for fun is the best. That’s kinda why I’ve been playing Rec Room in VR lately. It’s super chill. The low adoption rate for VR really makes the quality of life great, way less angry children. They are certainly still there… but lower numbers lol.

Hollow Knight looks really good, I want to grab it at some point. That and Dead Cells are for sure on my wishlist. Heheh, yea punishing games can be a good time but also rough. I still need to beat Dark souls 3 eventually :sweat_smile:


i wanna play hollow knight so bad


:purple_heart: Silent Hill 2 :purple_heart:

I should play it again some day.


I tried OW and had the same issue, but no surprise there - I play a lot of Starcraft 2 and pretty much only versus computer. Too much stress. I play to get away from stress not to generate it!

I agree about trash talk. I just don’t get how some people like it - though I suspect a lot of people like doing it more than getting it.


Fract OSC

I have really enjoyed Fract OSC, It’s a puzzle game with an in-built synthesis engine that changes sound continuously based on your actions, it has some really great soundscapes and no area look or sounds like any other.
Here are some screen-shots

Heavy Bullets

Another quite fun game is Heavy Bullets, published by the awesome folks at Devolver Digital It’s a nice little shooter with great controls, you can both play it slowly or go full beast mode and try not to die within 3 minutes of starting a playthrough. The aesthetics of the game are also amazing.

Here are some screenshots


Great mention! Fract OSC is so dope. I made a couple of neat little tracks with that game. If I wanted to teach someone basic modern music production concepts, it would be a really fun way to do that! :relaxed: That said, the tools are actually quite robust! If you got really into it, there’s a lot you could do.

If you wish you could make music in TRON, then you owe it to yourself to play it. The game isn’t very long, and it’s a fun little puzzle game!


I’m playing this on the Switch and can highly recommend. I also think it nails the “Metroidvania” genre better than anything since Super Metroid. It’s rare that a game nails that unique atmosphere of dread, excitement, and discovery so well. And it’s one of the most gorgeous games on the system.

I also picked up Octopath Traveler. As someone who obsessively played JRPGs when I was younger, this really scratches my itch for a decent AAA turn-based JRPG that doesn’t hold your hand and plays around with non-linear narrative. Younger gamers/reviewers compare it to Final Fantasy, but don’t be fooled: it’s aiming for something slightly more niche and experimental, the closest cousin may be the SaGa series.


Right now I’m playing Dark Souls for the first time. Not sure why I didn’t get into this series earlier, but it’s definitely the right sort of challenging. I want to rage quit frequently, but then immediately be tempted back to try again.

Caves of Qud is also an ever-present current favorite.

I’m really wanting to play Octopath Traveler, but have been holding out on buying a Switch. This might be the game to change that, perhaps after the major part of the summer has ended.


Enjoy Dark Souls! It’s a great journey.


I just finished my first serious foray into Dark Souls! Can’t recommend starting new characters with specific builds in mind if you haven’t yet, too.

Already moved on to Dark Souls 3, though… it is WAY faster.


Hollow Knight is spectacular. To me the world and its inhabitants are the star of the show: creepy, cute, funny, sad, and grotesque. I find myself kind of… emotionally invested in Hollow Knight in a way that I rarely, rarely am.

I downloaded Octopath Traveller on launch day. On Saturdays I find myself thinking “maybe I’ll crack it today and put a good few hours in to get off to a good start.” And then I just play Hollow Knight or Golf Story or a bit of Odyssey (which I finished but have been enjoying the post-game content).

I think @wavedepletion is right that this is one for after the heat of summer has gone. One to get stuck into on winter nights with a glass of something warming.


i want to play hollow knight soooo much. but i don’t feel like i can add a new format console. here’s always to hoping it gets a ps4 release and that it does wonderfully on the switch!


This game is cute but also creepy. It’s a long play, I’ve dedicated an hour or two each week to play. As your go deeper into the mansion you see new enemies. It’s a fun game.


It’s on Steam and gamepads aren’t that expensive these days…

(it really is, IMO, a must-play. wonderful, charming yet haunting experience.)


You could play it in steam using a ps4 controller?


It’s done very well on Switch already. Enough to pay for a PS4 port (that would in turn likely generate enough sales to cover the costs).


it was made with Unity so porting is probably trivial. it’s likely that they have a timed exclusive deal with nintendo that prevents a ps4 release for the moment.


I caved and bought a Switch with Zelda and Octopath Traveler, and put in a few hours on each yesterday.

Also been playing this little indie gem (Long Live the Axe):

Get it here: