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I’ll mention the fantastic Harvester Games company! The Cat Lady is a horror adventure game that has amazing visual design, solid story, and fantastic music. Here is the link on Steam.

Keep in mind this, and the follow up game Downfall, explore heavy themes of depression, despair, and hope.


1979 revolution is coming for Switch with a discount ahead of the release date.

Going to buy this as I’ve been interested for a while and it’d be nice to have something more mature on the switch.


I downloaded Fortnite a couple days ago. It’s free and I’ve seen so many articles and thinkpieces about it at this point I wanted to try it. I don’t like full on Battle Royale mode very much, but the 50 v 50 mode is fun. My favorite part is building stuff so perhaps I should just get Minecraft. I do like the built-in time limit - makes it easy to just play for a little bit and walk away.


I enjoyed Headmaster, Thumper and Statik too


Very excited to get the rerelease of shenmue I and II that’s due later this month. It’s a very nostalgic and meditative experience for me.


I still have my Dreamcast discs. :purple_heart: I have a big 'ole soft spot for Shenmue.


i haven’t been playing anything regularly as of late. i got hooked on stardew valley for a hot minute and recently made my way through wolfenstein new order which was a fun romp.

i made the mistake of buying no man’s sky after reading about their recent next update and i’ve been absolutely hooked. scaring me as i start a coding bootcamp in a lil’ over a month :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhoo, nms looks to be my go to game for a while now. it’s got a similar vibe to stardew valley / minecraft, but feels oh so much more mature/exciting. the only multiplayer gaming i do is with my kids, so it’ll be fun to start joining other people’s games.

anyone else a nms player on steam? my steam handle is zfigz

ps as i look at my steam account, it looks as if i have an extra copy of Gravity Ghost to gift. if you’re interested, pm me and it’s yours!


if you’re into building stuff, check out no man’s sky. recent update makes it quite the game i believe everyone was hoping for when it was released.


I’m starting to get a little burnt out on Splatoon 2 (does anyone else play?) so I need a platformer to get back to my roots.

Hollow Knight or Celeste? I plan on getting both by winter, but what would you prefer to power through the tail end of summer?


I’m still playing hollow knight, haven’t tried celeste yet. It’s frustrating but a good frustrating. I say if you feel more like a metroid right now then try hollow knight.


I absolutely love Hollow Knight. It is tough but not impossible, so it feels rewarding when you make progress. I haven’t played Celeste, but I’ve read a lot of people online saying that it’s just infuriatingly difficult, which is not something that really appeals to me.

Having said all of that, they’re both quite cheap so you could just get both and see for yourself!


I picked up Hollow Knight and I’m really enjoying it so far! When I was doing research I saw people jokingly say “The game is full of bugs!”

Unfortunately on my first battle with Hornet, she glitched into the ground and was static for half of the battle.

It made things easier, but shoot I was looking forward to a challenging battle!


You can’t go wrong with either. If Hollow Knight is the spiritual successor to Super Metroid, then Celeste follows Super Meat Boy. I beat one of the “B-Side” levels in Celeste, and it was the hardest thing I’ve beaten since the “I Wanna Be The Guy” missions in Super Meat Boy.

Side note: for platformers, the Pro Controller is very comfortable if you don’t already have one.


Salt & santcturay is out for switch. Has anyone played it on other platforms. Is it any good?


i got about halfway through. i hate to say in terms of overuse of “soulslike” but it really did have a 2d souls kinda thing going on. not on level with from software but it was fun. i gave up. one of the bosses just seemed insane, couldn’t even figure out what was going on and that was it. the online summoning aspect was local coop only at the time for me on ps4. it was definitely fun and engaging for a time but really, just go for souls if you want the best of the experience imo. or even if you’ve played souls, just dip your toe back into another souls or bb etc etc etc.


Never tried souls. My laptop is not gaming-ready and i didn’t have a console until switch. I was waiting for souls to come out and try it out in order to check what it was about… i gave up on it when they announced monster uhnter for switch. It’s my favourite game (played it on psp and wii ALOT).
Probably will try this salt & sanctuary instead of souls (souls + monster hunter is too much, and salt + monster hunter seems like a more afordable combo)


Trying to decide if I should pick up a Switch.

I’m mostly a PC gamer. I like racing games, Diablo-like action RPGs, and some puzzle games mostly.

I had a PS Vita for a while – I liked being able to chill on the recliner and play it, and there were some pretty fun titles (Wipeout 2048, NFS Most Wanted, Patapon, Lumines, Olli Olli…) But Sony managed to cancel my PSN+ account without warning or any chance to fix it when I was issued a new credit card with a later expiration date, so that was the end of that.

When I look at the catalog of Switch games out there, I see a lot of games I could get on Steam for less… but then a few interesting titles in racing, puzzles, and stuff like Korg Gadget.


Racing games on Switch you have Mario Kart 8, and that’s it.
As for action RPGs like diablo, Titan Quest i comming out. Puzzle games there are some, but i don’t know any (not my kind of game)
There will come out Monster Hunter 4, which has RPG elements and much action

BTW, Korg Gadget on Switch is doesn’t export (either song or song data) like the computer or ipad versions, you must record the headphone out and no midi support.

EDIT: i forgot Zelda: BOTW


If you’re at all interested in 1st party Nintendo games, you should definitely pick up a switch.


I played the hell out of Titan Quest on Steam until I got tired of it, so I’m not sure I want to mess with a port. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Mac or iOS devices, so Switch would be the only way I could try Korg Gadget. I had Korg DS-8 for the Nintendo DS back in the day, and the headphone output was the only option then too – mostly I treated it like a fun thing to play with, though I seem to recall I sampled it a couple of times.

I’d probably be more into the indie stuff than the major Nintendo titles. Hmm.