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I’m really glad I picked up a Switch over a traditional console for this reason. I haven’t dug too deep into games I only have Zelda (love) and Fortnite (like) so far. Also, I borrowed Donkey Kong from a friend and didn’t like it (just not into platformers as much).


I’ve tried to like Fortnite, but just can’t seem to grok it. It seems so hectic, but there’s crafting… I just can’t seem to get anywhere with it.


I don’t imagine Fortnite will have long-term staying power for me, but it’s free and I like that the games are short so I won’t get sucked in for 2-3 hours (which happens with BotW). I usually sign out after 2 or 3 games. Building structures is the best aspect for me.

I like the 50 v 50 mode much, much more than the Battle Royale mode and almost exclusively play that. I hope the devs keep it since it is on a trial run currently.


The only game that I’ve loved since the Gameboy Advance was a thing is Hyperlight Drifter. Pixelated, beautiful, soulful even, isomorphic SF Action-RPG with a soundtrack that is truly a thing of beauty (by Disasterpeace.) I’ve played it through three times and love it still. I can’t say enough good things about it.


Phone game…of a board game…

Anyone interested in playing me in Twilight Struggle? It’s a great game. My user name is sellanraa



Welcome to console gaming! This is always going to be true, even in this multiplatform era: sales are less prevalent on console, there’s the overhead of cert. On the flipside, a handheld console - or a console with kickstand and wireless controllers - is still very different to plugging a joypad into a Steam-capable laptop, so, you know. (Separate post coming up about a game I like which is also on Switch)


Dead Cells!

Any description of this game turns into buzzword bingo, and yet… it’s really very good (or, rather, I’m greatly enjoying it so far). There’s clearly been a ton of polish in its Early Access phase. To wit:

  • it’s like Castlevania (post-SOTN) in that it’s a sidescrolling 2D exploration/combat platformer, or platforming action-RPG. You explore 2D, non-linear levels, killing monsters, finding gear, and getting to the exit. Gear improves over time, but also, as you find new ‘blueprints’, you unlock new things to find - ie, you can shape the likelihood of things emerging in a level. You start with all your mobility abilities - nothing to unlock there; a double-jump, a roll/dodge, a floor slam; you’re very agile. All you unlock over time is gear-drops, mutations… and a few permanent abilities.
  • it’s a roguelike in that those levels are somewhat procedurally generated, and there is permadeath. The tilesets and stages always connected in the same way - Level X has an exit to Level Y, and also an exit to level Z that you’d need permanent ability Q to unlock. So: even though it looks like you’re always going to be grinding from level 1 up… you quickly discover that shortcuts and routes changes as you get better at the game.
  • there’s a soulslike element in that unlocking blueprints - things that can later drop - requires depositing Cells, at the end of a level, and you lose all your cells when you die. So early on, there’s a balance of exploration vs grinding. In addition, the combat is very snicker-snack: really finely tuned, really rewarding and dextrous, high-risk, high-reward, with a bit of Bloodborne’s “get health back with immediate kill” mechanic.

Also, it has gorgeous 2D pixel-art graphics and animation - very definitely not retro.

Oh, and it has a daily challenge mode: one level, generated for everybody the same.

So: it’s a literal join-the-dots of trendy descriptors. And yet… I’m really, really liking it. It’s polished, and you can see how the skill gains you make pay off in terms of making further progress, and every new set of tools changes the way you play, or the builds you aim for - maybe going heavy on freeze and high-DPS weapons, or lots of fast/status-effect weapons combined with turrets and traps.

I mean, it’s also catnip for me: I love post Aria-of-Sorrow Castlevania, I like Souls in principle, and I’ve loved roguelikes literally since playing Rogue. So YMMV

It’s been in early access for ages, but just came out properly on Steam, and also on all consoles. I bought it on PS4 and (to loop around to @Starthief’s earlier conversation)… am already feeling it’s the sort of thing I’d love on Switch: short, repeated gameplay. ideal for travel or just not playing on the sofa. The things that keep attracting me to Switch, beyond BOTW and Splatoon, are the things that are already on other platforms… just because it feels like a natural home for Dead Cells, or Hollow Knight. My Vita was essentially a Spelunky/Hotline Miami/2D indie game machine, and I adored it for taking those games away from the desk; I’m loving how much is coming out on Switch, because having those games in a non-computer context is great.


I’d say Celeste now and Hollow Knight for winter :slight_smile:


Sounds excellent. Looks like there won’t be a Vita port; too bad. For some reason, it’s difficult for me to get into all the 2d indie games on an actual console.

Speaking of Vita, I’m playing through “Ys 8” on it which is a cute little action JRPG.

Looking forward to getting back into something more hefty soon. I finally burned out on “Monster Hunter World” and haven’t made a pick for what comes next. Maybe “Nier: Automata.”


I’ve had a serious itch for a PS4 metroidvania and Dead Cells scratches it very well. Thank you!


dead cells on my radar thank you @infovore!


Yeah, I agree. I bought Dead Cells quite some time ago in early access and it was already good, it’s even better now and I’ll probably get it on Switch too.


I have Hyperlight Drifter on PC and love what I’ve played so far. But I’m waiting (somewhat impatiently) for it to come out on the Switch to finish it, it just feels like such a good fit for a console.

What Gameboy Advance games did you love? My favorite was probably Metroid: Zero Mission


Get a switch. If you are anything like me, and feel sometimes that going to your computer is too much effort to play a video game, then it might be for you. I play short bursts and save my longer bursts for plane rides or lazy sundays.


GBA love for:

Bitgenerations Orbital and Coloris (I still play both of these. Orbital’s music is sublime.)
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (maybe the most enjoyable game ever.)

My GBA SP still works and works well. Wish I hadn’t lost my GBA micro… that thing was boss and they go for $100s now.


Bit generations were all amazing.
Nintendo should have explored more or make ports for the newer consoles. My favourite was the racing one.


Is anyone playing Gran Turismo Sport? The online racing is a real turning point for this series IMO - very fast, intense and exciting. The penalty system keeps things fair for the most part, so you get all of the interesting mind games that are missing from AI vehicles or more casual online racers.


The GBA is massively underrated! GBA love for:

-Advance Wars - the friendliest, most attractive, and addictive of the turn-based tactics games I’ve played
-Mother 3 - I’m still waiting to play it. But it’s a sequel to Earthbound, one of the best RPGs ever made, and it’s highly regarded. There’s only a fan translation in English, but hopefully Nintendo is working on an official translation and release.
-Castlevania trilogy - the three Castlevania GBA games take the Symphony of the Night formula and improve on it to great success. Some of the best game soundtracks of the era too.
-Metroid: Fusion / Zero Mission - Fusion was an all-new 2D Metroid, while Zero Mission was a reimagining of the original Metroid in the Super Metroid vein. Both are well worth playing.
-Golden Sun 1 & 2 - crunchy old school JRPGs with deep battle systems and cute graphics.
-Zelda: Minish Cap - a proper Zelda in the 16-bit Link to the Past vein

Games I know nothing about, but want to try -
Drill Dozer
Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart
Magical Vacation (RPG from excellent developer Brownie Brown)


Also, there’s a GBA emulator for Android devices that I recommend, called My Boy! - not that a phone is great for anything involving reflexes, but it’s serviceable for non-action RPGs and tactics games.


I’m a bit fussy about the GBA Castlevanias, in that I don’t really care for the first two, but god-damn Aria of Sorrow is good, and paves the way for Dawn of Sorrow which is awesome.

Other random favourite GBA things from me:

  • WarioWare is just magic, still
  • I have a lot of time for some of the GBA Tony Hawk-alikes; Vicarious Visions’ various takes on THPS (notably, 4) are great, with lovely real-time 3D skaters on an isometric world. I also have a really strange soft-spot for Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, which is far better than it should be.
  • Fire Emblem is fantastic, and up there with Advance Wars for me.
  • See also Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which takes a slightly different tack to FFT and comes up with something streamlined and fun.
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper similarly to THPS has no right being as good as it is; the full stack of characters, plus three others, and reasonably playable on that tiny pad. Always love having a go at this.
  • There’s some cracking Treasure games for the platform, notably Astro Boy