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Yeah, I spent far too many hours playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on a GBA SP (when not using it for Nanoloop)… :slight_smile:


The GBA is a very well designed system. Also gotta add Wario Ware, Inc.

Nintendo has always made great portable hardware, which is clearly on display in the Switch.


rediscovered PK2 (HoMM 3 clone) on iPad. Very good for rainy evening near fireplace.


Just starting thimbleweed park. Looks amazing. Hopefully plays like old school point and clickers.


It’s high up on my point & click list, I’d like your opinion when you’re done ! I just fear too many insiders jokes about the good ol’ days kind of ruin the experience so I’d really like to know if it feels like its own thing or if it’s just over referential all the time.


I’ve heard really good things about Thimbleweed Park! They had a really interesting solution to make the game allow for the kind of experimentation found in the earlier Lucas Arts games without blocking you from progressing.


Blizzard just announced Diablo III is coming to Switch, so I guess that’s sorted :smiley:

Some people don’t like DIII, but I think by the time they shut down the cash auction house, got the servers a little more stable, put out the first expansion and introduced seasonal play, it was a solid game. The story is kind of a mess but I enjoy multiple builds in every one of the classes, except maybe the Barbarian.

I’d really like to see a Diablo-ish game in the Starcraft setting.

And though it’s not technically Blizzard, I’d like to see Hellgate resurrected and done properly. That game had so much potential but suffered from lack of resources to meet its ambition… it was dumped on the public with placeholder quest writing, not enough level content and some real balance problems, and I almost loved it anyway.


the first thing I thought of when I saw diablo 3 was announced for switch was I hope I can play with some lines people :grinning:


I enjoyed diablo iii for a while, but when I got into higher levels I found the classes all kind of become the same in terms of actual play. I wanted more and deeper differences, where the approach to a dungeon would have to be totally reconsidered with a different class. IMO they did that better in Warcraft/Starcraft games (and even WoW)


Totally agree. Have you tried Path of Exile? There’s plenty of completely different possible strategies and the possibilities for character development are so deep that it is sometimes scary to think about. I put a whole lot of hours into that game a few years ago. I don’t play anymore, but from what I’ve seen, it seems to have only gotten much better, both in general polish and in amount of available content.


I will put it on my list!

The lack of real character differentiation or impact of choices is something that can really ruin a game for me. I had the same problem with Skyrim.

At the moment I’m playing Dead Cells (due to the recommendations in the thread) and Octopath Traveler. Both have been fun, if frustrating in their own ways. When I’m ready for something new I’ll check out Path of Exile for sure.

Edit: just saw that Path of Exile is only windows and Xbox, neither of which I have :confused:


how do folks compare Diablo III to Diablo II, and has anyone played a console port of Diablo III already?

I was super into Diablo II when it was current (I got up to a level 85 or so barbarian) and wouldn’t spend that much time on any game again, but really enjoyed the game itself and have been considering getting a Switch once fall/winter comes.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Diablo III as a couch coop game. Been playing with my gf and enjoying it as a “casual dungeon slasher” :stuck_out_tongue: for this I think it is rather great, since deeper mechanics would require too much of the casual gamer (my gf). However I will agree that it pales in comparison with its predecessors on a mechanical and especially story level.


Diablo II is better imho. I liked III, but II had a much better vibe and difficulty. III always felt a bit generic to me.

That said, III is a great game and well worth your time.


The PS4 port is solid and the controls are for the most part great.


I feel like 3 is somehow a smoother experience, but not necessarily better, if that makes sense. I do like being able to change builds on the same character, as opposed to starting from the beginning in 2. Adventure mode and shared paragon levels, cube unlocks and storage get you started with new characters faster, while restarts in 2 always felt slow and dull for several levels.

2 was more exciting and dangerous at times though; it’s pretty rare you have to run away and kite elite packs in 3 for instance. Bosses can kind of become a joke too, with them smashing themselves on your/your pets’ thorns. And I miss rapid fire potion chugging :grin:

Both games are long-term compelling though, and I’ll be happy to buy 3 a second time to play it on the Switch. I do hope there’s a Diablo 4 in the pipeline though!


Anyone have an opinion on the NES Classic? I didn’t realize they were available and I have some Amazon $ burning a hole in my pocket. I read that the cords are short so you need to get extensions. Does the nostalgia last?


Minecraft in creative mode or survival is very rewarding if you take an interest in architecture/building things.


I have a SNES classic and it’s brilliant.

I couldn’t have beat Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts without the save states :sweat_smile:


Nes classic and SNES classic are pretty much interchangeable (with this caveat).

You can use hakchi to be able to add emulators and other ROMs you may own. It’s kinda fiddly, but a really worthwhile softmod. Mine can now play games from a miniUSB stick. I am running SNES, NES, Gameboy colour, and megadrive emus.