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Just started Eastside Hockey Manager. If you loved Football Manager, Champ Manager (back in the day version) and spreadsheets this is definitely for you!!! (I love it).


can u use an oldschool nes controller with a usb adapter for the nes classic?


don’t hold your breath on Nintendo releasing a legit English version. fwiw the fan translation is great, it never made me feel like I was playing a crowdsourced translation. highly recommend.


Slay the Spire (and more) are coming to Switch,


Excellent, I think Slay the Spire is the perfect thing for portable gaming.


It seems as I continue through the present stage of my life, I’m ever less fulfilled by computer game experiences. I no longer gravitate towards them when I have time to myself; I more often want to be creative instead. I think this is good thing (for me, personally, someone who has whittled away countless hours over the years), but this isn’t to say games aren’t a valuable way to use time.

Anyway, I must make a special mention of Ghost of a Tale, which I spent an unhurried eightieen hours completing recently. It’s a fantasy adventure with RPG elements, clearly inspired as much by Dark Souls as the Redwall books, with a strong focus on stealth. There’s no direct combat. For a game made by a very small team (mostly one person, an ex-Dreamworks employee) I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail, both in the presentation of the game’s environments and of the lengthy - and warmly witty - script, lore and designs. After some hours it really captured my attention. I recommend it if you like stealth and rodents.


I went through a period like this some years ago, where I always felt like I was wasting time when I played. Perversely now that I have much less free time, I find that setting aside some of it for games helps me with creative and academic pursuits. It doesn’t have to be games, but I think play and unstructured activity is extremely important to any human endeavor.


i will be looking into that one. thank you for the rec!


in an effort to use my switch more i downloaded the game owlboy on a whim and i am falling in love with it. insanely gorgeous pixel graphics and decently challenging gameplay but not hardcore like dark souls or super meat boy style. the story is also really beautiful and well written.


WRC7 was 70% off on Steam last weekend and I picked it up. Though it lacks historic rally cars, it’s a lot more satisfying than Dirt 4 has been lately just because the stages are really detailed and varied. I’m not a hardcore racing sim type (I use a Steam Controller because a wheel would take space and budget reserved for music gear) but the physics feels pretty decent to me.


I’m finding this so important when my time is taken up almost entirely either by work or by family. I really cherish the 30 minutes in the bus during morning commute and 30 minutes during evening commute when I have a seat, a portable game system (3DS or Switch), and unstructured independent free time to enjoy myself. An hour on weekdays seems like enough time to decompress and do something fun and play-oriented for myself, and too little time to feel like I’m wasting my time playing games too much. And then night owl time is open-ended creative time, mostly - because that can require hours of semi-dicking around with sound design and whatnot, and it’s not so great for a 30 minutes hard stop session.


i’m going to keep an eye for ps4 sale for that one tyvm!


I was waiting for the switch version to play it (even bought the box version ! I like to buy indie games that way when I can, my shelf look a bit less wordwide companies driven that way), really really good. And yes some of the most impressive pixel art I’ve ever seen in a game, 10 years of developpement went into this and you can feel that…


Into The Breach just got released on Switch and I’ll probably buy it soon, but my daughter is supposed to be born tomorrow (and I’ll be taking care of my son full time for the first couple of weeks) so I guess gaming time will be limited in the short term :slight_smile:.

Also, Dead Cells still rules. Really good design and progression curve.


Monster hunter is out for the Switch!


Been trying to play it on PS4 but I’m just constantly confused. Does it get any easier?


congratulations!!! :sunglasses:


i must say, destiny 2 is imo horrible. caveat could be that i’m not giving it enough time? but my word do these big box games feel emptier and emptier than ever. it was free so i gave it a shot but these big box shooters feel so devoid of anything worth, well, anything.


I picked up Fall of Light: Darkest Edition as an impulse purchase for Switch. I hadn’t heard much about this game but I like action RPGs and it was $14. I completely lost patience with the game after 10 minutes, I think the controls are terrible and the cut scenes are unbearably cheesy. Has anyone played this game and think I should give it more time?


something in my periodic nostalgia heart reminded me of smb2 and therefore prompted me to check in on the state of emulators for current-ish mac os. i found openemu and it was complete plug n play. used my NES controller with usb adapter.

on my last mac computer i had to partition the hd and run a windows emulator and run wine and then could run the emulator. so yeah, that was really NOT plugnplay (and that was only NES (though i obv could have run other emulators)). but it worked and it introduced me to the save states that let me finally beat a few of the games of my youth.

i look forward to seeing NES projected in my current living room sans tv setup! large and in charge.