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I think the connection is Wii style plug.


I just tried the Monster Hunter demo on Switch and have to say I completely don’t get it. The controls seem insane, and the game play didn’t make much sense to me. Maybe I’m missing something?


i tried the demo on ps4 and i thought it was terrible but i have never dug the monster hunter games. too much of this not enough of that or something.

but holy crap the emulator is so good projected on the wall!

if ever can give life advice for the privileged: remove all tvs from your living room and just get a projector!


It gets a bit of time getting used to the controls, especially if you are navigating the menus in game.
As fot the hunting part, the controls are pretty straight forward, you roll and have 2 attacks.
Camera there is a button to lreposition it either behind you or facing the big monster.
It’s either a love it or hate it game. Been playing it since MH1.


emulator thoughts r/t best your favorite NES, gameboy and gameboy advance?

i think my old nes controller will be able to kinda natively control those three happily via emulator so i am kinda wondering what your favorite classics in that old nintendo era were.


Gargoyle’s Quest for Game Boy! :grin:


I just purchased Into The Breach on Switch this weekend. MAN I’m only playing on easy but it’s great!


This game was so good


thank you so much for your rec it is now d/l’d :kangaroo:

so far for gameboy i found metroid 2, zelda links awakening, mystic quest, castlevania 2, batman return of the joker and tetris.


large projection onto entire wall with sound pumped through studio monitors is intense.


Kuru Kuru Kururin on the GBA is great fun.


For GBA i recommemd the bit generations games


do you think nes controller into usb would comfortably work as controller for gba games or maybe i should just try direct ps controller->usb?


GBA has 4 buttons + directional pad, nes is 2 buttons


is there bit music rom that would do somethin glike lsdj or similar?


well ps4 controller is plug n play. modern magic medicine. surprising to me how easy this stuff is compared on my experience a few years ago.


oh really? on which OS and emulator?

I agree about Destiny 2 btw, currently sitting watching my housemate play it, looks pretty bad.


on mac high sierra 10.13.5 OpenEmu

and re destiny, it isn’t that it LOOKS bad it just feels as empty and soulless as any big box triple-a shooter ever does imo.


Hah yeah I meant ‘looks’ as in ‘seems like a bad game’. Good to know the DS4 is easy to set up, might end up playing more on emulators than on the PS4… I really like the GBA as a console, the graphics are really nice and the games feel tight. The Kirby, Castlevania and Advance Wars series are all worth a shot, as well as Mother 3.


I think it’s been said above too but the two GBA Fire Emblems are great great games.