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I started my first playthrough of Chrono Trigger today and I’m about 4 hours in. Loving it so far!


yeah, and the two extra ones are shoulders which do help to be on shoulders. something like an 8bitdo SNES-style controller would be ideal.


re: Destiny:

D2 has been a disappointment, largely, because I loved D1, and put… a large number of hours I should have spent in the studio into it. Whilst there’s a degree of repetition in the core experience, the things I’ve done with friends in that space - and the friends I’ve made - has been great, and it had one of the best communities around an online game I can think of. It combines the snappy Bungie FPS feel with some reasonably interesting mechanics and a world I liked being in - sure, it’s an FPS, but it’s a colourful SF fantasy universe full of dancing and space magic, and it came when I was really fed up of neoliberal military power fantasies. That’s just my experience, but the people and the regular co-op sessions I had really made it a thing. Everybody raves about Vault of Glass - the first 6-player raid released - but justly so; VoG with five chums - or five strangers from LFG, or five new friends from Slack - never failed to feel great.

D2… did a lot of strange things to make the core experience less fun, and whilst they’ve massively overhauled it in 2.0.0 (ie Forsaken, releasing today) there’s still a long way to go to get the community back to where it was. Notably, multiplayer is beginning to become ‘fun’ again in that they’ve sped it up a tad and made loadout selection far more interesting - that was a horrible choice a year ago - and they’ve put it back to 6v6. But: 6v6 on maps designed for 4v4 is proving a bit like a bunfight, so it’ll take a while to settle down.

I dunno; it’s lots of things that many people understandably dislike - grindy, shooty, and always-on-multiplauyer - but for a bunch of us, it was a genuinely brilliant place and community. It’s not everybody’s thing, but I think “soulless” is an unfair judgment on the franchise. D2, is, however, a somewhat different thing, and I think most of the changes they made were for the worse. Still, it has its moments, and it looks like it might be picking up again. We’ll see.

On the flipside: when Destiny is shit, I write more music.


The sequel, Kururin Paradise is even better. Japan only, but not hard to figure out how to navigate. Also has weird extra modes/unlocakble easter eggs like… a love tester.


Yes. It’s good too! Very happy that the GBA is region free.
There’s a version for the GameCube too. Equally fun.


The warioland series is probably my favorite thing on GB(A). All four of them are distinctly excellent. They always appealed to me in a way mario never could, especially in 2 and 3 where you don’t even take damage from enemy attacks. “platform puzzler” is a seriously underserved genre.


I replay Axiom Verge once a year. It might actually be a masterpiece. I especially love the music and sound effects. If you’re here you probably will too :slight_smile: Available on lots of different systems. Trailer:


The anime Welcome to the N.H.K. has a fake anime theme called “Puru Puru Pururin” that so stuck in my head that I expected to hear that same music for this game :joy:

This thread made me play Slay The Spire… it’s really fun. It turns out I already liked roguelikes without knowing what they were—Popcap’s Bookworm Adventures was kind of one!


metroid is a masterpiece.

axiom verge was cool but 100% derivative.

i really liked axiom verge and i hope the maker gets their due and goes on to make new and better in current day. but masterpiece is metroid.

i started playing metroid 2 last night on gameboy emulator projected onto a whole wall and it is pretty rockin.


O man, to me Monster Hunter World is one of the best games. I had never played a MH game before but spent ~125 hours in World.

I disliked it at first because I did not understand movement during combat. Then, I realized the entire game is based on patience. Once I absorbed that fact, I began to play almost every day. Now, I am retired from that game.


My video game life became bleak after I retired from Monster Hunter World. I attempted Persona 5 but found the whole thing disagreeable. The game has a great style but I do not want to spend my video games time in virtual high school.

I attempted Metro 2033 but realized I don’t have any FPS chops any more (old Doom 2 player from many years ago). No spoilers but I became stuck at a certain point and basically rage quit the entire game.

Now I have started Torment, an old CRPG style game updated for today’s player. The game is about reading. I could read a novel instead of playing this game. However, novels don’t have a rad virtual world to interact with. I’m about six hours deep and rate it as pretty fun.


Have you played the original planescape torment? It’s ridiculously good.


No! I wish I had played it before starting Torment, now, because it will be difficult or impossible for me to return to the older game. I have read that it’s a tremendous achievement in the CRPG world.


Like the new one, it’s almost entirely text-based, so it might not be too hard to get into. Highly recommend it if you have the chance.


lapsed Destiny player (hated vanilla D2, did not bother with the first two expansions) thinking about getting back in now that they seem to have ‘fixed’ it. at the same time I’ve enjoyed putting my free time elsewhere…


Owlboy is very good! In many ways it feels like a spiritual successor to Cave Story - similar visual and control style, immersive single player adventure, a real slow-burning story driven experience. Will report back when I finish it…


i gotta ta do it character




yeah, this looks seriously awesome