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that game is so pretty. i am sure i will play hld again. such a good soundtrack.


Yes! Great games and nice music if I remember correct.


fromsoftware deracine psvr dropping nov 6th at 29.99

i think preorder is available but i haven’t checked yet.

looks like it requires the wavy wand move controllers (which i have but have never used).

anyway FS is knocking it out of the park clearly working toward next level imo.


just preordered characters


I know it’s not the same as MTG but I’m playing hearthstone at the moment.


big psn sale going right now.

i picked up owlboy and super hot both were 40% off

a ton of other things in there some quite good. worth a looook if u ps


and gameboy emulator is so big in my heart atm. metroid n zeldas i never knew really and always tetris.


Found out about Hyper Light Drifter after seeing the screenshot in this thread and scanning the Switch store. Beautiful game, incredible soundtrack. I’m in love!


super hot and owlboy are both totally rockin so far


Superhot was really… uh, cool :smiley: but but one particular level frustrated me enough that I never came back to it.

It’s been months, but still when I comment on excessively warm weather, my spouse comes back with “SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.”

In other news I finally stopped dithering and ordered a refurb Switch (green/pink joycons).


the thought of HLD on a Switch controller does make my wrists cramp up in sympathy, though…


I got the Switch Pro controller last month and I’m really glad I made that move.


It’s night and day, isn’t it? Really impressed with its battery life too.


Thankfully I have a pro controller :slight_smile: It’s playable in handheld mode, but the difference is staggering.

My wrists only cramp in handheld mode played at a lazy/bad angle. The rest of the configurations havent given me any trouble.


I still use a PS3, was thinking how cool it would be if they just offered everything for £1 before they close down the store…


gameboys are cheap and you can get flashcarts to put the complete GB and GBC catalog on pretty easy.


i have an 8bitdo bluetooth controller that’s basically an SNES controller with analog sticks and a second set of shoulder buttons. it’s fantastic!


Picked up City Skylines for the eldest and Captain toad for the youngest.

I think Toad might be too advanced for the 5 year old but we enjoy the co-op demo, so it’ll probably just be a co-op only game.

After a weekend of the eldest playing City Skylines, it’s now like I’m living with a beleaguered town mayor from the 1970s.

after viewing the recent Nintendo Direct,Switch has such a strong line up for old fashioned video games… (i.e. not thinly disguised military training sims or endless open world sequels.)


surprised that Thumper has never been discussed on this thread. I am revisiting it for the first time in a long time and am trying to grind my way through this boss at 5-11. Level 5 is extremely hard!!!

This game is so menacing. CLANG! CLING CLONG!



I’ve been playing through this in co-op with my 6 year old. It’s been really enjoyable.

Some of the levels are a bit frantic, and require the 2nd player to do things at the correct time (especially the dragon levels). You do get invincibility mushrooms if you die too many times though (only happened to us once so far…). A lot of the levels have been magical.

Does anyone know what the co-op is like in Super Mario Odyssey?