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glad to hear… just really happy to show my kids the latest Nintendo direct and not have to worry about beheadings and zombie nazis as the main driver for all the AAA games.

but we did watch the trailer for ‘this is the police’ which looked great but soon became apparent, it was more Fargo the TV series than the keystone cops.


hollow knight just dropped on ps4!!!


Dark Souls network test in UK this weekend for Nintendo Switch


glad they are finally getting to that. they are clearly busier than ever!


excited to finally play Undertale now that it made it to the Switch.


Great news! I never did beat my final play-through, hopefully the Switch controller makes it easier than the PC one I was using!

You’re going to love it! One of my all take favorite games.


I’ve been enjoying the Switch for a couple of days. It’s a pretty neat system with only a few flaws IMHO. I’ve been using it entirely as a portable device with the Joycons attached so far.

In an effort not to spend too much at once I picked up a few cheap indie games. I’ve got 19 more on my wish list, and maybe I’ll pick up a couple of first-party AAA titles as used physical copies. I’m also kind of tempted to import Taiko no Tatsujin.

One thing I’ll recommend is Find the Balance – it’s just $2 and is a cute, fun, occasionally challenging physics puzzle game. It’s new and obscure enough not to have any reviews out there yet.

I like Beat Rush too – I’m not normally into platformers, but this is also a rhythm game, since all your jumping has to be on the beat. It’s tough, but it’s the sort of thing you’ll want to fail at hundreds of times for the satisfaction of getting through.


i think hollow knight goes playably live for ps4 in about 15 minutes


and it is super strong starting out. loving it. much better than other stuff i have been playing.


Hollow Knight’s first few hours are its weakest point gameplay-wise, so if you like it already you’ll love what’s next :slight_smile:


Hollow Knight is still fun at 38 hours (For me anyway). I just “beat” the “boss.”


Hooked on Dead Cells on the switch, which has been a way more fun system than i thought it would be — got a switch just for the new smashbros coming in dec, but i cant believe how wrong i was about this thing, its awesome.


looking forward to dead cells at some point


One of the things I really love about the Switch so far is that a lot of the best games are getting back to real game design, rather than new graphics overlaid on the same basic games. Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Zelda, Overcooked… so many fun and engaging games that are interesting and deep.


I wouldn’t be surprised if I have put about 150 hours into Breath of the Wild at this point. I was frustrated with the game about halfway through it because the thrill of discovery and danger of each encounter lessened and it started to feel like grinding for resources and fetch quests. I started to really enjoy playing the game again after beating Gannon and still find new things every time I allow myself to wander a bit. It is such a beautifully designed and engaging game. The DLCs are great too.


I picked up Monster Hunter World on PS4 recently and have been enjoying that with some friends. I don’t think I would enjoy it very much on my own but goofing off and hunting big ole dinos with a couple of friends has been a blast. The monster design is great and interesting and the combat has a lot of depth.
I have had some frustrating experiences with getting disconnected from the online session, which causes all kinds of annoyances and sometimes makes the game pretty unplayable.


I picked up Dark Souls for Switch over the weekend. I have never played before, but a couple of my friends love this game so I’ve always been interested in checking it out. Damn, this game is tough and I’m just starting out. Part of my difficulty is that I’m so used to Breath of the Wild controls so I drink my Estus flask instead of attacking my enemies.


The souls series is so good! 11/10


i just got back into bloodborne and it changes me hahahahahahaha. it appears i’m going to try to get through ng+++ dlc enough to unlock a secret boss so i can try to help @jhindsight beat em

and yup. souls feel like they have changed my life. no other games compare and i just continuously cycle through them even though some are better than others.

case in point i just started a new build on ds2r. and i’m enjoying the shit out of it. they just get better with time. so much thought paid to design of worlds and the combat (especially of bb is like waterbutterteetertotterhellholefun)


Back into DS on Switch after getting as far as Queelags domain on the PS3.

still on the easy grind at the moment but going with my usual Cleric/Tank build.

not looking forward to revisiting Blighttown, or those gargoyles, or avoiding Basilisks,

in fact not looking forward to most of it… :worried:

but I am looking forward to beating those bits, and moving onwards and deeper into Lodran.