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I should have figured this forum would love the Souls games :smile_cat:

I’m having a go at Dark Souls remastered on PS4. The frame rate is so nice now, makes getting through blighttown a lot more doable.


blighttown is great on the remaster. kinda revelatory in that you can play it functionally and see what is going on.


The guy behind Papers, Please has a new game out, looks incredible


It does look incredible, and I hope the story is interesting too. This game, along with things like Totem Teller, Sable, or Everything is going to be OK makes me hopeful the gaming world won’t get stuck in its own generic visual universes and will find new ways to tell story both visually and with interesting gameplay / narrative approach. I hope all the aforementioned games will perform decently too, I’ll try to buy them all given the chance!

Also sidenote : Return to Obra Dinn is available on at this adress precisely if you’re interested go buy it there, it’s kinda like buying a musician’s work on Bandcamp ! :slight_smile:


glorious bloodborne. laurence the first vicar just practicing helping folks in coop best him. such a great boss. it’s so souls. more souls than souls.


Picked up Hollow Knight. Beautiful, but really really hard. Not sure I have the patience, which is a shame because the game is great otherwise.


Keep at it! It’s gets harder, but as you get power ups and familiarize yourself with the controls I find the difficulty scales pretty nicely.


totally agree. HK is hard but it doesn’y in my mind qualify as super hard. and it just gets so cool and freaky. beautiful lil and yet epic cartoon adventure.

stick with it and just set little goals of exploration. you will find stuff :kangaroo:


My only gaming platform right now is my iPhone. I’m currently replaying Mini Metro, which added some new levels recently. If you like transit maps, this game turns them into a gripping strategy/puzzle experience. It also has terrific sound design and music, very calm and ambient. I’ve also been enjoying Ovivo.


i’m sorry if this is too normie for this crowd, but is anyone else pumped for Red Dead Redemption 2?

that’s essentially my plan for the entire weekend.


Love the art and the minimalism of Mini Metro, I’ve been on the hunt for more games like it lately, know of any?


Obviously super is relative here: for me, I got stuck on a boss for over an hour, but I’m sure others have had less difficulty. I just wish there was a difficulty setting, which is a thing more games should have.


for sure perspective is subjective. i come from the souls obsession camp so difficulty for me is literal months stuck on a boss. one hour falls in my easy-peasy category. i definitely don’t mean that disrespectfully. i am clearly a masochist. the thing about good boss design is that they will have learnable behavior that seems difficult or impossible until you learn what is going on. i found that learning aspect quite reasonable throughout HK. it isn’t an easy game but i think if you take into account the learning phase of areas and bosses it’ll treat you right. a few of the bosses were a significant challenge but coupled in there were some breezes and beat-on-first-meeting (i am no great player) so i believe that is significant. beauty and love are a daily choice just as much as condemning something to be “too hard”. it will be just about as hard as you make it.


This recommendation took me a long time to act on. I picked up the game during a Steam sale a while back, but only really got hooked recently. The kid and I have been playing for a half hour or so every day the last week. Super fun.


I’m excited too! I don’t know when I will get a copy (probably in a couple months). I’ve heard that when you kill someone with a family the family will form a posse that will track you down.


feeling more ambivalent than i did a month ago, but still thinking it’ll be my once-every-couple-years triple-A playthrough


that’s pretty much the only gaming i do, save an occasional game of civilization or something like that. as a fairweather gamer (the last game i was pumped about was Fallout 4) the workplace conditions issue is new to me. that stuff is pretty hard to read about, and it’s definitely putting a damper on my excitement. it’s too bad that this game’s all-but-inevitable success will likely serve as “justification” for the toxic work culture; hopefully unionization or something else along those lines can happen in these giant studios in the near future.


The problem I have is not so much that I can’t figure out the patterns, it’s that the fights require a lot of dexterity and are not forgiving of mistakes. Some people enjoy the challenge, but I like to game to relieve frustration, not create more :slight_smile:


i hear you. the other attempt i might suggest then is to grind and overup a bit so you kinda smash through everything. i found i had to put a lot of thought into charm choice for certain situations as well and definitely open up more charm slots so you can equip more. and also definitely explore around to find those funkier charms that might help you a bit. hidden walls… exploration and enjoying the world is a friend when frustration finds you. i think there almost always another route to explore that will probably end up helping you up your character the next time you do find a boss/area giving you trouble. but in the end i think it is more of a great adventure game than a relaxer. i do hope you enjoy, find your footing and stick with it as i thought it was awesome. but give up that ghost if you aren’t feeling it. it won’t get any easier.


so very excited about rd2, but not as excited as I am for the last of us 2