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@Rodrigo and I bought a Nintendo Switch about a month ago and it’s been super fun. He’s addicted to Zelda, which looks like a really beautiful game, and whenever we get together we try to play at least a level or two of Overcooked 2, which is IMO the funnest type of cooperative game. So much of the game is actually talking and communicating effectively with the person you’re playing with. That’s what ya gotta do when you’re in the weeds!

Unintended Side effect: I made THE BEST chicken parm after an especially inspired session. (Results may vary)



Away all weekend for a wedding so can’t play till next week though


I wish I knew! I do recommend Ovivo, it’s different from Mini Metro but quite aesthetically appealing.


Finally managed my first ascension run last night after an embarrassing number of tries

(Time Eater is a bastard)


i’m down to play rd2 but all i end up doing in those kinds of games is wandering around the open world. i actually did play through the story mode in gta 5 and just thought, oh, that’s it? it wasn’t satisfying in the least (not to mention infantile). i wish these companies would put 1/10th effort they put into creating their tech towards gameplay and narrative…

anyway i’ve just been enjoying the heck out of playing shenmue 1 and 2 again because i’m a grumpy old sega fan.


This is why I play Starcraft versus AI.

I play Starcraft when I’m burned out with things, which is often frustrating interactions with people.

Playing Starcraft against other people… argh, more frustrating people.

I realize I’ll never get ‘really good’ if I only play AI, but… I game to relieve frustration :slight_smile:


I’m playing Dark Souls for the first time on Switch.

I seem to die a lot. It’s a dying simulation?


Srsly?? The dying has only gotten started.


Been playing nhl19 and I really love it. Not interested in the online stuff but like the be a pro mode. I currently lead the OHL in penalty minutes (by approx 100mins lol) and in +/-. I’ll take that as I’m playing as an attacking defenceman.

Have been playing the Lego Marvel and Batman 3 games with jnr. Really cool coop, and no “real death” to worry about. Some nice puzzles that gets the wee one’s brain ticking. She is desperate to play the DC villians game though! But I’ve said we need to finish what we have first.


‘you died’, over the years has become a honest joy. not always, but i’ve modulated my parameters. i know miyazaki joy hath been met when i can just revel in ‘you died’. if i’m all stinky about it, chances are i’m taking myself just a tad too seriously.

i’m not trying to promote knockoff teez, but i like the humor.


It will soon become a soul farming simulation.


That was how I finally beat the Taurus Demon! Lots of soul grinding.

Now there’s an evil horse.


If anything Dark Souls really teaches you humility, especially when you get wrecked by some low level enemies that you’ve defeated fifteen times in a row trying to get to the real challenge.


i totally just ‘you died’ to some low level enemies i’ve defeated… yup just as you stated.


Having to constantly head back to the rooftops to face the Gargoyles as I’ve left a ton of humanity there in my bloodstain.

Refusing to give them up, it’ll be a prefect DS moment, when I rush into that corridor of Hollows and they pwn me because I’m rushing…


Just started playing Red Dead 2 last night and loving the slow pacing so far and the sound (fx and music are both amazing) :horse:


I haven’t been gaming much this year in order to stay productive in my music, but I decided that it’s good to sit back and relaxed so I started playing Resident Evil 7 today.

Loving it so far. Creepy, but also very fun and often silly.


you died
you died
you died
you died
you died
you died
you died
you died
victory achieved
you died
you died
you died


Just happened to me in 20 chars


is summoning a kind soul willing to help you a bad thought?