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My partner introduced me to Gorogoa today. I finished it today too, so it’s pretty quick, but really pretty.


We’re not there yet… just need to Git gud.


summoning is some of the best fun ever imo. both intentional and random. ive never enjoyed invading folks but it clearly is an included mechanic so miyazaki approves and has in all 5 of these games.

i did first bloodborne playthrough offline but now i truly believe all the summoning improves the intended game experience.

i don’t mean to be pushy, to each their own.

and full disclosure i’m stuck in ds2 way early game on second boss (floating robocop motherfucker). i tried to summon, wasted my effigies and nobody matching up with me to summon. so now i too have to git gud. this puny +2 scimitar is not…cutting it. :fox_face:


I picked up a used switch that came with Zelda and have been enjoying it immensely. I’ve not spent much time in the last many many years with a game system and am just so impressed with the immersive aspect of the game. I have enjoyed exploring the landscape as much as solving the puzzles. Any recommendations for something to follow it up with once I complete the game?


I quit Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls where you open the big temple gate and come upon the snakes dudes. You go into that temple and they want you to tightrope walk a ledge with pendulum blades while being shot at by snake dude archers, AND if you get knocked off, one of those asshole half-man-half-scorpion monstrosities is on the floor.

I understood what to do; I did not want to do it. I stopped wanting to ‘git good’ and stopped playing.

I enjoyed the game, but the commitment to technical play exceeded my interest and commitment, which is frustrating because I would have liked to have finished the game. I enjoyed the story, and would like to have seen where it went.

I will probably try Bloodborne or another iteration at some point. I can say, as someone who enjoys some very technically challenging games and has done a reasonable amount of game design himself, designing such a precise difficulty curve is hard, and for me the DS curve failed.

I agree with you though, the “multiplayer light” stuff is definitely critical to the experience, even if being killed by OP strangers can frustrating.


That’s Dark Souls (1), Sen’s Fortress. I somehow agree, I didn’t really like the pendulum blades, but it’s not that tricky once you understand the timing and maybe move your camera a bit.

The thing here is to make the snake people move toward you with a ranged attack and they’ll either get bumped downwards by the blades or at least get some damage and you can then finish them and quietly move past the blades.

Btw, I’ve played all the Souls games (the only one I didn’t play on release was Demons Souls), just got Dark Souls on Switch and I’m getting “You Died”-ed a lot, for what it’s worth :slight_smile:


Oi. Sorry. Yeah. It’s been a while! I think I was thinking of Demon Souls as “1”. Yeah. I understood the strategy necessary, but I also knew it would take me hours and hours to do. :sweat_smile:


The main game that’s really held my attention since finishing BotW is Hollow Knight. It’s a bit tough to begin with, but it has a similar sort of exploration-focused vibe, which I love, and I still haven’t finished it after putting in nearly 50hrs. Not bad for a £15 game. It probably took me 5-10hrs to really get into it and I’ve had to slow myself down recently because I don’t want it to end.


Started Dark Souls again on switch. Last time (pc) I gave up in blight town. Hopefully the remaster will make it more enjoyable.


blightown was definitely more enjoyable. it doesn’t include the semi psychedelic frame rate drop issue which is quite nice.


it’s a delight from beginning to end. I still love the “falling coal” puzzle.


i need to check that one out!


I think me and @dude could probably do with someone staging an intervention into our souls obsession. I’m currently having a ridiculous amount of fun (yes FUN) in ds2 because of him.


I could use an intervention myself. DS on Switch is my first experience but I’m hooked!


Welcome to the dark side (pun intended). I guarantee in a couple of years you’ll have played all modern fromsoft games multiple times.


same here! we played thru marvel and the story of the latest Batman. Looking forward to dc villians tho.


The Lego games are very good, though the very ealier ones are significantly less good. I have a forever softspot for Lego Lord of the Rings.


oh man, i love they way you have your steam categories setup. i typically just throw games i’m playing or want to finish into favorites…this is much more streamlined. thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


Glad it helps! I just had so much to consider that I needed a practical way to bucket sort my library based on my interest in playing things and how I play things. Now my favorites are my actual favorites. :slight_smile:


it’s a testament to dark souls…
muchos years back
weeks of sunbro action
(so cool, the non-verbal communications)
helping fools through crystal caverns and sieth the scaleless on ps3
(from this bonfire…)

there’s way more past Sen’s fortress :slightly_smiling_face: