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before i had kiddos, i tried playing through dark souls. i made it to anor londo and couldn’t get past the big ol’ boss…one day maybe.


deracine i think it drops tonight.


Is anyone else going to play Fallout 76? I got the Tricentennial edition :smiley:


one of the few games I’ve played! loved it


deracine is completely charming thus far viewed in a completely post-souls miyazaki sense. ive been waiting for this since day one of announcement. the controls are funky (only vr game ive spent time with that didn’t have clunky controls was superhypercube) but i am excited to play more.

i won’t spoil anything and i am only 2 saves in but deracine is rocking in this peaceful non-violent charming ghost slow exploration sense. im loving it.

i don’t think psvr has made itself yet a worthy investment. only 4 games so far that i either love or really like or found to be successful as vr experiences. but those four have been totally worth it to me.

i will say, if you were charmed by bloodborne and have access to psvr, i’d most definitely give deracine a try.

and i’m not going to lie, i have been daydreaming about playing more deracine since trying it out for the first time and second and third.


Nice, it looks amazing.

I daydream about Dark Souls though a few moments have given a real feeling of panic and existential dread… and I’ve barely started. Never played a game that I have felt on a visceral level. Currently in the depths after getting stuck in a couple areas I have no business being in yet.


i will so gladly come and help via coop in any area if that sounds like fun. i may need to reinstall though. and schedule matching etc.

i believe i have some open time in the next few days. let me know if that’d suit ye.

ah shoot u r on switch so network won’t allow coop. damn i love coop.


I appreciate the offer!! I’ve only played solo so far and haven’t connected online, honestly I’m a little afraid of being invaded but plane co-op sounds really fun. But yeah I’m on switch I don’t think I can play cross platform


Enjoying me some immersive-sim action in Prey 2017


Prey is so good! . Really surprised more people didn’t rave about it


i’m a huge fallout fan, but i’ve never been able to get into MMORPGs. i’ve tried WoW and elder scrolls online in the past and gave up on both after a few sessions; games like that don’t seem to be a good fit for my once-a-week-max gaming schedule. so my general MMORPG aversion and the lukewarm initial reviews have kept me from preordering, but i could probably be convinced to try it.


Yep! Loving it so far. Funnily enough, each time I come back to games after a looong break - in a way its feels like coming home after a long trip)


i’ve been wanting to post about deracine so much but i never know what to say and i don’t want to ruin it for anyone if they are inclined to try it and i also have not yet finished it.

i only allow for one chapter at a time ideally per day and i think i have adhered to my time ideal throughout. the point being to allow for wondrous immersion and not ever reach over-saturation. which i think, for precious games, is the only way to go through.

i cannot separate the content from bloodborne consciousness. there are so many connections it feels far beyond wild speculation on my part to think there is a relationship. and i have my own working theory of connection. i did not start the game with this theory. i did hope for some connection as the worlds had too many aesthetic similarities when the game was first announced.

all i can say is that if anyone here has psvr and was as into bloodborne as i was (read platinum’d and still playing) i firmly believe your socks will be rocked (again) by miyazaki (and team) genius.

there is so much more i want to say about this but i only want to discuss specifics in a way that wouldn’t ruin anything (probably privately).


So I’m kind of stuck in Hollow Knight. Usually I have been able to un-stuck myself but this time I’ve just put the game down since the summer…

Love the game and want to progress, so I’m considering looking at a walkthrough of some kind. The issue is that I really don’t want to spoiler myself on any other parts of the game…

Has anyone used any kind of resources to get through specific areas without spoiling others?


if you explain where you are (pm if you don’t want to spoil others) i may be able to help (ideally avoiding spoilers) as i finished the game semi recently. however, exploration makes that game work out. if you haven’t been to some areas in a while, try back there with any newfound abilities and things should open up nicely.


picked up the Dark Souls Remaster and haven’t been able to penetrate the play style it requires yet. haven’t put any serious time into it but def curious for some advice. they seem like rewarding games once you get the hang of them but there’s a feeling of impenetrability right now.


I’m a relative new player. I’ve put in 50 hours in 2 different builds so far and have reached Blighttown in both. This is what I’ve learned.

Here is my general advice:

  1. I would find a melee weapon you like, stick with it, and get really comfortable with its move set.
  2. In my one build I have a pyro and sorcery and just pyro in the other. I realize now that having two magic types is a mistake because it requires you to spread your stat allocation too thin.
  3. Magic is useful and can help take some difficult enemies, but it is too slow to be used reliably and difficult to aim without target lock. Get used to fighting melee.
  4. Avoid over leveling in the beginning. There are some spots where it is easy to farm and level up quickly, but then you might realize you don’t like the direction your build is in.
  5. Endurance and Vitality are really useful to level up.
  6. Get used to losing souls.
  7. Always try to fight enemies one on one.

Prepare to die


i’ve always enjoyed bows because of aim/distance flexibility. specific 1/1 agro ability

i think magic is fiddly but it can be incredibly powerful (ive seen and been told) but ive never gone for a magic build d/t my love for 2 handed claymore action.

physical combat weapon/comfort is not optional.

don’t be afraid of jolly coop. it’s fun. praise the sun. even just let your self be summoned and see what happens for exploration.

be mindful of weight dynamics/rolling/speed. that aspect can take some thinking re item/armor playstyle prioritization.

there’s always more than one way to approach. sometimes chosen path is purposefully difficult based of strengths/defenses of enemy.

learn the dance of whatever is giving you trouble. things are meant to be difficult but definitely doable once dynamics understood.


I’m also playing and it’s my first Souls or Souls-like experience. This is what is working for me, adding or affirming to what @kirklandish and @dude said

  1. I decided to focus on one weapon type. For me, it’s the halberd. It’s slow but powerful and can be used in both tight and open locations. It’s worth trying out a few things early but then settling in on a move set you like.
  2. I’ve been mostly focusing on leveling endurance. You want to shoot for carrying 25% or less of your weight limit, because that allows you to fast roll and to walk/run faster. This might seem like it would leave you naked; don’t get hit :slight_smile: You’ll get an item later on that will boost your weight limit significantly. Having more endurance also lets you take more shield blocks before you need to back off and regain stamina, and it lets you run longer on those endless journeys back and forth.
  3. I’m completely ignoring magic for now. Will explore that in another run through. As others said, boosting it will slow your melee stat leveling. I’m also mostly ignoring my bow, except for when it’s absolutely needed, but hopefully there will be a stronger bow that’s worth leveling soon.
  4. Be really cognizant of the types of enemies you’re fighting and their attacks, and be ready to swap your armor and weapons accordingly. Different armor has boosted ability to fight off poison, fire, and lightning, and also different defense against attack types. You’ll also find that true of enemies. In particular, heavily armored enemies pretty much brush off slash damage but thrust damage hurts them. Some enemies are particularly weak against fire or lightning.
  5. I had a hard time with the boss of Undead Burg for quite a while, so I spent a fair amount of time farming Undead Burg to get my stats up. Apart from the leveling benefit, Undead Burg’s enemies are easy and represent a range of attack and defense types, so it’s a good ‘gym’ to practice controls. Earlier on I struggled to make it end-to-end without dying, but as I played more I learned how to respond to different enemies and how to watch for tells.
  6. Sort of along those lines: Dark Souls is a rhythm game. As in, an enemy makes a move, and there is an appropriate set of controls to respond to that move. Until you’re sure you know how to take on an enemy and make the first move safely, it’s much wiser to have your shield up, and take hits or dodge them and then respond to them. I’ve found it helpful to think of it as something like Rock Band: enemy does this thing, and I respond with this series of actions. TBH that’s pretty much all video games that involve enemies, but it’s much more important here. You can’t tank your way through things.

And, prepare to die, as they said :slight_smile: over and over and over and over. It’s a dying simulator!


i think i need to get back to it and try a little more. got out of the tutorial area and to the starting area and have explored some but have no idea where i’m supposed to go. tried a couple directions and there were like 8 skeletons in an area that kept killing me lol. curious if i’m supposed to fight those skeletons or if they are supposed to be a “hey don’t go here you aren’t strong enough yet” kind of wall.