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I spent too much time banging my head against the wall fighting the skeletons. You aren’t ready for them yet.


Yeah Dark Souls is an evil game that wants to kill you a lot. If you find yourself just dying a lot and repeatedly trying a lot, the game is basically telling you you might not be ready for that area. There are a couple of areas immediately accessible from Firelink Shrine that you are in no way prepared for at the beginning. I’m level 57 now and just starting to be ready for one of them.

That said, you might have to try to fight a boss or miniboss 15-20 times before you beat it, so, don’t give up.


and it is not a mistake the miyazaki includes coop summons abilities.


all these Dark Souls tips are making me really want to try it out…

edit: should i start with the remaster of 1? or go straight to 3? or bloodborne?


Without having played 2 or 3, my understanding is that 3 has all kinds of callbacks and references to 1, so you’ll probably appreciate 3 more having played 1.


it doesn’t matter what order. 2 is its own thing. they do all relate but you’ll notice that regardless of where you start.

i started with demons souls and hated it. then dark souls 2, hated it as well.

along comes bloodborne and then the whole thing clicked for me and the rabbit hole is deep.

so i would always tell anybody to start with bloodborne. it is my favorite game of all time. but after bloodborne i would do demons souls>dark souls 1>dark souls 2 >dark souls 3.


So in attempt to hijack this away from FROMgames…

I’m stoked about Brendon Chung’s new game:

I’m a huge fan of so-called “immersive sims”, like Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock (and more recently Dishonored and Prey - both excellent). Anyone else into this kind of stuff? I keep coming back to the original Deus Ex and Thief 1 & 2 to replay them all the time. They never get old.

There’s a crazy huge fan community built around custom missions for Thief. There’s even an entire recreation of the game done using the Doom 3 engine called The Dark Mod that’s extremely polished.


I’m a huge fan of immersive sims as well, but I wasn’t able to play classic Deus Ex and Thief games. Playing Prey 2017 now.

Aside from Deus Ex HR and MD, both Dishonored, Dead Space 1 and 2, I loved MGS 1, and also keep coming back to S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, at least once or twice a year, mostly playing story-driven mods on the new and / or improved locations. Maybe its not an “immersive sim”, but man is it immersive!


found my way to the Undead Burg, feels a little like progress :slight_smile:


i’ve always wanted to play STALKER but never got around to it - now it seems somewhat intimidating based on the sheer amount of expansions/sequels/mods available - got any recommendations?

Prey was really something special. I gotta play through that again soon.


Shadow of Chernobyl is OG STALKER, Clear Sky is a prequel, Call of Pripyat is a sequel. This is a cornerstone, I think everyone owes themselves to play these 3 games in vanilla versions, which are available at

Speaking of mods, the community is very strong with this one, but I liked only the very best, top tier mods that don’t go too far from the original concept and world, but offer new stories and new and / or revamped locations. To name a few: Spatial Anomaly, Wind of Time, Valley of Whispers, and Spectrum project: Path in the Haze.

Unfortunately, I have no idea on how well any of these mods are translated to English, if translated at all.


i thought i finished deracine but the title sequence did not roll. so something was fishy either glitch or more likely not doing something (human error almost always the culprit). the game kinda lost me halfway through. i’m on the fence but i hold final judgment until my controllers charge in order to actually finish the game. being plot oriented it will likely have meaning to actually see the end. :fairy:


ok i’m wondering who else has psvr around here and what your favorites are (and why).

i’ve only found 4 games that i thought were worth playing. but those 4 have been great.

it is the future, immersive perfect visuals impossible fun arcade experience. i don’t think i have ever beaten level 3. i hope to someday make it to level 4. cubes (was phil fish involved??)

an game-art/ballet masterpiece. never a more beautiful game have i played. and i cannot believe they made it for regular then added on vr support later. provocative/impressionistic storyline. gorgeous, i could just look around in that world forever.

i just finished this. i am a miyazaki souls from junkie. i never stop playing some soulsbornes as i believe them to be the best games around. deracine is imperfect but a fascinating story. gorgeous visuals. the lighting and world are sublime. a fromsoft journey with a lot of bloodborne references.

is my least favorite “keeper” on this list. i love how it looks. it gets rather more difficult later on and feels a bit cheap and also makes me ill if i play too long so by the time i get my skills up i am about ready to throw up for the tough stuff. i do hope to finish it some day and i just found they have windlands 2 out. maybe by the time i beat it 2 will come out.

so what are your psvr favorites and why/how?


i’ve been tempted. the new tetris game looks great/is getting lots of good reviews. i’m kind of into tetris anyways so i don’t know if it would be appealing if i weren’t.


i was just playing a gameboy emulator tetris on projector setup. may need to try TE.


My main concern is that I would be completely immersed and loose all sense of time and self.


almost every session in vr for me is about 15 minutes. i do go beyond from time to time but the setup itself just isn’t that comfortable to have on for long periods. i would be very surprised if you forgot yourself when you are all strapped in/set up. there are times i go for longer but they are by far the exception. just so amazing to dip a toe into that immersion and then jump right back to the rest of life. it’s kinda creepy when i explain it like that as it sounds like drugs or something. :face_vomiting:


i started back in kinda in bb on my original character that is ng++ . it’s become very very difficult. lol. does anybody have a real far along build (like beyond platinum build) that would like some bb coop fun? i’m trying to slow down my ds2 pace as we were trying to focus on coop.

bloodstarvedbeast in old Yarns is the boss i’m messing w/atm


finally getting in the rhythm of DS i think. beat the taurus demon. being sick at home has helped, heh.


Getting back to the DS chatter… I finally beat O&S in Anor Londo with the help of Solaire and a player summon. I tried beating it solo and with Solaire, but I don’t think was going to happen. If any Switch players need help I can log in tomorrow at some point and give you a hand (my SL is in the low 60s). Now I’m trying to figure out which of the four to face first…