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i’ve never beaten O+S w/o summons and i so broadly applaud anyone that can rock that duo solo



Hi Dude,
I haven’t played the VR version yet but I assume Rez Infinite would a great experience. The gameplay is easy to get in while the later levels definitely take some practice to beat or just for the joy of the score chase. It was already a pretty game to look at so I imagine sticking your head inside the world is even better.


Anyone playing dead cells? I’ve picked it up and am enjoying it. It’s a good mix of a souls type game (losing “cells” on death) and platforming. I think my favorite thing is the steady progression. It always makes you feel like you are slowly getting better upgrades while you get better at the game simultaneously.


I really like Rogue Legacy for similar reasons.


This was actually one of my favourite moments in DS1. Sen’s Fortress is such an isolated environment and all the traps and level design felt quite old school D&D to me. There’s a secret bonfire which helps a lot, but the difficulty of the whole thing felt like an old hardcore rpg module. “The four armed half snake archer takes his shot. You get hit, you fall 2 stories, on your way down you strike against a large swinging axe, you fall to the bottom, take fall damage, you are then killed by a giant stone half-scorpion” :joy:


I hate Sen’s Fortress… worse than Blighttown for me.

Well, I suppose it’s only bad if you’re limiting yourself to a specific weapon (which I am during my Fred Flintstone run where we’re only using the Giant Club, no arrows, no magic).


realized i needed to give super meat boy am honest try based on how much i explored binding of isaac. so i reinstalled both the mcmillens. hoping reframe of fun is possible in my brain.

blighttown looked so good in the remaster.
sens is a funhouse.

oh yeah, went for the first tree

very stoked about console subnautica and kentucky route zero

sekiro looms ever closer.


It’s what it is, and I appreciate the sentiment, but it did make me quit playing.

In other news, I am really enjoying Fallout 76 despite all of the public handwringing.


Starting a new (faith) build in DS even though I actually haven’t beaten the game yet. I’m really, really close - I have found (and been horribly defeated by) all of the end game bosses. Mainly restarting because I killed some NPCs and I want to see how their stories play out (if I can find them!).

After two hours I’ve already rang the church bell and I’m in the Depths, in my first play through that took me like 15 or more hours… :joy:


subnautica came out on ps4 today. i started on survival mode but i’m kinda thinking free mode is more my style when deep sea exploration is at hand.


tomorrow is Smash day, anyone going to play?


won’t have it for a couple of weeks but I’ll definitely play after that!


I just picked up the re-release of Okami this weekend. What a great game! I haven’t played it since it first came out 12 years ago and forgot how fun it is. Lovely soundtrack, and its graphics will never look outdated, it’s got such a beautiful and timeless design. And I love the interplay of the brush mechanic with the overall design and presentation of the game, how it all comes across as a folk tale written on a scroll.


deep here in the deep of the shallow waters (so far) in subnautica

so far in development of various binding of isaac characters and endings (always trying to unlock)

and ds2…apparently trying to unlock all bonfires or lambfs as i like to call them.


i just have to scream to the mountain tops: i love binding of isaac so much. i finally just updated to the most recent file update (ps4) had never installed the updates i bought from years ago. its gets so much better over time. excited to get the daily runs back into routine. soooo goooood.


Picked up a couple of Switch games last night. Diablo 3 is what tipped me over into buying the console, and there’s a 30% discount right now (so soon after release, I hope that’s not bad news). Also I’d been looking forward to Katamari Damacy Reroll since it was announced – I loved the original game and its quirky soundtrack.


omg hfs

if katamari is back i am probably going to have to buy a switch. am i correct in understanding it is just a remake of the og (that is exactly what i need)?


it’s a remastered version, has a good comparison screenshot.


With remastered/remakes coming out I’m hoping someone remakes Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Maybe nostalgia is coloring my perception but I remember it being amazing and still think of it to this day.

Shadow of the Colossus remake looks stunning. Between this and Bloodborne strongly considering a PS4 as a Xmas present to myself.


It seems really faithful to the original so far.

It occurred to me I’d really like to play the game with a big arcade trackball, like the original Marble Madness. It’d also be good for Marble It Up, but I’m not sure it makes sense for a lot of other Switch games.