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you will love ps4 waaaay more than 20 characters


it occurs to me that original came out on ps2 so seems given that it should come out on ps again at some point. just seems very likely. i signed a petition on to encourage lol.

i was freaking out yesterday thinking i had to buy a switch and then i thought oh i could play dark souls on switch and then i thought duh, KD will drop on ps4. it must. and i have dark soul in multiple version here and now.

and i am very much enjoying dark souls 2 this time around and subnautica is interesting but haven’t gone deep yet so i’m reserving judgment. it certainly ins’t perfect. frame rate issues and wooden feeling but the exploration is cool. and it is gorgeous and foreboding. and binding of isaac afterbirth+ is very hard hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I’ve been playing a lot of Siralim 3 on my iOS devices. It’s kind of like Pokemon taken to an obsessive extreme. There are over 800 monsters, each with a unique trait that changes the flow of the battle. They can also equip artifacts with additional traits. You have an active team of six creatures, so a lot of time is spent testing trait synergies. There’s a fair amount of grinding, so if you don’t like that, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, I’ve put over 40 hours and I’m still discovering a lot, plus there have already been two free expansions released in the last month. It’s wild.

Path of Exile’s new expansion is great. They fixed a lot of annoyances I had with it, especially crafting and the hideout system.

I bought Gorogoa and beat it almost in one sitting. It’s an incredible achievement. Not much to say that hasn’t been said, but if you haven’t played it, it’s worth it. It’s a lights-out, headphones-on type of game.


i need to try gorogoa. missing my puzzler time.


Do you think it’s worth getting the Pro? I don’t have a 4K TV, but I figure the Pro will have less framerate dips with some games.


In terms of future proofing things, if you don’t have a PS4 already, getting a Pro seems a good option.


Super Giant Games released their 4th game just a few days ago. This is the first I’m aware of that has been released in Early Access. Their previous games being Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Transistor being my favorite.

It’s called Hades and it’s a “rogue-like dungeon crawler” I’m enjoying it so far. I recommend keeping it on your radar, I understand the weariness of Early Access, but Super Giant has been good to me so far. So we’ll see.


That looks cool! A great justification for the roguelike mechanics :slight_smile:


i still have my original ps4 but if i were buying n new unit i think i would go for whatever seems like top of the line as long as cost isn’t that much different.

as for roguelikes the only one i have ever enjoyed (still playing to this day) is binding of isaaaac. it is still magical, fascinating, engaging and i just want to see more endings, bosses and circumstances that i know are in there and they keep updating it!


Just beat Dark Souls with my knight build! What an intense gaming experience.


Dark Souls on switch is great.

Stuck on O&S and out of humanity (was soooo close on the last Solair assisted attempt).

It’s either back to the depths to kill rats, ORRRRRRRRRRRR git gud.


If you want to a bit of early game humanity farming, go to the bonfire that’s right after the Undead Burg bridge (the one with the dragon) and then go left toward Undead Parish and before the first guard type undead go to the right and go down (you don’t even need to use the ladder if you want to be fast as you only lose a bit of health because of the drop) and kill the 3 rats there. Then run back to the bonfire, rinse, repeat.

These 3 are the closest to a bonfire and there’s no other enemy between the bonfire and them…


my issue is that no matter what, in order to farm humanity again I have to re-visit sens funhouse (which i really didn’t find fun).

No fast travel…

I’ll keep bashing away at solo O&S for a bit (or play smash bros instead for a bit).


The Depths also has a great rat farming bonfire.


I found the Depths to be the best rat farming spot, particularly with the ring that increases drops found in Sen’s. I could get 20 or so humanity in 30 minutes if I was unhollowed.


Yeah, the cage shortcut makes passing through Sen’s Fortress a quicker thing at least :slight_smile: .
And yep, I kinda forgot that the Depths bonfire also led to lots of rats without annoying enemies… Late game the tiny skeletons before Nitto are pretty good too.


ive never once beaten O+S solo.

can humanity be dropped for you by other kind coop folk?


i’m finally getting somewhere in the binding of isaac. guess ive seen 10 endings now unlocked so much crap but not even half of what’s out there i think.

and also finally beat first boss of super meat boy.

so yeah fucking edmund mcmillen for prez

can’t wait for the end is nigh. supposed drop early 2019. these games can give first impressions of being “cheap crap” but i assure you they are worth at least some (all) of your time.

:man_superhero: :cut_of_meat: :boy:


Binding of Isaac is definitely a top game of all times. I’ve played it for countless hours (mostly on PS Vita but some PS4) and unlocked nearly everything. I think I topped out at getting ~80% of the trophies before I had to finally put the thing down. I mean, I played Isaac hard every single day for years. So many amazing runs…

Super Meat Boy proved too difficult / frustrating for me.

Had not heard of The End Is Nigh but will keep an eye out for the PS port(s). Rad.


Ready Player One

A guy at work that’s part of a VR art collective group in Denver brought his gear in this week. I’ve done the “see a whale under the water!” sort of VR things before, have always been impressed, but never really thought “I sure would like to do that more often” afterwards. This week I played an actual game…shooting arrows at tiny little guys that were trying to invade my castle. When you nock the arrow, you can feel it, same with when you draw the bow. Despite the cartoon graphics, it was super immersive. I still don’t want to invest in a VR rig setup, but - that was really fun and definitely my favorite VR experience to date.

Yes, that’s me in the picture, murdering fools silly enough to come at me when they know I’m a dead eyed killer.