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i sooooo badly want to coop for fun in isaac but alas i know nobody local who games in an isaac sort of way.

anybody want to come over and isaac n coffee geek some morning? i live i hudson OH.


daily run about to start! wish me luck.

how far did you get in smb? i’m wondering how the difficulty scaling is going to go. i don’t mind brutal. i have just somehow developed a sweet spot of these ed games and i can’t even fully wrap my head around why. i think what i find is a very personal experience slightly or deeply obscured by the outwardly obvious mechanics.


After killing the Asylum Demon with one hit I decided to abandon NG+ in Dark Souls. I’m sure it gets more difficult, but I don’t have the patience to mow through earlier levels on super easy mode.

Currently replaying as a sorcerer with the default armor. I found so far that sorcery makes boss fights easier at low levels, but the rest of game more challenging - mobs or being in enclosed spaces is really tough. After looking at Wikis in more depth I realize I skipped a lot of areas (like all of the AotA DLC plus all of the original game optional areas), so plenty of fresh places to visit in a second play through.


If you dig Binding of Isaac, definitely also check out Enter the Gungeon. I’ve been playing a ton of it on the Switch.

As always, the latest Path of Exile update has taken over my free time.


the problem i have is that it has gun in the title. i know it is semantics but the gun fuck violence this country has makes me so fucking sick. that seeps into my gaming experiences as an unshakeable cultural thing. so i probably will avoid that one and mostly any games that rely heavily on gun focus. again, know it’s semantics in hyperviolent vg territory. sorry to get political.

and i definitely break my own guidelines and give senseless passes to certain games etc. waaaay fallible over here in this corner.


I know what you mean actually. I can spend hours killing monsters with swords, spears, and magic but find the violence in militaristic first person shooters to be off-putting. Perhaps a little arbitrary but the real world connection is too real.


Everything is inherently political, even the stance to avoid politics. Videos games are art and a cultural product and have a deeper context besides entertainment. So I personally welcome the chance to get political :slight_smile:


I stopped playing games with guns in them for that same reason. I make possible exceptions for completely unrealistic SF/fantasy stuff where I’m not shooting at humans, like Tesla Vs. Lovecraft or R-Type, but sometimes even that gets to me if it’s too machine-gun-ish. I even avoid the Rapid Fire skill in Diablo 3.


my current biggest unreasonable pass is bloodborne but never ever ever ever use them but that is because i am dogshit at parrying.


part of it is an “american” feel sort of thing too. if i know or feel a game is obv USA/related culturally then i look at it differently. it is quite unlikely to get free passes for playing up overt gun violence as focus.


Only played a few hours so far but I’m really enjoying the recently released Below (which I’ve been pumped about since it was first announced five years ago). Perhaps of interest to fans of Hyper Light Drifter, roguelikes, Darkmon Soulsborne, etc.


Big shout out for Capybara Games in general, superbrother sword and sorcery, super time force, very nice dev team. I hope Below will be a success, I’d like to see them enjoy some financial success for their efforts, as Below took a huge amount of time they didn’t foresee and I know they bet a lot on it. Also obviously hoping for a switch version but yeah that might take some time with the xbox exlcusive and all…


I love the aesthetic, hope it is released beyond Windows and Xbox!


I’m really excited about Untitled Goose Game, where you play a goose that’s a jerk. Looks fun


This is by some margin one of the best videogame pitch I’ve read in years. Also, it’s a realistic and accurate concept.


I bought Gris yesterday, as it just got released (on Switch, it’s also available on PC) and this is one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen in a while. Really wonderful. The gameplay is kind of minimal so far (light platforming basically) but what is there actually fits with the ambiance and I love it so far.

You could take a screenshot anytime and end up with something you could want to put on your walls…


Yes, not a fan of the art direction but it’s so nice to see real animation is finally making its way into videogames in a very coherent and effective way with all its delicate flaws and elegance. In another, less show-off, more intimistic way, (but equally light on the gameplay side of things although to me it’s not a problem at all) Forgotton Anne is another nice example of this.


there are so many games coming out that look so fantastic. i can’t even keep track. i hadn’t heard about below. it looks stunning.


I finally hooked up the Switch to the rarely-used living room TV. It almost seems like a different console now. Got to get myself a better controller for this setup though (I was using a Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip for handheld).

I picked up Yoku’s Island Express despite not often liking platform games, but I think the hybrid pinball/platform concept really works. I enjoy not really “dying” but having to figure out what to do to progress, usually. Sometimes it’s just “keep trying the same thing and something different will happen for no obvious reason the fourth time” though.


It’s not cheap, but the Pro controller is rather nice and much better when compared to the Joycons in the holder. I like the option to play undocked for when my roommate wants to watch TV, but I find I play docked more often than not these days.


coop’d with my wife last night in isaac which was a dream come true and now she’s texting me about it, trying more and probably getting better over time. so i’m thankful to the universe. and i got to megasatan for the first time and won on the daily yesterday.

isaac, give it a try!!!