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huh, i’m basically the exact opposite of you and @mrsoundboyking… i’ve run through Super Meat Boy several times but never managed to get an ending (other than death) in Isaac.


it took me sooo long to sort of crack isaac open. i found the key was exploration. my runs are slow. i comb through everything and in doing so and exploring (research helps to what stuff youve unlocked is, upgrades and the insane potential that is present at times just under your nose) the game has gotten crazy huge. wish you could see some of my runs these days as they often get mindblowing late game. tons of familiar babies and some crazy high damage where it feels like you are basically one-shotting bosses. unlocking is the key i think.


that’s fair, there are a lot of times when i have no idea what the item or card or pill i’ve picked up does. i’ve definitely looked them up a couple times. i think i get impatient and over aggressive and end up dying in spots where i should be fine, which is maybe the crux of the difference of our styles. in SMB i just go for it and try to finish the level as quick as possible, trying to find the rhythm of the required inputs to hit the spots i want to hit. with isaac you have to be more conservative and guarded with your HP over almost anything.


this is awesome I bought diablo 3 and my wife and I have been playing a ton a co op
I also bought her katamari because I knew it would check a lot of boxes for her

great games


What’s your name on Switch? I can add you to DiabloIII for some co-op if the time aligns :slight_smile:


Anyone playing Artifact? On the surface it seems like something I’d like, but the reviews are super mixed and I really like Hearthstone so I’m not sure I’m up for it.


It looks fun and I play hearthstone a lot. I was hoping they would have some f2p option.


I lost at Isaac around ~150 times before my first successful run. Normally, I’m not that persistent but something about all the off-the-wall combos in Isaac kept me coming back.


Yes, I really enjoy it. My biggest complaint is that a game takes a while to play (30-40 minutes), so it rarely fits into my schedule. Thankfully, I only play bot matches, so I can keep it on in the background if I have to take care of something more important.

Most people have issues with the card prices. I don’t play competitive (for anything really… I’ve only done unranked modes in Overwatch despite having over 100 hours logged), so I’m not too upset about missing out on specific cards. There are quite a few pre-constructed Artifact decks that you can use any time.

I did receive Artifact for free, though, but I do think that it is worth the $20 price tag.


@Starthief @emenel @wednesdayayay

I picked up Diablo III for Switch when it was on sale and would be up for co-op if time aligns. If you’re interested PM and I’ll give you my friend code.


Diablo III feels like eating a bag of candy for dinner and chasing it with a soda - empty calories but it feels so good in the moment.


When I started Diablo III on Switch, I played through the whole story for the first time in a long time. I forgot just how cheesy and deus-ex-machina-filled it is. But it has its moments, and the gameplay itself is solid.


Oh, y’all are playing Isaac. I have an … embarrassing amount of hours in Isaac. It can be great fun.

I think I’m a few items away from the 1000000% achievement. I have no idea why that’s compelling, but I feel like I should try to hit it before the last DLC comes out and total completion is that much further away.

You can learn a lot by watching people on Twitch. BrainTM was probably the best, though he rarely plays it now. Lethalfrag still plays and is a beacon of kindness and considerateness on Twitch, a rare thing. Cobaltstreak still plays and is decently good.

The wiki is also your friend.


Definitely enjoying Smash since release although it’s my first Smash experience and I feel like a super noob after watching so many of ZeRo’s videos lol

By the way, I’m noticing that there are many people here that have a Switch. Do you guys think it’d be cool to share friend codes so maybe we could play some MK8 online or something?
I barely have any friends on Switch because it’s that popular of a console here in Brazil (at least amongst my friends).


i sit with this open on each run/daily

i have been making great progress. still only 32% complete (on just the rebirth trophies) , but really feeling the strides and understanding some more and having strategy (and occasionally winning) i have 12 endings so far. just unlocked another boss ive never fought. the dailies help though as i have seen i believe most of the game through beating them.

but i realized on ps4, some item unlocks don’t pop when they should, and so i am quite sure this could never be platinum’d as i would just be wasting time. i think the consoles don’t get the focus that pc gets in terms of functional updates.

but i will keep digging. finally beat greed mode for the first time yesterday. samson is my boy.


I play a bit of isaac as well. What really stopped me in my tracks was the challenges. That orbit challenge! argggggghh!


i love the orbit challenge. i have been trying it for years. actually got to last boss of it and did kinda ok but she won. the concept of some of those challenges is great. i havene’t even opened them all and just unlocked a bunch more. i’m pissed though that beating 14 didn’t give me smb super fan item. i keep beating it in the hopes it will unlock as i am trying to unlock all the damage up items.


what i never fully understood is the ability to “break the game” is so present. i wish i hadn’t watched videos now because it seems so magical when it happens. and oh my if you dig it will happen. yesterday somehow in the very last room before final i had some items that triggered about 30 energy refill items to appear while i had an item that allowed for flies to be made so i went into final boss surrounded by what felt like 100 (so dense they could not be differentiated) blue flies orbiting around me, protecting me. damage was way up. the fight lasted less than a minute i’m sure.

and that was even a “polite” breaking. sometimes damage up happens in such a way that you are like unstoppable. each room, EVERY ROOM is over in 2 seconds. the only time i met the ( what i think is) actual last boss (in a daily, ive not gotten there yet in my actual game) i easily won. it gets insane. and those transformations are priceless imo.

soon will be daily time!


hi folks

i have a couple long holiday season car rides in my future and i’m looking for some lines-approved ipad games to burn windshield time between the midwest and the mid-atlantic! i probably won’t be playing the games much after the trips, so lower-commitment games are probably the best fit. puzzles, platformers, strategy, anything that’ll help my fiance and i burn 25-30 hours in the car over the course of a couple days. definitely not opposed to dropping a few dollars on a download.

i saw some mentions of faster than light, gorogoa, and mario run up the chain a bit - i’ll be checking those out for sure.

thanks in advance! <3