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Oh, man. The game-breaking runs are the best. After beating your head against the wall for run after run, nothing feels better than a completely wrecked run where you stomp everything immediately. Once I had a run with Azazel, Toxic Shock, and a bunch of damage up stuff. Instant death for everything upon entering any room.


my wife and i are enjoying donut county a whole lot!


A while back, I asked the dev on Twitter if Below would make it to the Switch. He said that they didn’t think it would translate well, for the size of screen, or the quality of black the switch emits (if I recall correctly.) But then he admitted that there are lots of Switch fans at Capy, so who knows.

We can hope!


Check out “You Must Build A Boat”


Yeah to me that’s sort of a non argument for the black translation unless they strictly forbid gamers with a poor contrast monitor screen to buy it on their computer. For the size I can sort of get it although I’m pretty sure it’d work just fine in the end, just better docked but that wouldn’t be the only game to work better that way. Hope they change their mind anyway, it looks fascinating and I’ve got more patience on switch for the seemingly hardcore level of difficulty involved!


I started playing DEADBOLT. It reminds me of Hotline Miami in a good way. By the same folks who did Risk Of Rain, another favorite rogue-like.


how are you liking deadbolt? is it very gun-filled or can guns be avoided? have you finished it? is it crushingly difficult or more in the fun arena?


Still digging into it. It is very gun-filled and guns cannot be avoided. I have not finished it. To me, it is in a sweet spot of crushingly difficult where the “one more run” mentality reigns.


You have died :skull:


i’m kinda overwhlemed with vgz atm. i got crazed by memory of fez and digging so deep, falling flat on what to do and looking stuff up. that game is basically like a phd in whatever language it is trying to teach and i could never pick it up but i also couldn’t let go. so i wanted to jump back in and crossave to ps4 and start a new game…but for the life of me cannot get cross save slot 4 save file on to ps4. so i have my ps3 engaged. DEMONS SOULS. ico, portal, braid, proteus, noby noby boy and on and on. i was trying to hold out on demons souls given they just turned off online/coop server, in hopes of remaster along with ico too given popularity of sotc.

but what i mean to say is that i have never had a backlog of amazing stuff piling/amassing so quickly. and this has all been brought into focus from annapurna somehow. i didnt realize til recently (playing through donut county w/wife) that they had gotten into the video game camp (not just movies/tv). and their game list is incredible. it’s almost all instabuys and they just started in 2017. granted they aren’t making the games, just publishing or releasing/licensing (i dunno what it is all called). but it is heavy to me that rocking movie studio is boosting some awesome games. to me it speaks highly to positive future of some aspects of game culture. it makes me think back on last 10 or 20 years of gaming. and it is incredible.

sorry to blab nonsense. here’s to another good year!


not out yet but i cant wait to fall into this weird dream when it comes out. mason lindroth is amazing…



I’m late to the party, but I agree with @stripes and @trickyflemming - Stardew Valley is basically my perfect game. easy to play for just a few minutes (while still getting to a new saving point since you save when you go to sleep at the end of a day which is ~20 minutes) or for hours at a time if you want. def finding myself saying “just one more day” over and over, ha. also @stripes: is that a screenshot from your farm in your post? it’s fun seeing other farm designs to learn from :blush:

I really can’t think of a game that I’ve enjoyed more off the top of my head, even though I’ve only been playing it since getting a Switch a few days ago granted, I haven’t regularly played games in quite a few years - last game I remember playing regularly was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for XBOX.

The soundtrack is so good, I would definitely listen to some of the tracks outside of the game, and some of them are constantly in my head now. It also combines some features of other games that I really enjoy - personalization of characters/surroundings, ethical/morality decisions that effect your character within the story, flexibility to be super ambitious and farm/forage/mine like crazy or just take it easy and fish all day if you want (which is, for me, one of the most challenging lil gameplay elements - never been so challenged by pressing a single button repeatedly!).

lol I basically cannot wait to tap more trees and for my first chick to grow up. a friend loaned me Zelda:BotW and I don’t doubt that it is one of the best games ever, but I am reluctant to spend any of my current game-playing time on anything besides saving up for fruit trees and upgrading my watering can in Stardew Valley :deciduous_tree: :man_farmer:

also, on the topic of Switch (though v late to this party, too): will probably be my overall favorite console (currently that would probably be N64 or maybe SNES). It is basically my perfect console: dock + multiplayer + portable setup is so smart/easy/accessible/versatile but without feeling gimmicky as the Wii sometimes did. I’ve always liked Nintendo consoles/games but the last one I owned was GameCube, so I’m glad to see them doing something that is unique and accessible but still has legit amazing games.

edit: forgot to mention Overcooked! saw that @Angela mentioned it above, but it is probably the most exciting multiplayer game I’ve played, largely because of how it forces you to talk with your companions so much! my friends and I were having real discussions/planning between attempts at certain levels and it made a huge difference/was super fun to go back at a level you just sucked at and set a new record since we were talking/working together much better.


I picked up Stardew Valley on the Switch this weekend, but only played for 30 or minutes so far. I got back into playing video games this last year and so far have only really played Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls, and Diablo 3 so I wanted something that was not an action RPG. I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do yet in the game yet (I mean besides fix my farm) but I suppose I need more time.


Omg Stardew. I got really obsessed with not forgetting anyone’s birthday. “I will remember each of you,” I said. It’s a huge anxiety trigger in real life for some of us ADHD types.

Eventually I was just a bundle of nerves and this nice relaxing farm game was just Birthday Memory Simulator. I was contemplating keeping paper notes to get around having to look at the in-game calendars when I got distracted by something else and stopped playing.

Probably Darkest Dungeon. Lovely, relaxing Darkest Dungeon. :grimacing:


been on the fence about stardew for a while, wondering if i should get it.

demons souls / dark souls 1 / bloodborne and the witcher 3 are the only games that have held onto me in the last, say, 10 years. oh i guess i did play through and enjoy the shenmue remaster


Mario Kart 8 is on discount for the Switch this week, so I’m downloading it now.

I bought an 8bitdo SF30 Pro wireless controller – it looks a lot like an SNES controller with added analog sticks and the extra buttons. I find it a bit more comfortable than the standard JoyCons with grip, but it’s a bit small in my hands. I may go for one of the WaveBird style controllers.


Yo do know there’s a way (relatively) early into the game to have a calendar in your house where everyone’s birthday just appear that you can check every morning when you wake up RIGHT? :slight_smile:


also, I think part of the key to enjoying SV is accepting that you can’t do everything for everyone all of the time. despite this, you can still be successful in your own way.

this is also true in real life!


It is completely about that (yet very rewarding for the completist as you can always go deeper in exploring and building a farm that fulfill your wishes). Really a great game, amazing pace I’d say, there’s something quiet and soft about that I rarely found in videogame.