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Tetris Effect is really lovely. I hadn’t played Tetris in almost 3 decades and I’m really enjoying it. It’s produced and designed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez, Lumines, and Meteos fame.

Music and visuals are beautiful synced with gameplay, and there are also vibration tracks - a second controller emits a different vibration rhythm, which you’re encouraged to stick on your body, umm, somewhere. Controller actions emit their own sounds which match the music and visuals (there are 30 ‘scenes’).

Only PS4 currently but I expect it will come to other systems. The music has a wider variety than the EDM-lite of the trailer, thought that’s definitely present.


The pro controller is much better than the Joycons docked to that piece of plastic. Definitely worth picking up.


really wanna try out tetris effect. i’m a huge mizuguchi fan and rez is probably in my top 5 games of all time…


Had never heard of this before. It looks incredible & I hereby subscribe to its newsletter. Looks like some real out ZONES. Thanks for posting.


So true. I’m so much better at games when I use the Pro Controller. It was the only way I finished Mario I suspect.


+1 for Switch Pro Controller, much easier on the hands too


last love fest from me on Stardew Valley for now:

one of the things that really strikes me about the game (and helped get me hooked) is that it quietly takes a contemporary political stance: for example, forcing you to make various decisions about how you interact with a faceless corporation hellbent on growing at the expense of the last remnants of a once-thriving rural community. without any spoilers, in my game I’ve also encountered a few interactions that reflect on classism and give you options on how to preserve (or not) the dignity of less fortunate characters. also, for fuck’s sake, you (your character) can be gay! the fictional world and story are obviously fantasy, but are reflective of the world we live in and particularly the time we live in…or at least the recent past/near future, depending on how gutted by globalization the rural communities around you have been…but allows you to approach that situation optimistically (or not) and takes the rest of the town along for the ride.

there is a subtlety that exists throughout the game that is pretty unique, at least compared to games I’ve played. other side of that coin is I can see how it could feel too open-ended or boring for some folks, but I think there are tons of games (most of them?) that manage to be fun while being far more overt/direct in their approach.

all that said, I think even if you don’t care about any of the above, there is a lot to enjoy if you like exploring/simple combat/collecting/upgrading items/leveling up and related gameplay elements in a super accessible yet super deep retro-style RPG.


all this stardew valley talk. i thought it seemed cool but i got too confused about what to do at the beginning, and then i gave up and probably got back to bloodborne lol. i love retro stuff or 8bit or whatever you want to call it. i just didnt understand what i was supposed to do and i thought it related to farmville or something. no i do not want to grow a damn digital garden, i have enough trouble managing garden/plats in my own life. hahahahahahaha. hopefully someday i will re-explore and find the value in it assuming there is content hidden within. it just seemed like a garden simulator.

and wtf is up with FARMING SIMULATOR 19???

life (and vgz) totaly take all kinds. i do not intend to pass anything other than humor/my own experience.

and on further vg news… my SIL just went out and bought a ps4 (without my input) and i am trying to think of a short list for recs for her. thinking…

the witness
grow home
the unfinished swan
the last of us


AGDQ is this week! Huge semi-annual speed running fundraiser for cancer research! Always fun to watch, usually something for everyone who likes video games on the schedule.


good list. id add last guardian!


I really wish they would release Fez for the Switch.


i really liked last guardian but (as with all fumito ueda games) the controls are pretty rough. what i wish is that they would get ico on ps4. i would rec that to everybody. sotc is good but i find i don’t feel motivated to finish even a single playthrough of the ps4 remaster. it is gorgeous but somehow feels wrong to me.

conversely, this round on fez is incredible. i am seriously fighting urges to look up solutions or skip what i can’t figure out. i’ve only looked up one solution so far (that is good for me) i’d have trouble rec’ing a better game than fez in the spirit of nonviolence, beauty, exploration.


i hope they make fez for switch and katamari damacy for ps4. the world would thereby feel a bit more right.

and my revised and top 5 list based on non-violent love festing is now:

the unfinished swan
the witness
grow home


The Uncharted series is very good. Number four in particular.


Meditations is a launcher that, every day [in 2019], loads a small game and an accompanying text as a meditation, distraction, lesson, or inspiration for that day.

From the ‘why’ section:

“…aided by an amazing crew of curators, developers, and support, I’ve collected custom-made games by over 350 developers – one for each day of the year. Every developer was asked to pick a day that means something to them, or just a random day, and to make something inspired by that day. The idea was to create a meditation of sorts, a reflection, or to capture a particular moment… Meditations is the collection of games that followed from this project. Each project is different - some are very short, some are more complicated. Some meditations are light and curious. Other meditations might be sad or difficult, curious or introspective, personal or playful. Each day will allow you to explore another creators’ work and thoughts.”


I played a whole bunch of Fez again on Vita. It was just the best screen for it.


Any screen is a good screen for FEZ. :black_heart:


i think the best screen for fez is a projector/big white wall at night.


Fez is one i’ve been meaning to play for a while. must have come out on the Vita after i kind of gave up on it. it’s a really great platform that didn’t get enough support (much like most of the PSP stuff in general).

Super Meat Boy Forever comes out in April, which i’m pretty excited for.


Did anyone play rimworld?
I I can’t decide if I should begin with stardew valley or rimworld.